“Um, Can I Sniff You?!” The Best Perfumes To Introduce Your Nostrils To ♥


Sweet merciful mascara wands, there’s only six weeks left until CHRISTMAS! But the aim of today’s blogging game isn’t to give you minor heart palpitations – no, very far from it. It’s to discuss GIFTING ideas, and namely, those of the perfume variety! Fragrances are probably my ultimate beauty kryptonite. Packaged beautifully and projecting the most exquisite of smells, few other products will win me over at the cosmetic counter as much as these powerful little potions. But in a sea of bewitching bottles and hypnotic scents, which are the very best picks to ensure a happy gift recipient? Here are some of my all-time favourites, featuring some that are old and some that are new, but all of which are definitely guaranteed to garner a “um, can I sniff you?!” 

Price Category: “Well, I Have Been Good This Year!”

x Marc Jacobs’ ‘Lola‘: Okay, I MAY have initially gravitated towards this purely because of its gorgeous floral bottle and well, the fact that it reminded me of one of my favourite songs by The Kinks (“Lola… L-l-l-l-lola!’), but the smell? Yum-o! Ruby red grapefruit, vanilla, rose, creamy musk and geranium blend together to form an exotic wee blend of juice that’s not entirely unlike a luscious meadow of flowers, but a heck of a lot sexier.
x Giorgio Armani’s ‘Armani Code’: And speaking of sexy – phwoar. With notes of ginger, orange blossom, vanilla and woods, it’s the ultimate heartbreaker of the bunch. (Could it be because of its phenomenal popularity with men folk?!)
x Christian Dior’s ‘Miss Dior Cherie‘: If the delectable whiff of violets and pink jasmine don’t immediately entice you, the hints of strawberries and caramel surely will.
x Chanel’s ‘Eau Fraiche’: Super zesty and brimming with citrus, consider this a bit like an extravagant iced cocktail on a hot summer’s day: ultra refreshing.
 Vera Wang’s ‘Rock Princess’: According to Vera Wang, this is the original fragrance’s (Princess, pictured below!) grown-up older sister. She’s traded her tiara in for a new guitar, and is attending concerts instead of the prom. She’s daring, edgy and seductively sweet, but this fragrance is all about dark, fruity florals with a sultry attitude and modern style. Mmm. If Frock & Roll was poured into a luxe bottle, it would probably smell like this!


Price Category: “Hey, At Those Prices, I DESERVE To Buy It! And Now That You’ve Mentioned It, Maybe I Can Actually Afford To Pick Up Two…”

xThe Body Shop’s ‘Vanilla’ and ‘White Musk’ Eau De Toilettes: Oh sure, we’re all familiar with The Body Shop’s beautiful body butters, but did you know that they have a selection of eau de toilettes, too?! Other than being the perfect embodiment of well, vanilla, the ‘Vanilla’ fragrance personifies the very essence of ice-cream and cake mix, while the ‘White Musk’ is a heavenly concoction of musks that collects compliments from even the most unlikely of praise-givers. (Seriously, I wear this scent almost every day, and it’s ALWAYS a hit!) And if that hasn’t seen you hit the ground running to the shops yet? They’re both just over $20. Giddy up!
Gwen Stefani’s ‘Harajuku Lovers’ in ‘Music’“Always looking to make someone laugh, charismatic ‘Music’ has no qualms telling it like it is! Stylin’ in a smocked sailor outfit and black lace up boxing boots, ‘Music’ grooves to the soundtrack of her life”, is what The Harajuku Lovers Collection pitches. And they ‘re spot. ON. Peachy, pretty and fun, it’s unexpectedly addictive.
x Britney Spears’ ‘Circus Fantasy’: Is it a coincidence that Britney Spears’ scents frequently achieve the same brand of success as her music? No!  And with good reason, too. Featuring sugar-coated raspberry, apricot blossom and violet candy, ‘Circus Fantasy’ is cheeky AND sensual, easily certifying that the spotlight will be yours forever.

What are some of your most treasured scents? Have you even started your Christmas shopping yet?! (I haven’t, but then I’m totally a last-minute kind of girl!) xoxo


15 responses to ““Um, Can I Sniff You?!” The Best Perfumes To Introduce Your Nostrils To ♥

  1. I love Armani Code! Yes, I think it is due to my popularity with men that I love this perfume! = P

    No I’m just being up myself. I also love Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel and The One by D&G.

