Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Attend A… Beauty Launch?! ♥

The Ella Bache`/Jessica Watson Event ♥

I certainly have!

As an obsessive media junkie, a large portion of my weekend newspaper ritual is often dedicated to curiously peering at the social pages, glancing at the list of events that have occurred in Sydney, and reading with fascination at the names of the guests present (such a sordid life I lead!).

Traditionally, the majority of the functions featured are product launches, and while I often marvel at the photographs showcasing beautiful new ranges (think: Chanel concocting a new fragrance, or the latest release from a fashion brand), I’ve never actually understood what takes place at such an occasion.

Well! You can imagine my extreme glee when I received an e-mail from Sam Winter (the very sweet creator of Sassi Sam) the day before I was due to commence my internship with her, announcing that we would be attending not one, but TWO beauty launches on my first day! (Actually, if you can picture a gigantic cloud of remorse as I realised that no, I definitely shouldn’t have cancelled my eyebrow wax the day before, and fear, as I hurriedly ransacked my wardrobe in search of appropriate garb, you’ll establish a more accurate vision of my initial reaction!)

After organising a blow-dry and deciding to don my favourite pink trench coat, I was feeling confident about mingling amongst a sea of magazine beauty editors, and proceeded to visit Doyle’s restaurant at Circular Quay to celebrate Ella Bache’s partnership with Jessica Watson, a 16 year-old who has set her sights on sailing around the world on a nonstop journey. (That was, until I bumped against a concrete barrier, immediately shredding my stockings. And possibly my dignity!)

Jessica Watson's Yacht ♥

Cosmopolitan's Leigh Campbell & Shop 'Til You Drop's Ami Starr ♥
Jessica Watson & Layne Beachley ♥
The venue was filled with a throng of journalists, ranging from those with The Sydney Morning Herald to Cosmopolitan‘s Leigh Campbell and Shop ‘Til You Drop’s Amy Starr (pictured above, in the middle photograph), and after watching former professional surfer Layne Beachley interview Jessica about her experiences and upcoming adventure (above) we were invited to consume a variety of refreshments, before departing with an Ella Bache` gift bag. Honestly, the words “kid” and “at Christmas” have never seemed more relevant. (I actually felt supremely guilty about being given one, as it seemed enough of an amazing treat to be able to attend the affair at all!)

workexp 015
After retreating to Sam’s headquarters for a stint of editing articles, we then made our way to Lady Lux nightclub in Potts Point, to celebrate the arrival of a heavenly new range titled All About Glo to the market!

The All About Glo Launch At Lady Lux Nightclub, Potts Point! ♥
The 'All About Glo' Launch ♥
Inside, the atmosphere was luxurious and decadent cupcake trees were adorned with a plethora of shiny products to test. We were served banana and honey champagne, as well as cocktails created with Oreos, and then received a presentation on the upcoming line, which sounds FANTASTIC!

It was such a wonderful opportunity to experience the nature of a beauty launch, and I will be forever indebted to Sam for allowing me to partake in them! (And even though I utterly destroyed my stockings, and stood with one leg over the other in an attempt to hide the more severe damage for a large portion of time at the first event, it was almost comforting to know that no matter how hard I try otherwise, I’ll always be the dorky, clumsy girl who squeals internally upon discovering that some of her favourite writers are in the same room as her, and spills, splatters and trips over everything in sight!)



8 responses to “Have You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Attend A… Beauty Launch?! ♥

  1. That looks like so much fun!

  2. Lucky you! I’m not much into fashion but I love the catering side of any event, and those cocktails and cupcakes sound wonderful!

    And the gift bag… you’ll have to tell us what was in it. (And I wouldn’t feel guilty about it – the guests are more important in these sorts of things!)

  3. Must’ve been an intoxicating experience! It’s great you’re learning about the media industry.

    Oh my, my weekends are spent reading the social pages of SMH, Extra section and the Sunday Life magazine.

    As geeky as it sounds, I look forward to the weekends just because of these things.

  4. How glamorous is that??? You are one lucky girl!

  5. glad you had fun bub! im currently loving working in the beauty industry in media, so much fun!

  6. You’re living the dream, C 🙂

  7. Ooh congratulations on the internship and the experiences! Sounds great!

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