What The Frock?! : 16/01/10 ♥


Pardon my squinting, but it was SO windy this afternoon! That, coupled with the fact that while attempting to take these photos, at least five cars full of horn-tooting, cheering men passed by, curiously enquiring as to exactly what I was doing, has resulted in what are probably not the most impressive outfit photos of all time. But! At least in these series of photos, it doesn’t look like I’m chomping on a mouthful of hair, so sound the alarms, because ding, ding! We have a winner!


What I’m Wearing:

x Vintage high-waisted floral dress, Arc Sydney – don’t you just love it when you find a bargain?! This wee number cost approximately seven dollars from a second-hand store in Mona Vale, and fits like an absolute GLOVE! I adore it, except it completely gives people permission to ask if I’ve recently stepped out of a time machine from the 1950’s!
Glassons t-shirt
x Red and gold studded bow belt, borrowed from this floral Target dress!
x White Diva headband
x Gold flats
One silly expression, coming soon to a catwalk near YOU! (Ahem…)

For reasons unknown to both of us, one of my friends always calls me Bethal Anne, joking, “doesn’t it just sound like you’re something out of a rejected Buddy Holly song or something?! You know, Peggy Sue, Bethal Anne…”  Well, upon stepping out in this dress yesterday, I have to admit, I really did feel like something out of a Buddy Holly song! Oh, dear…


 The cliff top overlooking Sydney’s Warriewood and (in the distance!) Mona Vale beaches. Isn’t it beautiful?!

How have you spent YOUR weekend? I hope it’s been exceptional!



10 responses to “What The Frock?! : 16/01/10 ♥

  1. OMG why didn’t I realize you live in Oz? *duh* Gorgeous setting for a fabulous summer dress! Love that belt, too ~ it really pops!

  2. Aw cute dress! That’s so funny about the men honking — do you take your photos on your own then?

  3. That dress is so pretty and feminine. So cute! I also use a t-shirt under dresses to make them… ehm… more modest XD.

    I want warm weather T_T.

  4. Gorgeous xxx

  5. Rachael – Haha awww, thanks lovely!

    Luana – No, I don’t, which is what makes it even stranger that they were! If I was standing there with a big ‘ol tripod and everything I could DEFINITELY understand the intrigue, but I was just standing there while my boyfriend took the photos! Perhaps it was because I took a few in a row, all while trying to keep the hair from flying around madly in my face?!

    Julie – I can’t help myself, I almost feel naked without one! And I will totally do a season swap with you, I’m massively hankering for the cold!

    Alex – How sweet are you?! Thanks!

  6. How very Marilyn Monroe with the wind blowing up your white dress hehehe. I think you look very pretty heh. Nice scenery too! X

  7. You are too freaking cute! I want more daily frock– you really put yourself together so nicely lady.

  8. Loverly outfit Corrine 🙂 Looks great.

    My cousin lives right near there too! 🙂

  9. LOVE the dress. So pretty, so feminine! And the scenery is fab! The horn-tooting kind of guy sure knows how to make a lady feel slightly flattered yet freaked out. What’s wrong with quiet polite appreciation?

  10. Hehe, I love foral dresses! It looks like the wind was giving you a bit of a challenge there eh. 😉

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