Ask A Bloggy Question: Do You Tell Other People About Your Blog? ♥

A comment left here yesterday by the very lovely Juliette Maxwell is the catalyst for today’s topic, and I’m so glad that she mentioned the murky conversation waters of whether or not to publicize your blog, because it’s a supremely interesting subject indeed!

Personally, I do. In fact, I even mentioned it in a presentation last year to my fellow Media & Communications students, and it’s precisely the reason why I landed the job that I have today. (How? Well, after seeing an advertisement for a position which sounded exactly like it had stepped into my dreams and then written itself based on those, I decided to apply for it, even though I was lacking approximately 40% of the necessary skills. Amazingly, I managed to land an interview, but during the process, my now-employer admitted that one of the main reasons she had agreed to meet me, despite the huge gaps in my knowledge, was because she had seen Frock & Roll listed on my resume`, visited it, and liked it!) My friends and family all read/are aware of it, it’s listed on my Facebook profile and often, if I meet somebody at an event who enquires about what I do, I’ll mention it to them, too.


This doesn’t necessarily mean that I parade around with an enormous public speaking system broadcasting my website to the world either, because I also ABSOLUTELY know what it’s like to have acquaintances, people with whom you probably wouldn’t conduct a social relationship outside of hello, how are you today?”, suddenly know the ins and outs of your life and want to discuss them 24/7. Case in point: a 57 year-old male co-worker who I worked with a couple of years ago, while I was writing my previous blog, Miss Corrine.

Was he nice? Yes!  Friendly? Absolutely!  Was I flattered that he liked what I wrote enough to visit my website daily, and tell everyone that he knew about this great new website” that he’d found? Of course!  But did this mean that I constantly wanted to be called Miss Corrine by him in the workplace, e-mailed frequently and asked for endless relationship advice?! No, no, no!  In fact, it was just plain awkward, and it was a powerful lesson in the perils of sharing everything about yourself online. These days, while I don’t particularly share any less, I do think a little more carefully about the possible consequences of blurting out the address of my website to anyone and everyone, ESPECIALLY if it’s somebody that I’m not so sure that I really want to be engaging or connecting with long term. (For example, the guy who persistently asked for my number at the bus stop a couple of weeks ago, in between projectile vomiting the contents of stolen bottles of vanilla essence, and couldn’t understand why I continually declined?! Yes. I could be making an alarmingly poor judgement call here, but I’m 99.9% sure that I don’t really need to see or hear from him again!)

Oh, the blogging word: it’s a tricky playground of ethics and rules! How do you navigate through it? Is your blog or website public knowledge in your social circle and if so, where do you drawn the line on when it’s not, and why? Have you ever experienced a negative blogging-related real life moment?



14 responses to “Ask A Bloggy Question: Do You Tell Other People About Your Blog? ♥

  1. I don’t usually bring it up in work situations, as my blog is not really related to my work. I don’t have a problem letting friends and family know about it, however – what you see is what you get, and my blog accurately reflects who I am in ‘real life’, so there’s nothing to hide!

  2. I don’t blog so can’t answer any of your questions but I just wanted to say ugh your story, you poor thing that sounds so bad!

  3. Only a few close friends and my family knew about my blog for aaages. Then i started a fb fan page and invited pretty much all my friends, some who emailed me going ‘wtf, why didnt you tell me earlier’. i dont usually mention it in conversations because it never really comes up! i guess if it did, i would…

  4. I obviously don’t share my website around. I write under a pseudonym (though Julie IS my real name) and I write in a foreign language (English). My blog is very personal and I had a weird upbringing where if some people got wind of my website it could mean trouble for me (it’s a very weird situation that I don’t share but it IS the reason why I don’t share my website with the people I know IRL).

    The only ones who know about it are my closests friends who don’t parade it around. For some reason, I feel more comfortable with other people (from around the world) reading my blog.

    I think that the hesitation comes from the website being really personal. It is not a business, it is not a resources site, it is a personal site and I don’t feel comfortable sharing it with people who know me and who I don’t trust.

    If ever want to launch a website based business I WILL share it with everyone and I WILL launch it with my real name, but will always be my little raw and personal corner of the internet.

  5. Literally none of my family know about my blog and only a few of my friends. I post updates on Twitter but never Facebook. I’m not sure why, I just don’t want people I know in real life reading my stuff, ha ha.

