Style Session: What To Wear With… Dr. Martens! ♥

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I recently bought my first pair of Dr. Martens and my oh my, they are beauties!

Gloriously comfortable and equipped with the most splendid sheen (hot pink patent, ooh la la!), they’re possibly the shoe equivalent of an incredible dream and with every spare moment I get, I’m finding myself sneaking off to my wardrobe to gaze at them adoringly!

The only hiccup in our new companionship? They’re not the most subtle choice of footwear. And yes, while their screamingly bright hue is ABSOLUTELY one of the things that drew me to them in the first place, deciding which outfits to pair them with so that the look is complimentary, as opposed to plain old ugly, can be challenging. Who would have guessed that pulling off an excellent pair of shoes with aplomb would involve more than the simple step of well, just putting them on?! I’m not sure, but if you’re struggling to find the perfect clothing suitor for your Dr. Martens, why not look to the following ensembles for pure style inspiration?


Agyness Deyn loves her Dr. Martens, and by the looks of things, they love her too! Just look at the way she’s masterfully coupled them with a brilliant bowler hat, leather jacket, candy-coloured fluffy sweater and leggings! Spectacular!


Almost-mid-calf-length booties teamed with an oversized cardigan and a classic mini-skirt? If Barney Gumble from The Simpsons were here, he’d surely scream, “I like it!”


Worn over the top of skinny jeans (did you hear that?! Worn over the TOP of skinny jeans! What little fashion mavericks these boots are!), they instantly create a look that exudes effortless, casual glamour. (And look! It’s Agyness Deyn again!)


But hey, casual doesn’t necessarily float everyone’s boat, so why wear them with a fabulously ethereal frock to your next outing instead?! I adore this look so very much, and it definitely beats walking the streets of the city barefoot at 3am and carting around your heels in your hand!

When it comes to Dr. Martens, are you a fan, or are you secretly wishing that they’d scamper back to the 80’s already?!



22 responses to “Style Session: What To Wear With… Dr. Martens! ♥

  1. Fan. Got my green docs a while back & love ’em. With skinnies if whether is cool enough or with skirt… pushed boundaries a wee bit at last corporate job wearing them with a high waisted skirt & tucked in button down…

  2. I love wearing mine with tight form fitting clothing, I love the way the clunkyness of the boots offsets the rest of the outfit. 😀 Also dig with liquid leggings and long-line tops!

  3. I loooove Dr Martens! Unfortunately, I have yet to own a pair, but hopefully that will all change soon! I lust after the floral ones, or a pair of lime green ones.

    I also love Agyness! ❤

  4. LOVE. i have a battered up burgandy/black pair. wish it wasn’t sooo hot so i could wear them!

    leggings, over skinny jeans, with opaques or bare legs and skirts/dresses… i miss them! bring on autumn already!

  5. I wear one of my pairs practically every day. I love them with skirts, skinny jeans/jeggings, stripy trousers, you name it, I will find a way to work it with Docs. They’re just so comfy once you’ve got them broken in.

    I think you’ve either got to wear them like a rockstar or wear them with clashingly girly ensembles for best effect.

  6. On other people? Yeah, they look great!

    On me? Hahahahaha…

  7. Doc Martens FTW!

  8. I love that last photo – definitely one of the best girly-tough clashy outfits I’ve seen.

    I like Docs on other people, but I don’t know if I’d be able to pull them off – I’m so short that I generally try to veer away from anything that’s going to make me look shorter, and unfortunately I think Docs might be in that category.

  9. i love the outfit featuring the pink dr. martins. i don’t know if i’d be brave enough to ever buy a pair, but they’re way cute!

  10. Excellent! I found a pair of 8-eye brown ones at a thrift store last summer, and totally fell in love! I do find that they’re sort of hard to wear everyday though. Usually I wear them with shorts and tights, so they don’t look too masculine. (I have gimungo large feet, so it’s not often that boots look cute!) I also picked up a pair of super-high shiny silver doc’s at a discount store, and they are soo lovely! I get lots of comments on them whenever I wear them. I think the last time I wore them to the grocery store an elderly man said “Wow, holy boots!” Hehe 🙂 Thanks so much for the outfit inspiration!

  11. Hot pink patent? Like the ones in that picture? YOU HAVE TO POST PICTURES! 😀 They sound so amazing!

  12. I love doc! I am saving up for a pair of my own. Having a hard time deciding what I will go for. These are some great suggestions for styling them

  13. i love dr. martens! i have two pairs: one regular black & one patent neon yellow. the black ones i’ve worn to death with anything & everything, but the yellow ones… as much as i love them, i never know what to wear them with! this post gave me some good ideas though. thank you (:

  14. Em-Diz the awesome

    i would love to purchase a pair, apart from the money side of it…im afraid they will make my legs look massive, and make me look like a i have massive feet, which could also be a problem, i dont want to look like rambo. anyways love you corrine. drinks soon! 🙂 xx.

  15. The real question is, did you buy the little ankle boots or the wicked mid-calf ones with two zippers going up the front? (I have the latter and they are surprisingly versatile. I even wear them to the office with very loose black trousers over – it tones them down a lot.) I inherited a pair of oxblood 8-holes from my dad which rock, too.

    The standard black ones are obviously more wearable if you’re not into wearing all-black, but really you can do a LOT with Docs if you’re not scared of their size. I like to pair them with a babydoll or slip dress and have an all-day 90s flashback. 😀

  16. Whenever I’m sad I visit Frock And Roll and your website always makes me smile/laugh 🙂 Dr Martens look so awesome, I really do want a pair!

  17. I saw a pic of Aya T Kenai in doc in The Sartorialist and I fell in love again and busted out my old brown 8 holes. I just received my white silver flocked pair and I am wearing them in (whilst in my pjs!)…also waiting for a black floral pair. Can save $50 if get them on-line from US Doc Martens store compared to in shops in Oz. can’t wait to wear them with coloured tights, high-waisted tulip skirt, short denim jacket.

  18. Sally Ormston

    And don’t forget, awesome wedding shoes too! You saw mine, the lovely aubergine with white ribbon laces – I was the most comfortable person on my special day, and still looked glam!! Feel free to copy a pic of me in them from my Facebook album to adorn your style pages 😉

  19. Its really luky to find this blog,i fell so great!

  20. I bloody LOVE DM’s, had my last pair (stolen from my sister muahahahaha) for ten years and they finally shrugged off this mortal coil this winter i was well gutted. DM’s now come in *shiny metallic gold or pewter*!

  21. LOVE! I bought the 8-hole pink patent ones last week, so in love and going shopping today for tights and skirts to wear with them! Already have the 20-hole white ones (mega love!) and the 8-hole blacks (old faithfuls, 10 yrs and going strong). I wear the black ones to work with a high waisted suit skirt and black tights, they go well.

  22. I know the feeling–I have a pair of bright ass red ones, and they are simply too wonderful for words. I wear them every chance I get. Lusting for a pair of hot pink ones like you’ve got–so pretty!

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