Fresh! Fun! EXCITING! 7 Make-Up Ideas To Try This Week ♥

Breaking news!

It’s JUST been reported that a cure has been developed for Monday-itis!

The winning formula?

A selection of devastatingly delightful make-up suggestions, to whirl out when you’re feeling your least foxiest!

Seriously though, it’s Monday, and it’s the beginning of a beautiful new week! BUT (and not that anyone’s pointing fingers here or anything), if you’re not feeling particularly enthused about that fact, whether it’s because of a prospective day at the office, school or darn it, that dentist appointment, why not use the opportunity to decorate your face so lovingly this morning that you almost forget that you’re not in the most sprightly of moods?! Oh, go on. It’ll be fun! (Well, at any rate, approximately 200% more so than a trip to the dentist!)


x At first I wondered why Gwen looked mildly surprised in this picture. Then I realised that she’d probably caught a glimpse of her own shockingly awesome red lip in a mirror and immediately adjusted my thoughts to “gosh, why don’t we follow her lead and do exactly the same?!”  Or, if you’re already a fan of all things crimson, why not shake things up with a sweet peachy number, or a cherry-scented lip gloss?

A swipe of bronzer looks dashing, and a whisper of blush looks positively smashing, but mix them together and kapow! You’ve got a sun-kissed glow AND a healthy flush, what a winning hand!

x In the family of make-up shades, brown is often the neglected child, but foolishly so! Sure, black is often the easy option when it comes to eyeliners and mascaras, but few things look sexier on chocolate or emerald toned eyes than a coating of brown mascara and a slick of bronze eyeliner.

Think of how you style your hair each morning. Right!  Now that you’re armed with that mental image, why not fashion it in a completely different way? If it’s straight, tie your hair into braids, run your straightener over them a couple of times, and give them a dusting of hairspray before unravelling everything to reveal sensual curls! If it’s typically worn up, why not let it all down? Experiment with side ponytails, glitzy headbands and messy buns! Those around you may not be able to immediately recognise what’s changed (be sure to listen out for murmurs of “is it a new blouse? I’m sure that she’s wearing a new blouse!”), but they’ll certainly observe that you’re looking remarkably fresher than usual!

Select one product from your bathroom cupboard and vow to use it in a new way. Lipstick as an eyeshadow? Hand cream as an anti-frizz treatment for hair? Nail polish remover as a flying saucer? (Oh, I jest!) Ooh, yes!

Dip a damp cotton-bud into your favourite eyeshadow and use it to trace gorgeous lines around the inner rims of your eyes.

x And finally, why should faces (and mornings) have all of the fun?! Use your lunch hour to indulge in a fabulous manicure, whether it features stick-on jewels, vibrant prints or an extravagant serving of glitter!



12 responses to “Fresh! Fun! EXCITING! 7 Make-Up Ideas To Try This Week ♥

  1. I certainly like to spice things up. When I’m bore with my hair, I straighten it, wear it up, braid it, stick a bow in it. Us curly girls gotta get used to be creative because we don’t get to comb it to fabulousness.

    For make up I like to wear bright colours when I’m feeling a bit down and for nails I love crazy nailpolish.

  2. Julie – How right you are, my friend! And I LOVE that you’re constantly mixing your looks up, what an excellent visual treat you must be!

  3. Hehe! It is fun to mix it up 🙂 x

  4. Oh, I love this post! I like to wear a shimmery highlighter on my cheekbones to sparkle things up- yes please!

  5. Ooh! I’d love to get a manicure with stick on jewels. It would definitely make my boyrfriend cringe and they aren’t the most convenient but they would make me feel like a princessss!

  6. What fabulous ideas. I’ve always wondered how to get plaits to curl faster (should have thought harder about that one)! Will definitely be jazzing myself up next Monday! Great post! x

  7. this is such a fun post! i love gwen’s red lip – it’s always perfect!

  8. Love your cute sassy post! Glitter it up!

  9. AWESOME tips! x

  10. ooooh, those are all awesome ideas! i really should experiment more with makeup.

  11. Clever post, I have been trying different hairstyles to spice up what I have to wear to work (AT STARBUCKS ARGH), & I think playing with makeup will make it more fun 😀

  12. What a bunch of totally awesome ideas! I get all sad if my nails don’t get painted (or if they get all smoodged). Maybe I’ll mix it up it bit colour-wise! Anyone know of a good aqua nail polish?

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