Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas ♥



It was an oh-so simple gesture, but one even sweeter than the item being presented: on Friday night, as I plodded about my local shopping centre, I was greeted by a group of young boys who were dispensing lollipops to the community, all in the name of performing random acts of kindness.

As I watched a flurry of people swarm towards them, amazed, appreciative and completely charmed, I thought gosh! Isn’t that Foxtel ‘EOFYS’ commercial ANNOYING?!” Oh, wait. That’s not it. No, what I truly contemplated was other similarly lovely tasks that could be performed, all with the intention of cultivating smiles! Here’s a few:

Purchase small florist vases at thrift stores or garage sales, buy wrapped flowers and arrange them in the vase. Open up the local phone book, select a few names and deliver the bouquet to someone’s doorstep, early in the morning before they awake! (Okay, I admit that this could also be interpreted as slightly scary too, but it’s still an enormously cute idea!)

x Print out some inspiring signs and quotes and post them around town.

x Buy a stranger a coffee. Next time you’re lining up at Starbucks, why not lay a five-r down on the counter and purchase a drink for the person behind you in a queue? You could also extend this idea to the bus, a train or a sandwich shop!


Leave your change in a vending machine for the next person. It’s a pleasant surprise!

x Tape a dollar to a pay phone with a note welcoming anyone who needs it to use it.

x Throw together an assortment of your favourite baked goods and take them to a police station, fire station or an emergency room, as a thank-you to the people that spend their lives helping others.

x  Visit your local Post Office in mid December and pick one of the letters written to Santa. Buy and send or deliver the gift on Christmas.

x Cut out your favourite comic, horoscope or picture and tape it to a friend/stranger’s locker, car, door, office, etc.

x S-M-I-L-E!

Have you recently fulfilled an extraordinary deed, or been on the receiving end of one? What random act of kindness could we accomplish to brighten someone else’s day TOMORROW?



7 responses to “Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas ♥

  1. Fantastic ideas, lady! It really is those unexpected acts of kindness and generosity that stick with us.

  2. I need to do some of those things on that list.

    PS Lol I also HATE that commercial.

  3. Such lovely ideas, I think that smiling at random strangers just lightens their day a bit.

  4. What sweet ideas! Random acts of kindness are the best.

  5. This has got to be one of my favourite posts of yours! I love it, and you for writing it, pretty lady!

    I fixed up the links on my blog too, sorry it took so long! xo

  6. Great ideas! I love the idea of delivering flowers to someone – too cute!

    Every now and then I bake cookies and take them down to the girls who make me coffee 🙂

    (and I HATE that ad!!! I’m so glad it’s gone!!! Stupid eofys!!!) hehe x

  7. You are fantastic.

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