What The Frock?! : 18/07/09 ♥


What do you want to see? Daily outfit photos! When do you want to see them? More often!

Well, apparently so, anyway. Upon compiling feedback for Frock & Roll (that would be from our lovely little friend, Mr. Poll, on the homepage!), the undisputed winner of the ‘What Would You Like To See More Of?’ competition was photographs of what I was wearing (a la the likes of Nubby Twiglet and Lady Smaggle, and less in a heavy-breathing sort of way), which I find both utterly astonishing and magnificently terrifying. Particularly as I believe I have roughly the same amount of fashion credibility as, say, a dish cloth. But! You ask, and I deliver!

It was an extremely chilly Saturday night, but an invitation beckoned to attend a housewarming/crazy hat party, so what did I gussy myself up in? Layers, faux crystals and and a large serving of BLACK, of course!

What I’m Wearing:

x Black & raspberry coloured satin dress, Wayne Cooper

x Black rollneck (All the better for keeping warm, you see!)

Sparkly cupcake necklace, Diva

x Sparkly beanie, Sportsgirl (It’s covered in a bunch of faux crystals and kind of makes my head look like a giant disco ball when I wear it. Naturally, I love it for this!)

Review jacket

Elastic strap heels, Diana Ferrari

x Tan handbag, Sportsgirl

How was your weekend?



8 responses to “What The Frock?! : 18/07/09 ♥

  1. You look gorgeous!

  2. That raspberry is GORGEOUS on you, lady!

  3. Love your dress hun!

  4. OMG! I lovelovelove that dress, it is such a good colour.

  5. hot dress… and the beanie sounds fab. i have a black sequinned beanie i picked up in camden but it’s a wee bit small so makes me head look huge haha

  6. Ohh, the cupcake necklace is adorable! I have an addiction to cupcakes…

  7. Jessica, Sally, Sameira & Julie – Wow, it’s a J & S party! 😀 Thank-you for your very kind feedback!

    Kate – That sounds delicious! I’m wearing mine in the middle picture of my mini collage, but it’s not entirely visible!

    5ft0 – Oh, me too, I love them! 😀

  8. You’re very cute. Lovely blog!

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