Escape The Everyday! 11 Ways To Fake A Holiday ♥

Does your annual leave seem as non-existent as The North Pole? Oh, apparently the accommodation there’s rubbish, anyway.

Escape the everyday and fake your way to a holiday with these eleven vacation tips and trickery, instead!

Pitch a tent in your backyard (or if you’re garden-less, your living room!) and pretend that you’re on an exciting camping adventure! (Flashlight optional.) Include a cocktail umbrella in every drink. x Enjoy a nap. x Fiji dreaming? Gather your best friends, and plan a beach excursion! x Start your weekend early: if your job permits, begin work an hour earlier a few days a week, so that on Fridays, you can finish earlier and begin your weekends sooner! (Hello, mini break!) x Incorporate a holiday twist into your outfits: don a French beret, or replace your handbag with a miniature suitcase! (Deny suggestions that you’re actually only just leaving the house to purchase milk with incredulous looks and statements such as: “milk? Who’s going to buy milk? WHAT’S milk? Can’t you see that I’m about to board a luxurious seaplane?!”) x Drink water from a champagne glass. x Create a holiday themed playlist: think Jimmy Buffett’s Escape (The Pina Coladas Song), Barry Manilow’s Copacabana and of course, Madonna’s HolidayWear a coconut or tropical scented body mist. x Find a beautiful park to sit in, and consume an enormous slice of pizza. x Greet everybody that you know with an “aloha” (because ”good morning” is so yesterday!).



7 responses to “Escape The Everyday! 11 Ways To Fake A Holiday ♥

  1. I’m lucky enough to be going on a real holiday in just over a week (!) but I think these ideas are really fantastic for when you’re feeling the winter blues.

  2. Scribbles – OF COURSE! Your big Christchurch getaway is coming up, how marvellous! Be sure to take plenty of photos, I can’t wait to see them! 🙂

  3. Love ’em! I put cocktail umbrellas in my water whenever I can. You think I kid? I kid you not!

  4. These ideas are so sweet…. I love ur blog!

  5. Oh, I love this! I’m totally eating up posts about staycation-y/cheap ways to have fun on a budget this summer, and this one is adorable.

  6. reliving your childhood and dancing like michael.

  7. Wonderful, as usual! Fabulous ideas *wink

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