For The Love Of Fashion, WHY? The Top 5 Trends That I Will Never, Ever Understand ♥

It’s not that they’re ugly fashion trends (because everyone has their own preferences, right?) … no. It’s just that no matter how hard I may try to gaze at them enthusiastically, or smile when I see them sprinkled across a number of people in the streets, I just can’t quite seem to see eye to eye with these certain looks… AT ALL.

Presenting… the Top 5 Fashion Trends that I will never, ever understand! :


Fashion Offender #1: Crocs

Oh sure, your colours are delightful and I’ve heard that you’re mighty comfortable, but so is my favourite set of pyjamas and I’m hardly going to start wearing them outside, now am I?! (Hint: NO.) Crocs, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers here, but all I’m saying is that maybe, just MAYBE you’re best suited to within the confinements of someone’s own home, or garden, and definitely not in malls paired with an otherwise very alluring summer dress… after all, there’s a reason why there are so many Facebook groups dedicated to you!


Fashion Offender #2: “Jeggings”

They’re not quite jeans and they’re not quite leggings, but put them together and bam! You’ve got jeggings! I’m willing to consider the fact that these could possibly look cute when accessorised with a particularly stunning outfit, but unfortunately, this is never how I see them being worn. Instead, they’re always displayed on their own, and while I do give them props for being independent, unfortunately, they lose all marks for giving the public almost instant x-ray vision to everything that their wearers have on offer underneath.

Fashion Offender #3: Ugg Boots With Mini-Skirts

Now, I KNOW that you’re the shoe equivalent of a four-poster bed, and that’s fine because I not-so-secretly love you too, but when worn with a mini-skirt a la` Britney Spears for a stint of weekday shopping, I kind of want to pretend that I don’t know you, let alone keep two pairs in my wardrobe!

Scary Shorts!
Fashion Offender #4: Ultra-Short Shorts

Sometimes, pictures really can say a thousand words. Or you know, 18: Short shorts should never be so short that they reach ”Oh, hey! Have you met my butt?”  territory.

Fashion Offender #5: High Heels Without Um, The Actual Heel Part

I like Victoria Beckham. Her interviews are rarely anything but entertaining, and her fashion sense is innovative, interesting and FRESH. But these shoes? Ouch. They literally make my feet wince at the sight of them, and I can’t help but notice the fact that even David Beckham seems mildly amused in this photograph, too!

Which fashion trends would YOU be happy to kiss goodbye and well, never see again?


(Images thanks to Miss LovelyThe Fashion Police and JudgeDredd76 .)


20 responses to “For The Love Of Fashion, WHY? The Top 5 Trends That I Will Never, Ever Understand ♥

  1. I hate it when people think they can get away with wearing a bikini top with just a pair of shorts, ew!

    And yes, Crocs are foul.

  2. You’ve hit on some of the worst offenders! I’m pretty ooked out by velour tracksuits. I mean, really, people. Why?

  3. I don’t get the jeggings, leggings as pants are not up my alley.

    I seriously hate crocs.

  4. Crocs and skinny jeans are my hates. I’ve never seen them look good on anyone so why do people keep wearing them?

  5. haha great entry! I totally agree with those 5, especially “jeggings”! CRINGE-worthy!

  6. Ah yes hun – crocs, are awful, & yet a real force of nature it seems. AND JEGGINGS. I tweeted about them just the other day, it’s the ‘instant x-ray vision to everything that their wearers have on offer underneath’ thing that bothers me, if I wanted to see that much of you, chances are I’d want to see it privately 😉

  7. I agree with all of these. I don’t understand the heels, I mean I fell over in a gutter in normal high heels, without the heel just isn’t going to work.

  8. Haha. When I saw your blog post title, I thought to myself, “Jeggings had better be on that list” and they were! Yay!

    I have to say they’re my biggest pet fashion peeve these days!

  9. Ew those shorts are so gross!

  10. I’d personally like to see the midriff bearing stop. I’ve never seen it look good on anyone…just trashy. You can show some leg and still manage to look at least halfway classy, but when you’re showing off everything from your hipbone to your bellybutton and up to right ‘neath your boobs? Oooh no!

    (I also agree with everything you said, particularly crocs and jeggings!)

  11. Today I was getting on the escalators at Myer and noticed an amusing warning sticker on them – a bright yellow “Caution” triangle with a Croc in it! Lulz aplenty were had. Even the department stores are afraid of them now!


  12. Yiiick! I totally agree with all of these. I would also like to add liquid leggings, which have the tendency to turn your legs into shiny sausages. 😦

  13. This is an excellent article and I agree on all points. Ugg boots/miniskirts and crocs have got to go!

    This is probably not one a lot of other people share, but I HATE new “vintage” rock and metal tees with faux-faded letters on them. ACDC, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden – I see them everywhere now, and half the people wearing them haven’t even HEARD an Iron Maiden song. And if they did hear one, they wouldn’t like it!

    Band tees should be faded from hours of standing beside sweaty ogres in a mosh-pit. You have to EARN that fade.

    Grrrr. See, it gets me all mad just thinking about it!

  14. I agree with all your top five fashion faux pas trends.

    I also believe that midriffs and fluro tights.

  15. I think jeggings can be cute if worn like regular leggings. They look nice and slightly different, IMO.

    But Ugg boots are hideous, and Crocs are indeed quite comfortable, but not made to wear outside! And these heeled shoes without heels are awful!

  16. Lol all of this stuff is so bad. Jeggings are so ugly but then I don’t even like leggings, they make everyone look disgusting. High waisted pants are bad too, add them to your list!

  17. I agree with all but Jeggings. I LOVE them! But only woren as leggings; under a dress, long t-shirt or jumper.

    My mum told me that Crocs were made for sailors as they’re water proof, light, airy and comfortable… If this is true, lets keep them on the boats!

    And as for Ugg boots and skirts! It’s warm enough to wear a skirt – why do you need to cook your feet?!?!

  18. Haha I agree with all of these!

    I’d never wear a poncho.. I just can’t see the glamour even when they are totally dressed up. All I see is blanket.


  19. agreed with everything here!!! i think those jeggings in particular could work if they were worn correctly ie. under a dress and with boots. ive seen legging/pant things complete with like belt loops that are supposed to be worn with like a shorter top…. ewwwww

  20. I absolutely agree with everything apart from jeggings,

    but I would not wear them like that picture, EW! And whoever invented crocs must lack a lot of fashion!

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