Style Evolution: How Often Has YOUR Look Changed In The Past Year? What About Over 2 Years? 5 Years? ♥

The superb Stacey (oh, look! Alliteration! HI!) of the excellent Secret Life Of A Retail Assistant recently wrote a very interesting article on the subject of style evolution, demonstrating precisely how much her appearance has developed over the past few years, and to use a wild understatement, it was extremely, EXTREMELY intriguing! The changes of hair colour! The dramatic experiments with length! The avant-garde make-up looks! The try-outs with myriads of different types of clothing!

To be honest, the whole extraordinary post left me in awe. And also, woefully embarrassed. Why? Because when it comes to style evolution, Pamela Anderson herself has probably had a more unpredictable ride on the roller-coaster of aesthetics than I have, and that’s really saying something because um, last time I checked, she’s favoured the same sartorial splendour of anything tight, bright and ultra revealing since 1995. Oh, dear.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Okay, so here we have some dreadlocks. But don’t be fooled by this minor detour from normality! (Or the fact that in this photo, it REALLY looks like I’m about to aim for the black ball on the table, which we all know is rule number one in the no-no’s of pool playing #101!) Because apart from sporting this semi-dramatic ‘do when I was approximately 15 years-old, it never got any more daring or different than this…

Aha! Someone’s discovered eyeliner. And although its starring role on my face isn’t quite as prominent now as it was when I was 16 years old, it’s definitely still a strong part of the regular cast…

Oh, look! Does that hair look familiar?! It should do, because it’s the exact same cut/shade/everything that I have now(And I was 17 in this picture. Gulp.)


And here I am trialling something ultra radical at 18: wearing a dress! Yep. Definitely don’t love dresses. Nope. Absolutely not one of the reasons why Frock & Roll is, in fact, called Frock & Roll, or a valid explanation as to why there’s an entire section on here called What The Frock?!! (Featuring regular outfits of myself wearing clogs and pants, obviously.) Random bonus information: please excuse the puncture marks: the two magnificent girls shown in this picture on either side of me are two of my very best friends, and this photo has been pinned on walls of my various bedrooms for years! 

How often has your style evolved over the past year? Or in the last FIVE years? I think it’s safe (ooh, the seemingly constant theme of my look across the years!) to say that I need a make-up or external over-haul in the hugest of ways!



16 responses to “Style Evolution: How Often Has YOUR Look Changed In The Past Year? What About Over 2 Years? 5 Years? ♥

  1. Oh wow! I wouldn’t have imagined you with dreads ever hehe. Come to think of it, my style hasn’t changed that much since I was about 16 either. I’ve always had a thing for ‘classic’ pieces, like a nice dress, a good pair of jeans…I only go for a trend if I find it absolutely fabulous and flattering on me! So my timeline wouldn’t be that exciting ;c I’m just glad I left my pink phase when I was 12 and not any later than that!

  2. I really enjoyed this post! Such an interesting idea for a blog post, 🙂

    I’ve been pretty much the same the past couple of years but when I was 14-17 I looked a mess, I was going through a “punk” phase and had perms, red/orange/gold colored hair and really nasty looking orange eyeshadow. In some ways I’m still the same, I love anything edgy but I’m a bit more “cleaner” and (hopefully) classier-looking now haha.


  3. Over the last five years my style has evolved from all-out goth, to what I wear now which I’m not sure I’m capable of categorising! Basically I’ve spent the last 5 years gradually wearing more colour, and more “normal” clothes such as blue jeans (which I refused to wear for ages), plus I have developed a love of formal-wear that I lacked previously.

    Before my goth “phase” (I still love the aesthetics and have many pieces that fit the style that I still wear regularly) I was a total tomboy, so over the last ten years or so the evolution has been massive! I’d never have thought I’d have a large floral dress collection by now!

  4. Damn, I miss my long hair. It wasn’t as pretty as yours but I miss it a lot.

    The last 5 years… I went from wearing a uniform everyday for everything (seriously, going to the movies after school in a uniform- check) to dressing myself everyday.

