I See A Red Door (Uh… Dress!) & I Want To Paint It Black… ♥


BLACK! Black as night, black as COAL! 

If my wardrobe had a theme song, it would undoubtedly be The Rolling Stones’ Paint It Black. Seriously. Black handbags? Check! Onyx jewellery? Definitely. Dresses, scarves, berets and an army of ebony heels, ballet flats and boots? B-u-s-t-e-d! Even my JEANS are a sombre, sooty black!

Yes, amongst a sprinkling of florals, stripes and sequins lies an abundance of black, black and – just for good measure! – MORE black, and although it’s a situation that I’ve acknowledged for years, I’ve never actually pledged to amend my purchasing habits and implement some temporary fashion resolutions involving banning acquiring more pieces in such a shade.

What IS it about darker clothing that makes it so covetable? Is it its timeless appeal? An obsession derived from an interest of choosing flattering items? Or is it from a perspective of comfort, and the fact that cultivating articles of clothing in a midnight shade typically presents a low-risk, minimal-fuss alternative to dressing? I suspect the latter is the reason behind my ownership of a 95% black wardrobe, and although my love for it will be eternal, it’s a reliable, unevolving safety net that I need to hurl myself out of headfirst!


For the month of September, the habit of instantly gravitating towards these items before even politely glancing at the colourful fuschias, blues, yellows and emerald-tones on offer in stores MUST be broken! I refuse to procure another single garment in this shade for four whole weeks and plan to embrace bright hues with the warmth and acceptance necessary to welcome any new friend. If it’s freezing and I need a new pair of stockings, I’ll ignore the allure of the trusty black opaques calling my name and instead investigate the delicious grey, ribbed and patterened delights on display. If I begin to squirm at the prospect of not being able to eagerly snap up yet another black frock, I’ll remind myself that it’s all in the purpose of developing my style, gaining confidence and experimenting!

Do you have any sartorial rituals that you’d like to shake-up? What’s your number one repeatedly purchased product, or consistent fashion endeavour?



12 responses to “I See A Red Door (Uh… Dress!) & I Want To Paint It Black… ♥

  1. I’m just as guilty of buying things that are black, over and over and over again. Also, I have far too many t-shirts for one person.

    Doe Deere is amazing. If only I knew where to start with blending that many colours into one outfit!

  2. Most clothes I own are black. I’m really getting into colours at the moment, but I really can’t afford to buy clothes just now. Someday…

  3. Naww I love you!

  4. I stopped buying black clothing because it made me depressed. Then started buying it again because I needed a corporate look. Yesterday the Engineering Building was a sea of black and white dressed up people and that made me think that black just looked generic and boring.

    Hence, I’m joining the colour crusade!

  5. I relate 100% to this post! I have waaay too much black clothing. It is a timeless shade, and tends to be easy to match with just about anything.

    With me at the moment though it’s the effortless/slimming appeal of black which drives me to buy and wear it!. I do love colour- especially bright bold RED. I used to wear really bright clothes all the time, but I hate my body at the moment, so i don’t wear colourful clothes for fear they will draw attention to my fugly shape 😦 My makeup, hair, and accessories are often bright so as to draw attention to my face and head , thus drawing attention away from my ugly parts. Sigh! I’m currently making an effort to exercise every day in preparation for the scary flesh-revealing requirements of summer. *tear*

  6. Awesome! I rely on black as a fallback neutral during the colder months, but try so hard to eschew it when it’s warm out. Good luck in your quest – report back!

  7. I love black too. Right now, I’m on the hunt for some perfect black earrings.

    Currently purchasing BF blazers repeatedly….6 times over in the last 6 weeks. xx

  8. I’ve never been an all black girl, just really getting into wearing black now, I love colour, colour and more colour! sometimes I challenge myself to go a bit more monochrome actually haha. But ever since I saw trinny and suzannah episode where they asked everyone which colour box looked the heaviest (THE BLACK ONE) – and found out that it’s a myth that all black is slimming I’ve stayed away from that.

    Best of luck with your foray into colour 🙂

  9. I’m not a huge black wearer – I feel like I need to incorporate it further into my wardrobe.

  10. Good luck on your mission, I suggest instead if the grey tights go for a bright color. I rarely wear black unless it’s on purpose (not just cuz it’s easy). Onxy jewelry – yum! Also, try mixing color with your black as a way to ease in. 🙂

  11. i’m an all-black girl too. sometimes i vary things with charcoal grey. except i dont really have any plans to change it- i like it being the signature ‘me’ colour out of all my friends.

    i have black in my house too- a black chandelier, black vanity table, black candles & frames etc…

    do u remember that ad “got any blaaackerrr?” hehehe i always think of it whenever i get ‘goth’ or ’emo’ comments

  12. I think the appeal in black is that, as you said, it has a bit of a timeless appeal. I think black looks classy (as long as it’s not over the top emo stupid annoying black) and much to my thrill, black makes you look skinnier! 😀

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