Celebrate Your Age NOW (No! Really!) ♥


The delightful Fiend of The Fiend Files  recently composed an enormously thought-provoking piece on the subject of age, and it reached me with such appropriate timing, because over the weekend I was having an unplanned fret-fest over this very topic. I’m not sure what triggered it (although, all evidence is starting to lean towards my recent birthday as the guilty suspect!), as it’s not something that I would USUALLY feel unsettled about. But on Saturday, I found myself having the following conversation with my boyfriend:

Me: “Why are there THREE empty milk cartons in the fridge? Three! ”

Oops. That’s not the one. Here it is:

Me: “Do you ever worry about getting older?”
Tom: “No… why?”
Me: “NEVER? Really? Not at all?” 
Tom: “No, I think it’s going to be fun! An adventure. I’m going to have dinner at 5pm, excitedly whinge about youth of today and fill our garage with useless, random junk that I’ll never throw out, and be completely obsessed with.”
Me: (Groan) “O…kay.” (Quickly make mental note to visit RSVP/similar dating website to find a new boyfriend. Just kidding!)  “Well, I do. Or at least, I have been.”
Tom: “Why? What exactly is it that concerns you?”
Me: “It’s the little things, I guess. Like.. not being able to wear a bikini at the beach when I’m 50!”
Tom: “But you don’t wear a bikini to the beach NOW.”
Me: “Yeah, but… I could! If I wanted to!”
Tom: “And you could at 50, too. What are you worried about?! What people would think? Who cares! It doesn’t matter! You can do whatever you want!”

And it was at this point that I realised that not only what he was saying was ENTIRELY correct (darn it!), but the importance of basking in the wondrous, possibility-laden glow that is our current age, too. Because even though every year presents a spectacular new opportunity to fill our minds with fresh knowledge, wisdom, and a range of incredible memories, it’s also paramount to capture the scrumptious glory of today’s moment. Book that road trip with your best friends! Search for a new occupation if your current role is leaving you feeling consumed with dread! Enrol in a make-up course! DO everything that you fantasise about now, because sure, while there’s no limitations involved in completing any of these activities at an older age (goodness, no!) or later stage, you may just wish that you’d taken action a little bit earlier, too. Appreciate the beauty of your existing phase in life, and remember George Eliot’s sage advice:

“It is NEVER too late to be what you might have been”!



8 responses to “Celebrate Your Age NOW (No! Really!) ♥

  1. *flattered*

    That George Eliot was mighty clever – ”It is NEVER too late to be what you might have been.”

    Thanks for the linkage 🙂

  2. its sooo true!!! i haaate looking at photos of myself in the past thinking ‘wow, why didnt i flaunt it more!’ and then i imagine myself 5 years later looking back at me NOW wondering…

    age is just a number anyways

  3. Love this, Corrine. Such an important thing to remember! It’s hard not to think ahead and dream about the future, but appreciating the present is what makes life rich and full.

  4. Awww your BF is so cute and SO right!

    Why wait to do things that you want to do? Specially when you have nothing holding you back! It’s time to throw all those society imposed prejudices away and just do our own thing.

    Isn’t life beautiful?

  5. Fiend – You’re absolutely welcome!

    Sarah Hannah – I do that all the time, TOO! And you’re 100% right – it IS just a number!

    Sally – Thanks, Sal. You’re spot on, as usual!

    Julie – Thanks dearest, it’s true: his logic is definitely superior to mine, most of the time! :p And I couldn’t agree more about the rest: life IS beautiful and it IS time to throw away society’s prejudices!

  6. Such a timely wonderful message. each age has its purpose!

  7. I love this so much! 🙂

    Really great advice and exactly what I needed to read right now!


  8. Beautiful and so true.

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