6 Tips For Successfully Nailing A Job Interview (Every. Single. Time!) ♥


Yes, you!

Don’t be so modest!

After all, you’ve just whipped up a cover letter and a resume`, sent it out into the world and hey, it was obviously superb enough to charm the pants off somebody, because guess what? You’ve landed yourself a job interview! Whee!

Now, I know you’re very excited. And that’s understandable, because from what I’ve heard? The role does sound pretty damn magnificent. So how do we ensure that even in a room full of candidates, you’re the number one stand-out? It’s all in the preparation! Here’s six steps to complete to ensure that you don’t only succeed in your almighty interview, but that you totally NAIL it. Right! Let’s get started!

1. Do Your Research

What can you find out about the company that’s interviewing you? How long have they existed? What are their core values? Researching this information in advance not only puts you in the best position to understand what sort of candidate that your interviewer is looking for, but it also provides you with some serious ammunition in the event that you’re asked so, what do you know about XYZ Limited?” (Tip: answering “well, now that you’ve mentioned it… nothing!” MAY not be the kind of response that they’re looking for!)

2. Getting Dressed

Ooh! So today’s the big day! And if there was ever a time to seriously pull out the big guns for your appearance, it’s now. Think: ridiculously elegant hair, a beautiful shirt (ruffles? A jewel tone? Delicate buttons?!), a striking necklace (it’s the perfect casual conversation starter!) and seemingly-natural-but-definitely-not make-up. (Maybelline’s Liquid Mineral Power foundation is UNREAL.)

3. Arrive Early

It’s a piece of advice that you’re likely to have heard approximately 1.532 trillion times before, but there’s a reason that it’s subject to such high-rotation: it’s IMPORTANT!

Nothing sends out “please, don’t hire me!” vibes like lateness and allowing yourself extra time to get to your destination allows you ample opportunity to find the exact location, chomp on a mint and mentally prepare yourself for a full stream of questions.

4. Smile! They’re Not Axe Murderers

I know. You’re nervous, and hey, that’s 100% to be expected! But imagine that you’re meeting your beloved’s mother for the first time today: what sort of image would you like to convey to them? If you answered warmth! Intelligence! Personality! Charisma!’‘, terrific! We’re in business! Because that’s the exact impression that you should aim to bestow upon your interviewer.

Knowing that you’re about to be seated with someone who is a) a stranger; and b) the gatekeeper to the occupation of your dreams; can be extremely daunting, but secretly pretending that they’re somebody that you’d like to forge a closer relationship with, or even picturing them as your best friend, will help you to remember to smile, breathe, and radiate your natural effervesence!

5. Sell, Sell, Sell!

You know how sometimes people will ask you about something that you’ve recently accomplished that you’re actually really proud of, but choose to answer with self-deprecation and deflection because um, you don’t want to sound like a bit of a jerk? (Example? Random Person: “So wow, I heard that you sold one of your ideas to Microsoft the other day, now that’s SOMETHING!”You: “Uh, yeah, well, it wasn’t really. In fact, it was pretty lame. You know, they probably just had a shortage of other projects to develop, so they picked mine. I’m not even sure why they chose it, though…”) Now is NOT the time for that! Emphasise your strengths, pitch your ideas and sell your qualities like there’s no tomorrow! (Because if you don’t, chances are that there WON’T be a tomorrow. Well, at least, not in that particular office!)

If you don’t possess a certain skill or area of knowledge that your employer is looking for, don’t sweat it. Instead, showcase your other areas of expertise (such as your amazing flair for providing excellent customer service, or incredible design prowess!), and admit that although you may not have 100% of the qualities that they’re looking for NOW, you’d be willing to undertake part-time study in your own time to obtain them. In my experience, nine times out of ten, an employer will regard enthusiasm, an eager-to-learn attitude and passion as more desirable qualities than someone with ten qualifications but a big lack of zest.

6. Ask Questions

Ask questions to demonstrate your interest in the position and industry, quiz your potential employer about which steps they took to get to where they are and enquire about the company’s views on career progression. You’ll blow your interviewee away with your intrigue and it’ll help you to become a more comfortable conversationalist.

Finally? I absolutely know that you don’t need it (you’ve just got that star quality about you!), but GOOD LUCK!



9 responses to “6 Tips For Successfully Nailing A Job Interview (Every. Single. Time!) ♥

  1. Great tips! Mine is to never, ever have a complicated resume that is more than one page in length. I sized down a friends resume and when she turned it in for a job they immediately complimented her on it because they had been receiving resumes 2-3 pages long!

  2. I think research is the most important, amongst making it sound like you really WANT the job. ^_^

  3. Enthusiasm and knowledge of the company are the most important in my book.

    Also not over or under dress and show your personality.

    As Rachel says, the complicated resume = less points.

  4. I hate job interviews! They’re probably my least favorite thing. But I like your advice about pretending that the person interviewing you is someone you know, I’ll have to try that.

  5. Great advice, i try to prepare for interviews, but i get so nervous i find it all goes out the window as soon as i get there. The worst feeling is having a panel interview you!

    I’ll definitely take all this on board though! Thanks

  6. My bro is waiting today to hear if he got a journalism job or not. I am so anxious for him!!! I’ll be so sad if he doesn’t get it. I told him to just be himself when he went for his interview – I have learnt after all these years that in our hometown being who you really are with no pretence or nerves wins them over big time.

    Now cross your fingers for him! x

  7. Rachael – That is a FANTASTIC tip! (Especially because eek, I’m so guilty of doing that.) Thanks for sharing!

    Joanne Faith – Absolutely!

    Julie – Definitely. It’s easy to morph into quiet-like-a-mouse mode during an interviews due to nerves, but it IS detrimental to your chances at actually scoring a job. Employers want to see that you have a personality! (Unless, of course, you’re a serial killer. In which case, they probably don’t.)

    Tiffany – Awww, thank-you!

    Peta – You’re welcome, thank-you!

    Kez – Oh, I hope he gets it, too! I’m sure he was excellent, but I will definitely cross my fingers for him!

  8. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a great writer? I love the way you write

    I have a job interview tomorrow and I’m so nervous > < Cross your fingers for me…

  9. This is very helpful for all applicants not just newbies. Make sure you are armed with a resume detailing your work history or experience, which is most important. And yes, don’t forget to smile.

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