What The Frock?! : 19/12/09 ♥

The Daily Frock - 19/12/09 ♥
Today was all about guzzling chilled beverages (to beat the stifling heat!) with three outstanding women, last-minute gift shopping (gulp! It’s Christmas in four days!), and attempting to recover from a tremendous headache induced by a stupidly excessive amount of homemade sangria and champagne consumed at a friend’s dinner last night (yeowch, yeowch, yeowch, but oh, it was WORTH IT!).

Can I take a moment to revel in the pure excellence that was the cuisine? It was scrumptious! Because the lovely woman who hosted the pre-Christmas eating extravaganza is Italian, she whipped up the most incredible feast of Chicken Parmigiana (and a strictly Eggplant-only version for the resident vegetarian, me!), spinach and ricotta cannelloni, tri-colour pasta, and garlic bread as far as the eye could see… probably not the most traditional of Christmas fare, but utterly luscious nonetheless!

The Daily Frock - 19/12/09 ♥
What I’m Wearing:

x Straw trilby, Sportsgirl
Witchery t-shirt
x Vintage gold necklace
x Morrissey dress
Black and white stripy vest, Mink Pink
x Black ballet flats from New Zealand

How was YOUR weekend? What tales of mischief did you create?



11 responses to “What The Frock?! : 19/12/09 ♥

  1. Lookin’ good lady! Love the hat. I spent Friday night out on the North Shore, followed by a day lounging in the sun by the pool with my favourite ladies… we did attempt to go to carols (domain) last night but the crowd was mental & there was no picnic space so we went to my friends flat in the city, watched it on the telly & watched fireworks over darling harbour from the balcony… & then back to Newy today *phew*!

  2. aww you look adorable!

    i spent the weekend down at my mums house, watching movies, writing, last minute xmas shopping and laughing. alot. awesome

  3. Spinach ricotta cannelloni are my favorite!! So hungry now. Cute look btw, I’m so jealous of the amazing weather it looks like you’re having. I am mostly just freezing over here haha. I haven’t gotten up to much this weekend, just enjoying being super lazy now that I finally have some time to myself!

  4. Well I am now drooling, THANK YOU.

    Although I chilled out with a bottle of Sav at a Christmas BBQ last night!

  5. Kate – Your weekend pretty much sounds like the very definition of PERFECT. How fun!

    Sarah Hannah – Thanks lady! I’m glad you had an excellent time!

    Luana – Aw, thank-you! And lazy time can be very wonderful indeed 😀

    Joanne Faith – Ooh, lovely! Or, as Borat would say, “nice, VERY nice… 😉 ”

    Claire Bear – Thanks a bunch!

  6. That sounds so good! I love the outfit you look so fun x

  7. That 1st pic is too cute xx

  8. Forget traditional Christmas food, I’d totally rather have Italian. Yummmm. And o’course you look super cute – I lurve that stripey thing.

  9. Looking great! I really love Trilbys at the moment – and any kind of crazy hats. That Christmas feast sounds amazing too! It’s making me hungry again.

    I worked all weekend as usual. 😦

  10. Mmmm – send some of that sangria my way (one of my favorite drinks!)

    You look very stylish, but more importantly, relaxed and happy (two of the best accessories anybody can wear!)

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