What The Frock?! : 17/08/09 ♥


Winter holds the key to many delightful past-times: religiously eating sticky-date pudding, shuffling about the house in flanelette pyjamas and slippers, a rock-solid excuse to spend Saturday night with a blanket and your favourite boxset, and frolicking around joyously in breezy summer dresses…

… wait a minute. That’s not part of the frosty season AT ALL! Well, not ordinarily anyway, but lately Sydney seems to have snubbed the icy weather in favour of much warmer temperatures, paving the way for me to frock myself up in my favourite new purchase beautifully!

It’s a maxi-dress from the discount department store Big W, and while such a destination isn’t usually one of the first places that most people would consider venturing to for a new garment, I’ve found that it can often contain the ultimate fashion holy grail: simple, pretty clothing, with teeny-tiny price tags. Ah… a penny-pinching shopper’s PARADISE!

What I’m Wearing:

x Violet & lavender coloured maxi-dress, Big W
x White cardigan, markets
Sportsgirl belt
Silver bangle
x Silver flats, Wittner


Have you recently nabbed yourself an attire-related bargain? According to extremely professional researchers in Sweden*, it’s approximately fifty times more fun to share the bargain-hunting tales around!


*Research may not have been conducted in Sweden. Or at all.


7 responses to “What The Frock?! : 17/08/09 ♥

  1. Lovely outfit Corrine 🙂

    I bought the most stunning of all stunning headbands the other day.. it wasn’t really a bargain. It was $18. But, someone told me they almost bought the same one from another store for $45, so in that case it was a magnificent bargain! Yay!

    But oh yes, Big W do have awesome bargains hey! You can often find some really funky shoes in there too. xx

  2. Alex – Awww! Now, I’m not going to name any names here, but I have the feeling that if a certain girl (who MAY or MAY NOT go by the name of ‘Alex’) was still in our TAFE class, we’d ALL be excitedly fawning over her new headband in class tomorrow! But alas, she’s not… *sniff* … so it looks like we may actually have to pay attention and concentrate on the tasks we’re given… *sigh*



  3. You look so pretty Corrine! I haven’t bought anything in ages… I need to go shopping nooooooowwwwwwwww.

  4. Lovely dress! I really love the colour and your hair, soo pretty n_n.

    I haven’t been shopping at all lately T_T. However my all-time favourite bargains are my Zara satin peep toes that I bought in London for 10GBP when in Mexico they were 35GBP.

  5. Your best outfit post yet. You look gorgeous.

  6. Its so nice to see a woman actually SMILE in her outfit photos! Keep doing what you’re doing

  7. What a gorgeous dress!

    Obviously you sent all the crazy winter weather to Melbourne 😉 I thought I was in the middle of a hurricane this morning! (And in boots, tights, cardigan AND a coat! LoL!)

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