What The Frock?! : 02/02/10 ♥

The Daily Frock - 02/02/10 ♥

Psst! Can I share a secret with you? I’m feeling uncharacteristically TERRIFIED today!

The culprit behind my sudden attack of fear? Job searching. And cover letter writing. And resume preparing. It’s all such an incredibly frightening and nerve-wracking (and yet, simultaneously exciting!) game! And to be honest, one that I’m ever-so-slightly worried that I’ve forgotten the rules to.

If you’re applying for a web-based or writing position, should you mention your own website? Or do they perhaps not need to visit your blog and discover, without even having met you, that you’re partial to spinach and ricotta pastries and vintage dresses but um, not so much spiders? (For the record, I’m not sure that I’ve ever discussed my love for foods centered around the delicious filling of spinach and ricotta, but you get my drift, right? Right?!) It can be a difficult field to navigate. So, as a reward for hours of internal questioning and relentless key thumping, I stepped out into the sunshine, and blew away my concerns with bubbles! And as I created each one, I sent them into the world equipped with a wish: please let my attempts be satisfactory (actually, scrap that – mindblowingly IMPRESSIVE!), and find me an excellent role for which I can enthusiastically and happily dive into!

The Daily Frock - 02/02/10 ♥

What I’m Wearing:

Orange paisley, hippie-style maxi-dress, Tree Of Life
Jewel necklace and beaded bracelet, second-hand
x Sportsgirl tan belt
x Black wedges



11 responses to “What The Frock?! : 02/02/10 ♥

  1. You look beautiful! & I love the idea of blowing away concerns with bubbles, I’m going to have to try that =).

  2. You look like a very sexy hippie, though! I love the orange colour on you.

  3. eeeep i love bubbles!!! bubbles bubbles! you look so fresh and summery!

    good luck on the job hunt! its been a month for me so far, i HATE IT!!

  4. Good luck on your job hunt doll! I’m looking too. And don’t you look lovely? That dress is gorgeous!

  5. Ohh, cute dress! You look loverly!

    Good luck with the job hunt- You’ll be editor of Cleo in no time! x

  6. You are gorgeous.

  7. Oh you look lovely! Again, making me jealous of the weather there! Good luck job hunting, it seems to get harder every day. I’ve been looking for a while and no luck yet ;/

  8. So pretty! I always feel so girly and pretty when I wear long floaty dresses hehehe.

  9. Hey Lovely,

    Haven’t been commenting for a while – but I’ve been reading your blog!

    Good luck with the job hunt. You’ll get something soon!

  10. Good luck! You look bright and sunny in these photos, so I figure, if anyone sees your site while reviewing you for a job, they can’t help but say yes. Hope your bubble wishes come true!

  11. now that you have a job, you can tell us… WAS it a good thing to put your blog on your cv?

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