    I’m stuck at the college student style right now. I do have some stylish days but most of the time, jeans and a t-shirt do the trick just fine.

    I started wearing heels when I turned 18 and tights when I turned 20 (and came back fromLondon with my black opaques). I cut my hair really short (the shortest I’ve ever had it) on May 2009. And I learned to flat iron my hair when I was 18. I’ve had bangs in different lenghts and let’s not forget the year I spent with the bottom half of my hair dyed bright red ( miss it sooo much).

    Right now, favor more feminine stuff but with a badass edge n_n.

  5. I look absolutely nothing like I did five years ago! I had hair down to my butt, wore clunky oxfords and pants constantly, and relied on embellished clothes to do create my style for me. So much has changed!

  6. Eeee, mine has changed. While still staying within the realm of “metal” since I was 15, I started with “goth girl”, then went to baggy skater pants and metal shirts. I cut my long hair into a short, flippy style I really liked. Then I went to military cast-offs and metal shirts with spiked bracelets all up my arms (first year of uni – eeep). At this point I had a short perm, to top it all off. Then I went to long shorts, multi-coloured socks and metal shirts with dreadlocks (2nd year uni) to a slightly victorian thang with black feathers in my hair, to what I’ve developed over the last couple of years, which is a bit of a post-apocalyptic steampunk style (albeit accidentally) which meshes my favorites of all these styles – the military lines, the victorian influences, the metal shirts (or course), the multi-coloured socks. And I’ve added a generous dose of viking / pagan-inspired attire and accessories. Hair has now grown down to bottom and is perfect for headbanging.

    What’s next? Who knows, but it will probably always include metal shirts 🙂

  7. Interesting topic – I’ll have to give it some thought…

  8. I think I still dress quite similar. Infact, I even own clothes from when I was 16 and sometimes I still wear them hehehe (I’m 24!)

    OH MY

  9. What an interesting topic, definately got me thinking. I dont think ive changed that much, my hair has shorter and blonder – thats about it! My younger brother and sister’s hair and clothing styles have changed dramatically in the last few years. I guess im not apposed to change, just dont know what to do! x

  10. if i wasn’t so camera shy, id so copy this post, although it’d be hard to choose photos since my style has evolved pretty drastically!!

    but you know what? if it aint broke, dont fix it. love your hair, its gorgeous and suits you, why should you need a drastic change?

  11. Haha my look has barely changed too, but I’d never really thought about it until now! I guess if something works, it works! 😉

  12. Oh wow…five years ago I was rocking clunky motorcycle boots, altered thrift store dresses, blonde hair (I have almost BLACK hair naturally so good god), and a ton of blush & mascara. I think I was influenced heavily by The Virgin Suicides ahaha.

    Corrine what if you posted on ways to revamp your style/makeup/etc.? Or you tried out some adventurous new makeup & fashion looks & posted on them?

  13. Ooh, I’m loving hearing about everyone’s style! Clearly everyone’s a HECK of a lot more adventurous than me, though…

    Ayesha – That is an EXCELLENT idea, little lady! Thank-you so very much, I love it!


  14. I’ve gone from attempting to forray into alternative scene styles (did not have the fundage!), to rocker chic, to what is now is…hard to describe! it’s feminine, chunky, still somewhat rocker chic, with splashes of pin up.

  15. my style has evolved SO MUCH over the past five years, though some things i’ve kept bringing back. there are few things i haven’t worn or hairstyles i haven’t had the past five years. to very briefly summarize it: i’ve gone from want-to-fit-in preppy to kandi kid to gother than thou to wannabe cyber to to-hell-with-it rocker boyish to super girly… & now it’s pretty much a schizophrenic mix of the best of all those things :p

    my color scheme’s been pretty consistent though. i’m ALWAYS wearing pink, black, white or a combination of those.

  16. Great post Corrine. I am like you in that my hair hasn’t really changed much, well pretty much ever. My style has evolved quite a bit though and it’ll be interesting to do a comparison like what you’ve done. Thanks for the continuous awesome ideas! xx

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