15 Simple, Effective (& Non-Boring!) Ways To Get More Energy ♥

1. Stretch! Stretching pumps oxygen to the brain, loosens your muscles and gives you an immediate burst of energy. 2. Add some mung beans to your plate! Trinny and Susannah swear by their energy-bootsing properties. 3. Aim for regular, quality sleep. 4. Drink up! Fact: low energy often stems from dehydration, so be sure to guzzle plenty of water! 5. Wear brighter colours. 6. Eat foods rich in iron, such as legumes (chickpeas, lentils), red meat, and green, leafy vegetables. Choose an iron-fortified breakfast cereal, and consume a glass of orange juice with your meal – vitamin C is believed to assist your body’s ability to absorb iron. 7. Throw your head back and laugh. 8. Eat smaller, more frequent meals. (Think six mini meals, as opposed to three large meals, which can leave you feeling sluggish!) 9. Engage in activities which excite you. Organise a lunch date with your best friend, plan to write a novel, buy something completely inappropriate.. 10. Move more! One of my favourite things to do when I’m feeling less-than-perky is to perform a series of star jumps, or to dance as badly, stupidly and quickly as I can for three minutes – yes, it makes me feel like a moron, but it re-juvinates11. Turn up the music. 12. Soak up some sunshine! A regular dose of sunlight helps keep energy levels at their peak (that would be the Vitamin D!), and is thought to boost happiness levels, too. 13.Challenge yourself. 14. Enjoy (occasionally!) an energy drink. 15. Keep a positive outlook.



11 responses to “15 Simple, Effective (& Non-Boring!) Ways To Get More Energy ♥

  1. Number 3 is the best. ANOTHER EXCUSE TO SLEEP MORE!!!!

    Loverly writing as per usual, Corrine. 🙂 x

  2. Corrine & Alex – I thik that we are all secretly looking for more excuses to stay asleep more time. AWESOME!

  3. These are good ideas, but I’m surprised to see that a vegetarian would recommend red meat?

  4. Alex & Julie – Definitely, and thank-you! 🙂

    B – Thanks for your question! While I am a vegetarian, yes, it’s not a lifestyle that is suited to everyone, and thus I think it’s only fair to suggest alternatives to this such as red meat (especially because it’s so high in iron), so that this post can try and cater for everyone 🙂

  5. It’s shocking how many of these get overlooked by some people, especially the sleep one!

    I think the best way to get energy is to exercise regularly – lately I’ve been jogging a lot, and it’s so refreshing! Even the next morning I spring out of bed 😀

    These are great tips.

  6. Awesome list! All these things work for me when I’m running low on energy (except for the mung beans, which I am yet to try.)

  7. what a fabulous post! and fantastic blog! 😀

  8. reading this list made me tired!!! hehehe

  9. I love these tips. They’re all so simple yet so many people don’t recognise them!

  10. Stretching- that makes sense! That must be why we stretch when we wake up- uur bodies must just subconsciously know that it will help!

    oh I need more sleeeep!

    I definitely need to drink more water too.

  11. These are very helpful – especially for someone naturally low on energy who works at home. ❤

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