The Fairytale Complex ♥

I would consider myself an eternal optimist: you know, a “do”-er instead of a gonna”; a half-full glass kind of girl as opposed to a half-empty one (unless that glass is a cocktail glass because in which case, HELLO! Could I please have another?!); and an advocate of positive thinking because hey, I know that attempting to solve or change a negative or unpleasant situation is approximately 99.9% more fun and productive than endlessly complaining about it!

HOWEVER. I also know what it feels like to visit Whinge Town myself; to experience disappointment; to have a day that seems so insanely nightmare-ish that you have to pinch yourself to double check that no, you’re not actually in the midst of one, and to have a conversation with someone that makes you feel cruddy. And while I completely endorse appreciating and savouring the most heavenly moments in life (after all, that’s what Thank Frock It’s Friday! is all about!), I also think it’s important to acknowledge the moments where you feel as though you’re coming crashing back to earth, too!


Fairytales have conditioned us to believe that there’s always a happily ever after’’. Books such as The Secret have become massively popular because they encourage its readers to manifest their dream lives and believe in the power of positive thinking. And while I think that’s truly EXCELLENT and that if, as a result, more people are achieving their wishes and inspired to take action than ever before, that’s incredible, at the same time, I also can’t help but wonder if they’ve lured us into creating unnecessary complexes about perfection for our own lives. That perhaps, instead of motivating us to create wonderful change and phenomenal adventure, it’s actually caused feelings of inadequacy, failure and depression that didn’t exist before we set ourselves such huge ideals instead. That in a sea of positivity, we all of a sudden feel ashamed if we wake up in a foul mood. That if we’re not out having a mind-blowingly fabulous time on a Saturday night, everyone else automatically MUST have a more exciting and interesting life than us. That if we experience pain, there’s something wrong with us. And that if we don’t magically achieve or fulfill everything that we’ve assured ourselves that we can do, then we’re surely doing something wrong, or just not trying hard enough. It’s NONSENSE, and it’s absurd, and honestly, it’s probably having the exact opposite effect on our happiness than what we intended it to have.

It’s okay to have sky-high ambitions, possess an upbeat attitude (I’m sure that you’re lovely to be around!) and to seek out the best possible life that you can have; in fact, it’s your absolute RIGHT. But it’s also okay to have days where you feel like doing nothing, to cry for no reason and to decide that instead of constantly pursuing society’s ever elusive view of utopia, that you’re more than content to chase your own version of what life, living and happiness is all about, instead.



10 responses to “The Fairytale Complex ♥

  1. This seemed to sum up everything I feel about life but didn’t know how to express and didn’t know I felt until I read this. (I hope that made sense?) I love books and blogs and other stuff that are positive (that’s one of the reasons that I love Frock and Roll) but I’m tired of how none of them ever talk about what to do when you’re not feeling positive and how there are times when you aren’t and don’t want to. I don’t know if I’m explaining myself properly but I guess I just wanted to say thank you.

  2. Everyone needs bad days and downtime. You can’t be happy-happy all the time, it’s exhausting.

    In the world there are good things and bad things and while you work towards the good things, not so good things happen that makes us appreciate the good things even more.

    I know that when I have even just one good thing happen in a week full of hell that it’s worth to keep doing what I’m doing.

  3. Nicole – I think I know exactly what you meant 🙂 And you’re welcome!

    Julie – Exactly. You hit the nail on the head, miss!

  4. I love you! This post is amazing. Sometimes I feel like there is a lot of pressure on us to be happy, and fabulous all the time, when that just can’t happen – no matter how fabulous we are usually! Some days we’re going to be sad, some days we’ll be in a bad mood, and some days everything will suck. But that’s ok!

  5. Well written! Thanks for posting this! Of course it’s OK to stop smiling for a moment.. I have one overly positive friend who grinds my gears when she rattles on about how lucky I am think this think that. What if I masked all my emotions with a smile would I end up spontanously combusting. X

  6. this is such an interesting thought!

    i personally have a strong belief that people have more control over their lives than they think they do. & while i’m not too familiar with “the secret”, but if it does encourage people to recognize that they can actually create quite a bit of change, that’s excellent.

    but i definitely agree that people need to remember that having bad days is perfectly normal. while we do have a great degree of control, we aren’t in charge of everything. i think it is mostly learning how to deal with setbacks that really make people strong.

  7. And this is why I love your blog… because you remind everyone that we’re normal! AHHHHHHH. I’m so sick of reading the hundreds of Gala Darling clones who would never let you think otherwise.

  8. So true. I definitely am a believer in thinking positively and that we have the power to change things…I also can’t stand excessive whining. But…sometimes I want to put a blanket over my head and eat stale cereal and be miserable and I’ve learned that’s totally okay too! Great article Corrine! You still somehow managed to approach this so positively.

  9. i love this :]

    it’s so true. because i surround myself with as much positivity as possible, i tend to feel like a total failure on the days that i don’t feel all that positive or receptive to positivity. it’s definitely lured me into creating unnecessary complexes about perfection. which is just ridiculous. thanks for the reminder!

  10. Interesting. 🙂 Bad days and good days are “normal”, I think a fairytale life every day would not sound so good. Bad days after all, motivate us to change it and be better 🙂

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