    I’m such a perfume whore though. Too many perfume bottles at my place.

  2. I really need some new perfume so i might go sniff some of these out! Thanks corrine =) x

  3. 5ft0 – Me TOO! I love perfume so much, I don’t think that I could ever have enough of it! ‘Coco Mademoiselle’ is rather grand, and I will definitely have to try ‘The One’..

    Caroline – You’e weeelcome! 😀

  4. i like to stick to my signature scents, i dont rarely change from them. although, i did buy a Kheils essential oil roll on scent in grapefruit recently and its fast becoming a new summer favourite!

  5. Vera Wang Princess is my fragrance of choice 🙂 I’m actually running very low at the moment.. Time for a new bottle I think.

    Corrine you should have a Frock and Roll Vera Wang Princess giveaway and rig it so I win 🙂 Yep I think that sounds like a plan.

    I do like Armani Code too, it’s nice.

    Heaps embarassed to say this, but I actually don’t mind Hilary Duff’s fragrance.. I think it’s called ‘With Love’. Mmm.

    And, just to make this post longer.

    When I was working at Girlfriend Magazine- I had to write a review on all these fragrances. There was this seedy little Pharmacy bought fragrance and I’m not making this up- it literally smelled like grass and dandelions. It was pretty much the exact scent that you’d smell in a field of overgrown grass. Yuck.

  6. I still can’t get over the whole full feed thing. It makes me and my OCD really happy :D.

    My favourite perfumes are: Very irresistible Givenchy, Touch of pink – Lacoste, Armani White, White Notes (Sensi) – Armani, and one from Faire Folie that I can’t remember what it’s called.

    For guys I love any fragrance by Hugo Boss. They smell delicious and I’m not allergic to it n_n.

  7. I have two bottles opened at the minute – Vera Wang Princess ❤ and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb. I always get perfume at duty free so the scent reminds me of my trip – Vera Wang = New Zealand (christchurch/queenstown), Viktor & Rolf = New York.

  8. I ran out of Vera Wang’s Princess! But I’m using Marc Jacob’s Daisy. In a more affordable price range I have used JLo Still in the past and always always got complimented on it! I actually had a random guy come over and sniff me once. Weird.

  9. Vera Wang Rock Princess is my FAVE xxxx

  10. Sarah Hannah – That DOES sound good! Roll on scents are something that I’ve been meaning to try forever, they’re 100% nifty and I imagine that they’re fairly long lasting, too… WIN!

    Alex/Axe-y – Ewww! That doesn’t sound pleasant… I don’t think ANYONE would want to sniff that! :p You crack me up 😀

    Julie – I’m so thrilled that it’s working now, too! Hooray! 😀 I actually haven’t tried any of the fragrances that you’ve listed, so I think I need to get myself to a department store, and pronto!

    Kate – Awww. Memory evoking scents, I like that!

    Luana – Haha! See, it does happen, doesn’t it?! Nice!

    Katie – It’s tres excellent!

  11. I LOVE the Body Shop’s Vanilla, GOOD CHOICE FOR THE BLOG!

    The price tag always puts me off stocking up on perfume…if I had a decent income I’d probably have more than a few bottles though! 😉

  12. I am eyeing up perfume this christmas too…none of these lovely scents though.

  13. Oh I hear you! I’m a huge lover of perfume!!

    My new faves right now are Chanel Coco and YSL – Cinema.

    Delish! I haven’t tried the Christian Dior one you mentioned, I must go suss it out at the pharmacy for free! yay for free perfume sprays!

  14. I got Marc Jacobs’ Lola with some of my birthday money – it’s lovely and smells like pear when it settles on me! I also own Vera Wang’s Princess – because I couldn’t resist a perfume that smells like chocolate – and Agent Provocateur’s Strip, which smells like musk sticks (nom nom nom).

    As you can see, I am a sucker for sugary/fruity scents over a floral one. However, my fave floral is Bvlgari’s delightful Jasmin Noir!


  15. Yay perfume! I am seriously so addicted. I love everything by Marc Jacobs, his perfumes are always the best!

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