What The Frock?! : 03/04/10 ♥

What’s ‘What The Frock’? Upon compiling feedback for Frock & Roll, the undisputed winner of the ‘What Would You Like To See More Of?’ competition was “style” photographs of what I was wearing. (Gosh, who would’ve thought?!) I find this both utterly astonishing and magnificently terrifying, particularly as I believe that I have roughly the same amount of fashion credibility as say, a dish cloth. BUT! You ask, and I deliver!

Party time in Auckland, New Zealand. Ooh yeah! ♥
Hello from Auckland, New Zealand!

Oh, what a (first) night. Will somebody shoot me at the moment, please?! (Or on a less dramatic scale, bring me a large glass of water and a couple of aspirin?! Thank-you!)

Yes, 1.5 billion vodkas, bourbons, tequilas and champagnes later (why do I always forget that the golden rule of heavy-duty partying is to NOT mix your drinks? Fool!) and I’m feeling about as fresh, sprightly and sociable as a week old kebab. BLURGH. Here’s what I wore to take in the sights and sounds of the Auckland nightlife!

What I’m Wearing:

x Dress – I have no idea! I have zeeero recollection of where I purchased it from, but I do remember that it was only $3! (You know those crazy 90% off EVERYTHING!” sales that are often ultra disappointing? This was a rare gem in a sea of junk. I love it!)
x Review jacket
x Scarf, thrifted
x Houndstooth hair bow (worn on my scarf), Equip
x Sparkly skull bag
x Pink skull earrings
x Diana Ferrari heels

The Highlights:

x Watching my mother protest incessantly that she was absolutely NOT going anywhere that night and that she was CERTAINLY not going to be visiting any sort of nightclub and then eventually abandon her resolve as she was hauled into the bathroom and made over before she could even utter “this is ridiculous!” once more (and just look at the results! Doesn’t she look pretty?!).
x Enjoying pre-drinks at a lovely little venue called Cowboys and then laughing as my Auntie Nikki danced on top of the bar to Hall & Oates’s Private Eyes. It was hilarious and awesome and within a few seconds of busting a move, she had completely filled the room. Excellent.

x Visiting Boogie Wonderland and not paying for a single drink as 1,75667 boys attempted to flock to my sister (she is tremendously pretty!), and giggling from a distance as one woman asked her if she was actually on TV!

The Lowlights (Or The “Um, Yeah. Can We Kind Of Pretend That Didn’t Happen?!” Moments)

x Somehow managing to lose my camera battery in Boogie Wonderland (goodbye, current photo taking! Thank goodness for memory cards, so that I could actually retrieve these!)
x Being called a supremely unpleasant word by a troll of a male while waiting on a stairwell. Seriously. LAME.
x Not even remembering the taxi ride (or anything after that!) home. Oops.

How was your Saturday night?



10 responses to “What The Frock?! : 03/04/10 ♥

  1. How are you placed for Tuesday hun? Slot in some coffee and some crazy time with your Scribbles?

  2. Wow, it looks like you had such a blast 🙂

    Your mum and aunty seem gorgeous! x

  3. Oh my! Mixing drinks is badbadbad.

    Your night out sounds like so much fun! Your sister is so cute and your mum too n_n.

    Sorry about your battery u_u.

  4. That’s your MOM? Wow, I thought that was your sister! Which sounds totally cheesy but um, I’m serious. Apparently good genes run in the family 😉

    I, too, know the dangers of mixing drinks. I distinctly remember (well, I hazily remember) a certain incident involving alternating shots of Yager, tequila, and rum. I was not a happy camper the next morning, to put it lightly.

  5. Super cute outfit for a fun night out! Oh, I know the dangers of mixing drinks all too well; I’ve had incredible blackouts before, the kind that you can only piece together via facebook photos. Luckily I’ve never had terrible hangovers.

  6. At least you looked fabulous on your night out, even if you’re feeling the ill effects today!

  7. Cute outfit!

    Everytime you mention your mother bear, I always laugh because I remember the story you told me about when you went into a liquor store and she got asked for ID and you didn’t, hahahaha. Best. Story. Ever.

  8. awww you look so cute and happy! glad you’re having fun xxx

  9. I love Auckland! Let me know if you come down Wellington ways 🙂

    I’m glad you had fun heh you gotta let your hair down sometimes hehe

    Fab dress x

  10. It looks like you’re having a great time!

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