How To Celebrate Halloween (Without Leaving The House… WIN!) ♥


With Halloween only a couple of days away (eek!), there’s EVERY chance that you’ll be frocking yourself up in the spookiest of ensembles (vampire victim? Zombie bride? An evil Alice in Wonderland?) come Saturday night… but, then again, it’s also highly likely that after a mammoth week, you can’t be arsed and would much prefer to celebrate the eeriest day of the year within the confinements of your own home!

Here’s seven suggestions on how to make your October 31st a little bit more thrilling (and frightening!), regardless of your plans!

Why Don’t You.. Create A Halloween-Inspired Playlist?

Some must-haves?

x This Is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
Disturbia – Rihanna
x Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group
Cape Fear – Fantomas
Abysmal – The Haunted
x Black Night – Deep Purple
Something Witchy Annihilator
Monster Mash – Halloween
x Number Of The Beast Iron Maiden
Hell Hole – Spinal Tap
x My Plague Slipknot
x Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie
Horror Movie – Skyhooks
The Time Warp – The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack
Witchy Woman – The Eagles
x Werewolves In London – Warren Zevon

Make A Meal More Interesting With A Ghoulish Bento Box?


Bake Deliciously Disturbing Cupcakes?


Bust Out Your Favourite Witchy TV Shows Or Movies?


Carve A Jack-O-Lantern? (And Turn The Remains Into A Scrumptious Pumpkin Pie?)


Add A Touch Of The Terrifying To Your Beauty Routine?


Peel Grapes & Whip Up Blood-Curdling Cocktails?


How are you celebrating Halloween?



9 responses to “How To Celebrate Halloween (Without Leaving The House… WIN!) ♥

  1. I love your ideas! Those cupcakes look so good and the cocktails too mmm


  2. I’m going to a party at my friend’s house and I’m dressing up as something sparkly :P, or maybe get dressed Slash-like or something.

    I want some of those cupcakes.

  3. Katie – Awww, thank-you! And I KNOW. I’d like one of each now, yum!

    Julie – You should DEFINITELY go as Slash! Your top hat is awesome… maybe you could go as a sparkly Slash? 😀

  4. Yay Halloween! I’m dressing up as a sexy cat for Sat night, can’t wait!!!

  5. you left out Horror Movie by the Skyhooks!!!

    i’m not doing anything, sadly. possibly meeting my best friends new boyfriend for drinks- now that’s scary!!!

    ive always wanted to have my own halloween party at home, insane costumes a MUST but my apartment’s too small 😦 one day…

  6. I made a Halloween playlist, and I’ll publish it in my blog this week. ^^

    In Brazil nobody carves pumpkins (or actually celebrates Haloween, either), and I don’t really know how to do it. But I’m dying to try the Kiss-themed pumpkins I saw on Gossip Girl this week. Hmm.

    I’m probably just going to watch some crappy horror movies (like Dance of the Dead), drink, eat candy and dress up. It pisses me off that there isn’t one single great Halloween party in any club in town.

  7. Holly – Ooh, fun! 😀

    Sarah Hannah – Nooo, it’s there! Fourth from the bottom! And good luck meeting your best friend’s new boyfriend for the first time! It can be daunting, but at any rate, it WILL be interesting!

    Miss Sofia – Watching a whole bunch of scary movies sounds perfect! I think a ‘Scream’ fest or something similar would be awesome… (if I wasn’t such a scaredy cat and didn’t spend the majority of horror movie sessions hiding behind a cushion!)

  8. Love these ideas xxx

  9. Sadly, I will be at work and since my boss is completely anti-Halloween (as are most Germans) I won’t have a scary night at all. I’m going to watch a couple of scary flicks tonight though!

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