A Sense Of Adventure ♥ (Or, How My Best Friend Changed Her Life In A Week!)

My best friend Caroline has always wanted to live on Australia’s The Gold Coast!

So much so, in fact, that a few weeks ago she moved there on a whim to follow her dreams, without having any pre-existing accommodation, or any sort of income.

To be honest, I was TERRIFIED. Massively excited for her? Yes! Immensely impressed by her courage? Absolutely! But also crossing my fingers and chanting under my breath please let everything be okay for her, please let everything be okay!” daily? 110%!

Living proof of Helen Keller’s credo that life is either a daring adventure or NOTHING!”, she saved up her pennies, bought a car and began the journey from Sydney to The Gold Coast, without any further plans, and without knowing whether her residence would extend beyond the quarters of her Barina’s backseat.


Well! In a week, not only has she nabbed a beautiful house by the beach, minutes away from the main shopping strip and transport to Australia’s best theme parks, but a brand new job, and is having the time of her LIFE! (A recent text message only additionally confirmed this: “I’m lying on the beach, watching super cute guys play cricket… I WISH YOU WERE HERE!”)

Sometimes, we all need a real-life example that it IS entirely possible to make drastic changes, listen to our inner sense of adventure and follow our heart to achieve things that we only ever imagined we could accomplish. For me, Caroline is it – and I am SO proud of her!



7 responses to “A Sense Of Adventure ♥ (Or, How My Best Friend Changed Her Life In A Week!)

  1. Wow, that’s amazing. Congratulations to your friend for making such a big change all by herself!

  2. That’s awesome. I hope I can do the same next year by moving to Sydney.. and hopefully I will have my licence by then so I can pick you and Vita and Jenni and Danielle up and we can all go shopping and have lunch! xx

  3. Congrats to Caroline! I should really do that myself – but going to LA instead.

  4. That’s really inspiring! Good for her! The whole thing must’ve been pretty empowering. Hooray for Adventure!

    hey thanks for droppin’ by my blog too! 🙂 (even if some of my posts are really gross, hehe)

  5. I need stories like this in my life because it reminds me to believe. Thanks

  6. Big congrats to Caroline for following her dreams! ❤


  7. That’s a really inspiring story! I’ve always wanted to live abroad someday. In fact, my whole family would like to. Congrats to your friend!! She’s very brave.

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