I’ve Moved! ♥



Some people live in fear of snakes, heights or tomato sauce (no lie, I once worked with a lady who insisted that she had BREAKDOWNS if she encountered the stuff, can you imagine?! How would you dine out anywhere?!), but me? I quaked in my boots at the thought of moving to self-hosted WordPress! But, as the above quote so succinctly puts it, anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.

Last night, over numerous cups of tea, Lana Del Rey and Led Zeppelin (thanks, guys!), I knuckled down and moved my blogging butt back to frockandrollonline.com, and I’m so proud! (Do you know how often I’ve thought – across six years! – “hmmm, I SHOULD transfer to self-hosted WordPress but nah, that’s too hard and I can’t be bothered learning and anyway, what’s in the fridge?”?!) It’s not looking particularly pretty at the moment, but I’m out shopping for a new dress for it  (read: someone nifty is designing it) as we speak. Will I see you there? (If you’re already ‘following’ Frock And Roll, I’ll be transferring your subscriptions your over, so see you soon!)




Perspective ♥

Because sometimes (especially on a Monday!), we ALL need a serving of perspective with our breakfast! I love this, and as I sit here chomping through my morning muesli, I’m playing the ‘I Am Thankful For…’ game with my grumbles, too…



Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s Friday, and our favourite things (late-night movie dates? Wet towels?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!

Amazing Auckland, New Zealand <3

Quite the amazing sight, isn’t it?! Say hello to Auckland, New Zealand!

x Upcoming Travel – Or as the magnificent Madonna would purr, “holi-day… cele-brate! If we took a holiday, it would be… it would be so nice!” WOULDN’T IT, Madonna?! This is precisely why I’m skipping off to Auckland next weekend, and then Wellington the following week! (Hooray!) Few things make my heart happier than fossicking through different locations, so the days ahead will be a TREAT! I’m going to eagerly trundle my way through the city, boogie the night away at my Auntie’s disco-themed (the best kind of theme!) birthday party, lure my Mother away to lunch (she’s flying over from Australia for the occasion!) and more than likely cry with pride/anticipation at the sight of my little sister’s pregnant belly. The first flight on Thursday couldn’t come any sooner!

Richard's custom-made pool table cake. Happy Birthday, Rooster! <3

x Surprising My Beloved – It was Richard’s birthday a wee while ago, and I chose to live by the logic if you can’t surprise/embarrass the bejesus out of your loved one on the anniversary of their birth, then when CAN you?!”  After arranging to have a red rose, custom-made pool table cake and balloon delivered to his workplace on their morning tea break (in a panel-beating shop full of men, you can just imagine how this went down. Muahahahaha!), I organised for a bunch of pizzas to be sent during their lunch hour, and I swear, making a big fuss/waiting for the barrage of CORRINE! What have you done?!” messages was more enjoyable than sampling the creation (banana-flavoured, mmm) later itself. We’re only on this earth once; go hard or go home, I say!


x Other Little Things – Gin, lime and soda (a winning combination!); lying in bed and giggling; texts which alert you “don’t worry; I’m cooking dinner tonight, and it’s a SURPRISE!’(especially when you’re in the middle of faux-whining to one of your friends “ah, jeez. Meal inspiration is totally evading me tonight!”); warmer weather (winter, it’s been a joy, but… wait a minute. NO IT HASN’T. You’ve brought the freeze full-force this year, and I’m eagerly ushering spring in!); Limp Bizkit (a perennial favourite, no matter how uncool it is to love them!); gourmet sandwiches (pesto makes everything better); earthquake-free weeks (New Zealanders will understand!); invites to jump aboard new, fantastic-sounding projects (whee!); scooping up a rice cooker on sale for $19; Jelly Tip ice-creams; and finally, spending my final week as a 25 year-old. Eek! I’m 26 next Sunday! Is there anything radical/remarkable/ridiculous that I need to do before I creep closer towards the ’30’ club?!

Happy Friday to you! Do you have any super weekend plans to share?! Mine is looking q-u-i-e-t, but I’m scooting off to meet a former UK journalist who’s launching a brand-spanking new magazine here in Blenheim shortly, so hopefully that will be fun! (Or at least, interesting!)


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What The Frock?! : 27/05/12 ♥


At what point is something deliciously spontaneous or just downright… daft?!

As a dork who’s aware of stranger danger yet preaches (and firmly believes!) life is short. Break some RULES! Be d-a-r-i-n-g!”, it can be wildly difficult to distinguish between the two.

