Why Don’t You… Create A Cassette Wall? ♥


My friend Carmen recently created a tape wall for me (isn’t she clever?!), and since I thought it was such a nifty little piece (and a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a bare wall!), I begged her to share her tricks of the trade. (Luckily, she’s super nice and said yes. She’s EXCELLENT like that.)

It’s the perfect statement for any music afficionado, and it also makes for a super sweet gift!

What You’ll Need:

x A selection of tapes (at least 45, depending on the size of your canvas) – raid your parents’ collections, or visit second-hand stores.
x A canvas (any size is suitable, as long as it is reasonably divisble by the size of a tape!)
x A strong adhesive/glue product – Carmen used Selley’s Contact Adhesive, which is available for purchase from supermarkets and hardware stores, but any superglue/similar product will suffice!

1. First up, apply a coat of background colour to your canvas (Carmen used a light blue, teal-y colour). This is necessary, as through the tape holes you can see the canvas, and a hint of paint just makes it look that much nicer!

2. After applying your colour, allow the canvas to dry overnight – the paint needs to be super dry, otherwise the weight of the tapes won’t let the glue stick.

3. The next morning, prior to glueing, arrange your tapes on the canvas. This will give you a basic idea of how your finished product will look, and will give you the opportunity to decide in which sequence you want to attach your tapes. (This is important: you don’t want to randomly stick an assortment of similar-coloured tapes together, only to realise later that you had 6 other colours to use! Unless, of course, you do… in which case I’ll stop now…)

4. Finally, laying your canvas on the floor, apply glue to the back of each tape and attach them to the canvas, one by one.

Allow two days before moving the canvas off the floor, and then… voilà! One magnificent tape wall, ready to be showed off!


P.S. The only problem with the piece? The fact that I want to listen to the tapes every time I look at them! Elton John, Dragon, Hall & Oates, Sting & The Police, Prince, Kool & The Gang… SUPERB!


5 responses to “Why Don’t You… Create A Cassette Wall? ♥

  1. Lauren – Thank-you muchly! I was most chuffed when my friend presented it to me, it’s unlike anything else in my home, and gifts from the heart always seem so much more wonderful 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment =)

    Ohh, it was hard work – but I definitely know I want to be in media now.

    The only problem is, should I head into the legal side of things, or journalism? lol

  3. What a fabulous idea!

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