What The Frock?! : 20/02/10 ♥

The Daily Frock - 20/02/10 ♥
The location: Sydney, Australia! (Where it was one heck of a sweltering night – seriously, who’s decision was it to don a pair of stockings in thirty degree weather?! Oh, that’s right – mine! I think I’m subconsciously trying to beckon the arrival of winter through my clothing choices…)

The occasion: A dinner and cocktail date with two of my favourite ladies on the planet, Carmen and Priyanka! (Gosh, I love them so much!)

The nitty-gritty: After meeting and greeting in the city centre, we strolled on over to a lovely Spanish restaurant by the name of Encasa, where we proceeded to consume multiple glasses of sangria, and the most delectable cuisine! (I had the mushroom and pesto pizza and phwoar, it was SCRUMPTIOUS!)


What I’m Wearing:

x Button-down dress, Wish
x Square print stockings
x Diva headband
x Ballet flats, from a store in New Zealand
x Sparkly blue cross pendant
x Sparkly skull bag, purchased from a boutique named George

After our meals we commenced our prowl for the perfect cocktail venue, when what should I spy? A tiny random stall selling an assortment of glowing accessories! How could I resist?! I immediately purchased a pair of flashing miniature bunny rabbit ears and happily wore them for the rest of the night, but oh, they weren’t such a hit with everyone! While taking a series of ridiculous photographs, an elderly woman walked towards me, reached for my arm and half-whispered, utterly aghast, “please tell me that is your hen’s night?”  When I smiled and informed her that no, it most definitely wasn’t, she backed away, saying “you mean to say that you dress like this NORMALLY?” I nodded. She gasped, cried ”good LORD!” (seriously!), and disappeared into the night in a dramatic huff… HA! And to think that I was going to wear my crocodile suit that night! (I jest!) It’s probably just as well that it’s currently at the drycleaner’s…



13 responses to “What The Frock?! : 20/02/10 ♥

  1. OMG I love that outfit and your bag! So cute ❤ Plus – bunny ears! I ❤ them

    I wear my sparkly Minnie Mouse ears out a lot and my unicorn earmuffs when it's cold ~ I definitely get strange looks & comments about both 😀

  2. Rachael – Awww, thank-you so very much!

    And ha, I can just IMAGINE! But honestly, why?! It’s so silly! I’m sure that your sparkly Minnie Mouse ears and unicorn earmuffs (you definitely need to share some photos of these on your blog, I MUST see them!) look absolutely fabulous! I can’t believe how even the smallest unconventional wardrobe items can provoke such strong responses from people!

  3. OOOO I’m totally in love with your bag n_n.

    love Spanish food, my sister makes the best sangría ever! And I don’t even like red wine 😉

  4. Love your outfit and your bag! Your bunny ears were adorable..That lady didnt know what she was talking about!

  5. Oh that’s such a cute bag! I don’t think I’ve ever had unusual reactions to any of my outfits before, except in dressing up occassions — once I was supposed to go to an 80’s party but apparently what I wore wasn’t 80’s enough for some people >8(

  6. Your bag is stunning!

  7. Looking fabulous as always! I love that handbag!!!

    That old lady hitting you up about your outfit.. Whoa.. You’d think people would keep their negative opinions to themselves.

    Strange x

  8. You look gorgeous! I once had rain boots that had a frog’s face on the toe. I got a lot of comments on those, but I loved them!

  9. which foundation do you use?

  10. Ooooo i dig what you are wearing.

    Your hair is sooooo nice, how do get it so healthy? By the time my hair grows the that length its d.o.a…

  11. That second pic of you is stunning. You’re so pretty, Corrine! You literally glow…

  12. Looking lovely lady! What a funny story – to think that the woman actually took time to speak to you…some people don’t know how to have fun

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