Last Tuesday, a friendly-seeming gentleman asked me if I’d like to grab a beverage with him some time. Was he charming? Yes! Were his manners impeccable? You BET! But as the words so, I’m actually new to this area of Sydney. Whereabouts do you usually hang out? Would you like to go out for a drink?” tumbled from his mouth, my mind started hissing you don’t know him! This is only the second time that you’ve ever spoken to him! What is this madness?! Abort the conversation. Abort, abort, ABORT!”

“Um,” I lamely mumbled, frantically searching my brain for a non-offensive excuse, I actually work weekends. Yeeeah. Oh, I’ve got to go now. BYE!”

What The Frock?! : 25/05/12 ♥
What I’m Wearing:

x Wanted’s ‘Prague’ combat boots
x ‘CORRINE’ silver handmade nameplate necklace
x Nasty Gal’s ‘Clever Minx’ coat (purchased on sale for $34. Ooh la la!)
x Backless black dress (guess what?! This actually used to belong to blogging/styling virtuoso, Hayley Hughes. I received it from her at a clothing swap party last year!)

“He was kind of CUTE!” The woman next to me exclaimed, nodding approvingly. I smiled, giggled and anxiously slinked away, frantically babbling to my best friend the next day (Caroline, I love you!):

“But he was NICE! I’m always saying that you should try new things, right? And be bold? WHAT IF HE WAS TRYING TO DO THAT?! What if he thought “okay, I’m going to take a risk and ask this girl out”, and I just ruined that? Oh my goodness, I feel like a jerk. WHAT IF HE NEVER ASKS ANYONE OUT EVER AGAIN?! Maybe I should have gone. Why didn’t I go?! Jeez. How can you identify the axe-wielding maniacs from the people who are genuinely trying to do something positive these days? @#&^!” (Phew. I’m sure there’s a queue of people just piling up to be buddies with me now… NOT!)

As the stupendous Seal warbles in Crazy,we’re never gonna survive… unless we get a little… CRAZY! No, we’re never gonna survive… unless we are a little… cccrazy!”, but what’s the difference between ‘good’ crazy and, as my beloved Christopher says, “not just your average “on the path to Crazy Town” kind of crazy, but “I’m not just on the path to Crazy Town, I’m driving the freaking BUS!” ” crazy? Would YOU have sipped vodkas with him?


A Reminder: Magic Does Happen ♥

magicdoeshappenSo there I was, just completing an obviously important task skulking around the apartment, bopping along to The Bee Gees, when I peered out my window and spotted something UNBELIEVABLE.

Was it weeds? Yes! (But come ooon. That’s hardly surprising, now, is it?! There is a garden out there, after all!)

Was it PIZZA?! No. (But cripes, that really would be shocking, wouldn’t it?! And delicious. Shocking and delicious!)

It was $20! $20!

$20 just *literally* blew into my backyard. WHAT! (And also... amazing!)
It’d literally blown into my backyard, and I couldn’t BELIEVE it. I mean… what?! Since when do $20 notes just fall from the sky and land on the ground like that?! I’m still struggling to comprehend it, but one thing that I do know is…

Magic does happen. Honestly. Sometimes, we’ve just got to have a peek around for it!



P.S. This is absolutely my “huh? THERE’S $20 OUTSIDE?!” face:

What a nutter. A WINTER nutter! (Brrr! It's getting cold in Sydney.) ♥

The Nitwit’s Guide To Sock Buns: How To Do A Sock Bun/DIY Sock Buns ♥

Much like my non-existent flair for housework (me: “I want to do something new today! Something DIFFERENT!” Tom: “Hmmm, here’s a wild idea… CLEAN THE APARTMENT!”), I’m utterly useless when it comes to experimenting with excellent hairstyles.

Creating ultra-chic chignons? PLEASE! Twirling my tresses into elegant, elaborate braids? Well jeez, I’d love to be able to, but truthfully, I wouldn’t know where to start.

So when I heard about the almighty current hair craze that is the “sock bun” (no joke, I’ve seen it mentioned at least three times on Twitter this week!), I decided to give it a whirl, and devise some so-simple-even-an-enormous-nitwit-like-myself-could-pull-it-off instructions along the way.

And here they are!

kimkardishiansockbun celebritysockbun

Kim Kardishian rocking the sock bun” (and some magnificent earrings and make-up!).

What You’ll Need:

A pair of scissors (snip, snip!)
x A hair-tie/elastic
x Any old sock (if you’ve got one lurking around with a hole in the toes, PERFECT. Grab it! You’ll be cutting the bottom part off anyway.)