    And oh, Corrine! I remember when you told me about the dude who was always calling you Miss Corrine. I would have been like ‘get the eff away from me’, ahaha.

  6. I didn’t really tell many of my friends about my blog at first. I was worried that my (mostly male) friends would not take me seriously if they knew about my style/clothing blog. However, some of them have since found out (oh, they have their wily ways), and apparently think it is great, so you never know.

    I don’t mention it at all at work though, mainly because I try to keep my personal & work life seperate.

  7. Andrea – Exactomondo!

    Hannah – Haha awww, thank-you! It was a little uncomfortable at the time, yes, but thankfully, we both moved on!

    Sarah Hannah – That’s excellent! I’ve often thought about creating a FB page for Frock & Roll; how have you found having one?

    Julie – I can definitely understand your reasons. The wonderful yet also, difficult, thing about writing is that it’s just SO personal! I don’t think there’s a way not to pour yourself into it completely because you’re literally throwing all of your beliefs, ideas, attitudes and personality down and out there for everyone to see.

    Alex – Fair enough, Axe-y! As I just said to Julie, writing is such a personal expression, so it can be really, really confronting to put your words into the world for everyone to potentially see!

    Miss Peregrin – I love that! That’s awesome!

  8. When I first started blogging (back in 2001, oh the livejournal days…) only two other friends knew about it as they were also into blogging. For a long time only two or three of my friends have known about my online life, but I’m less private about Lemon Soda as it isn’t exactly a personal site. I don’t bring it up, but I have linked to it from Facebook just in case anyone wants to come by!

  9. Mine is also listed on my facebook and I don’t really mention it to people mainly because I don’t have a domain name but it doesn’t bother me at all if people read it.. There’s not much to talk about on there it wouldn’t be interesting discussion hahaha X

  10. I also find that this is a tricky sort of situation! So far only a few real-life friends of mine subscribe to my blog. I have a link to it on my facebook profile, and I occasionally tweet about it (though I think only my blog-friends are on twitter anyways!), but I think I spread word about my blog the most through commenting on other people’s blogs. Pretty much all of the people I have on Facebook wouldn’t really care at all about the things I blog about, which was proven today when I posted a link to my giveaway and got some less-than-loving feedback. Oh well! I would rather have a few readers that genuinely want to hear what I have to say, than a whole bunch of spam-bots or people that are following just because!

  11. I tweet my blog updates, but since few real-life friends use Twitter, I don’t think very many of them know about my blog–most of them aren’t into blogging or internet culture in general, so it seems normal to me not to prattle on about this side of my life to them.

    My sisters both know about it, because sometimes I ask for advice on certain articles/clarifications of time/etc from them or send them links to read on particular articles I think they will like. One sister comments once in awhile & is always very sweet. The other isn’t huge into blogs and is busy. My mom knows I have been blogging, but I’m pretty sure doesn’t visit the site & I would never offer her the link because she doesn’t appreciate my bluntness or language sometimes ; )

    I don’t really know *why* I don’t let more people know about my blog through Facebook, etc. I think it’s because I don’t consider myself as at a high enough caliber as other bloggers. I mean, I hardly have any followers, although I do have a few loyal commenters. They are pretty much what keep my going when I feel “un-popular” or glossed over in the blog world. It’s a tricky subject for sure ❤

  12. This is an interesting topic. I don’t find that my blog comes up in conversation very often, unless it’s with friends who already know about it or who I know use the internet a lot. My friends who aren’t online much know I write online, but I don’t think they could tell you the URL.

  13. My friends and family know about my blog but not many of them are great internet users. My sister and my husband are the first to read my posts and they let me know if there is any mistakes or if something doesn’t sound right.

    It is a tricky one though because you want to tell everybody you meet about your little blog baby because you are proud but then you don’t know if it would be everybody’s cup of tea

  14. I have my blog listed on every network page I am and my fellow students and co-workers can all access it if they should ever wish.

    I don’t write about my private life too much, not in the way that I do on my still active LiveJournal account which is closed off for public.

    I tend to mention my blog, my friends know about it and my parents do too. Most of them have no interest in the English language and not capable of reading it properly, so they don’t even bother checking it out.

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