What The Frock?! : 06/09/09 ♥

The Daily Frock - 06/09/09 ♥

SHOCK! I’m not actually wearing a dress in this photographs Which goes against the nature of What The Frock?! entirely, but for now, let’s skip to some more somewhat surprisingly elements of today’s outfit…

  • There’s not an article of black clothing in sight! This is epicHuge. I love black more than I worship a languid sleep-in, so this is almost breaking news, CNN style! (I kid, I kid!)
  • It’s a remarkably casual get-up. This, too, is uncommon. I always admire nifty girls who are able to look so effortlessly stunning in more relaxed garb because I, for one, cannot. I struggle with the jeans-and-a-tee look enormously and as a result, rarely attempt it. I lifted almost every single item out of my wardrobe tonight with the mission of finding appropriate attire, but in the end (after trying half of the options on, and quickly discarding them – my bedroom currently looks like a crime scene in which someone has viciously ransacked it!), decided that my favoured style of sequins, ruffles, glimmer and gowns just weren’t suitable for tonight’s plans.

This evening, it was ALL about celebrating Father’s Day, so I took my father (of course!), mother and boyfriend to our local Thai restaurant for dinner.

The food was luscious (an appetizer consisting of a mixture of vegetables in a tempura-batter with ginger & honey sauce, followed by a main of tofu with roasted coconut, sesame seeds and spices, while my family and boyfriend shared a Massaman beef curry, mixed seafood stir-fry, calamari, curry puffs and spring rolls!), the atmosphere was fabulous, the staff were wonderful and the view reminded me PRECISELY of why The Northern Beaches is my favourite part of Sydney.

 What I’m Wearing:

x Vintage silk/embroidered lace cream blouse ($3! $3!)

Marcs Babydoll jeans

x Silver ballet flats, Target

Emerald drop earrings, Tree Of Life

x Witchery bangle

x FCUK/French Connection handbag

How did you spend your Father’s Day, or what did the rest of your weekend encompass? I’m feeling marginally anxious at the moment, because in less than five hours’ time, I have to wake up to pack my suitcase, get dressed, and fly to New Zealand! Although I will try and post as frequently as I can while I’m away, I’m staying with my grandparents, and only one of my grandmothers’ has the internet… but I will try my very best! I hope you all had a lovely weekend; see you in New Zealand!



8 responses to “What The Frock?! : 06/09/09 ♥

  1. Father’s Day was splendid! Made Dad some dinner, as well as giving him an espresso machine and an electric toothbrush as gifts.

    This time though, I didn’t use the toaster to cook the pork roast.

  2. 5ft0 – What a lucky Dad! Those are awesome presents, and the fact that you once cooked a pork roast in a toaster? Gosh, I like you even more! 😀

  3. THREE DOLLARS?!?!?!?

    I’m so jealous. I love it!

  4. No black and no dress, I’m totally impressed. Very well done darling n_n.

    Here in Mexico, Father’s Day is celebrated the third Sunday of June and I think we took Daddy out to eat or bought him some shoes or was it a suit? I can’t remember, my memory fails.

    Have an awesome time in NZ and have an awesome birthday sweetie, you deserve it.


  5. Yay NZ! Will you be in Wellington 😀

    Looks like a nice weekend with family. My Fathers Day was a phone call..

    Love the outfit. It’s fun to mix it up every now and then


  6. Happy Birthday baby. Hope you have a wonderful day. How’s New Zeland??

    The apartment in Monaco is getting there. Damn contractors, but there hot.

    You’ll have to come on the new yacht, its beautiful. I owe you a drink or two.

    Love from

    Prince Alwaleed and Prince Joshua Castronova-Ronaldo-Bin Talal Alsaud

  7. love you girl 🙂

    very proud of you

    have fun


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