Step One

Remove the toe area of the sock with your trusty scissors and discard it, then roll the remaining length of fabric into a ‘donut’ (mmmm… donuts!) shape (as pictured above).

Now! Whip your hair upside down and gather it together, pulling it into a high ponytail (the higher the pony tail, the higher your bun placement), and secure it with an elastic/hair-tie.

Step Two

Place the sock donut at the end of your ponytail and pull your locks through the hole in the centre. Slowly roll the sock (along with your hair) down the shaft of your ponytail, starting from the ends of the hair, until you reach the base of your ponytail.

As you roll, continue tucking and spreading your hair under and around the donut/sock bun form (to avoid being able to actually SPOT your sock!). Note: this hairstyle is one that’s easiest to master with straight hair, but if you’re a curly-haired lass like myself, no problem. Just tidy up any loose strands with some bobby pins and a spritz of hairspray, and you’re set!

Blogger sock bun sock bun DIY bloggers sock buns

TA-DAH! One giant nitwit, and a sock bun! (Excuse the fluffy bathrobe I’m sporting. It’s positively arctic here in Sydney this afternoon!)


What do we think of the “sock bun”? Is this a hairstyle that you’d try?


Thank Frock It’s Friday! (Alright… MONDAY!) ♥


If you’re clicking here for the first time, WELCOME! Every Friday (well, today it’s Monday. Oops!) we celebrate the fact that – ding, ding! – it’s Friday, and our favourite things (scented candles? Vacuum cleaners?! Okay, it’s probably not the latter…) from the week that was. Here’s what I’m currently loving!

x Preparing To Move… To LONDON! – Squeal! Tremble! Squeal, tremble, squeal-tremble!

Now, I wish I had an exciting/remotely interesting reason as to why I’m moving to London to share with you. I mean, wouldn’t it be neat-o if I could exclaim that I was heading overseas to join a mysterious CULT? (Actually… probably not!) Or because I’d been offered to have high tea with the QUEEN?! Potentially, but the reality is far less entertaining!

I’m 24. I’ve been uttering “I want to – no, HAVE TO – move to London one day!” since I was 21. I figured that if I didn’t do it now, then honestly… when would I? I do not want to be an 80 year-old with regrets! (Heck, I don’t even want to be a 25 year-old with regrets!) So with that, I made the decision to take the plunge, and I’m booking my one-way ticket ANY DAY NOW!

Will I be miserable and permanently cold and lonely? Maaaybe. Will it be impossible to find any kind of employment? Perhaps. But who cares?! I’d rather have an adventure than die wondering! (And besides, if it’s THAT awful, I’ll just take myself somewhere else. Scotland? Russia? China?! Anything’s possible!)

Tokyo New York Sao Paolo London Paris Frankfurt Rome Delhi Moscow Toronto

x Wriggling Outside Of My Comfort Zone – And leaving the house in an emerald-green mini-dress. (When did I become so gosh darn conservative? Around the time I started saying ”gosh darn”?! I have no flipping idea, but I was literally terrified to venture out in that ensemble! WHAT A GRANDMOTHER!) And leaping up when ”we’ll never be younger than we are now. Let’s get on that dancefloor and BOOTY GRIND!” is hurled at me. And signing up for beginner hip-hop dance classes. (Oh… my… goodness!)

x Other Little Things – Eagerly awaiting my first order from Nasty Gal (I bought this… and THESE!); big, silly smooches; The Pussycat Dolls (I know… HUH?! But my ears can’t stop listening to I Hate This Part or Bottle Pop!); drinks, winks and hi-jinks a-plenty at The Ivy; plotting shenanigans (what crazy new things can I try this week? Suggestions are extremely welcome!); picture messages (stuff traditional text messages. I’m obsessed with communicating through nonsensical photographs!); back-to-back episodes of An Idiot Abroad (fitting, as I plan on being one very, very soon!); and finally, SENSATIONAL lifestyle advice from my (equally sensational!) friend, Priyanka:


“You know, I’ve just started working full-time for the first time, and sometimes? Sometimes, I feel a little bit mopey about that. A bit bored. A bit BLAH. Life starts to seem slightly depressing, but you know what? I just CRANK Sexy & I Know It before I leave the house and dance around my bedroom like an idiot, singing ”GIRL, LOOK AT THAT BODY!” to myself in the mirror, and I think ”d-a-m-n… I am FINE… and I’m going to have a great day!”

Suggestion For The Week Ahead

x Follow Priyanka’s lead (really… isn’t she awesome?!) and bust a move first thing in the morning to an insanely upbeat tune. GO ON. I dare you!