What The Frock?! : 01/05/10 ♥

Who knew that a 6.30am existed on a Saturday morning?!

I sure didn’t, but soon found out as I woke up extra early today to head over to the annual Lifeline Fete in Balgowlah, Sydney!

Lifeline is a free 24 hour telephone counselling service in Australia, but they’re also the providers of a slew of not-for-profit, second-hand stores which sell homewares, jewellery, clothing and other assorted delights in the name of raising money for charity. I love Lifeline not only because of the fact that each time you enter one of their branches, you have the opportunity to snare something AMAZING (a $10 vintage Gucci handbag? A $3 Chanel scarf? A $1 candle holder?!), but knowing that all of your pennies are going towards helping others at the same time? It’s a shopping win-win!

So! With the knowledge that they were throwing a huge thrifting extravaganza, complete with the selling of homemade jams, freshly baked cakes and face painting, it was the teensiest bit easier to stumble out of bed…

What I’m Wearing:

x Grey v-neck dress, Piper Lane
Black and white scarf, second-hand (in fact, it was 99.9% likely to have come from a Lifeline store!)
Oversized cardigan, Target
Black patent and gold chain bag, Charlie Brown
x Cotton On ring

01/05/2010 ♥

Why am I grinning in this photo like a muppet and looking off to the side? (Hint: it’s NOT because I had just looked up at the ceiling and realised that it’s in desperate need of a re-paint!) Because I was playing around with the self-timer function on my new camera in my bedroom, and just as I had laid it down to rest, my boyfriend emerged from the corner and asked “ooh, what are you doing?” When I responded “testing the self-timer out! Just think, if it works properly, you’ll never have to take another ‘What The Frock?!’ photo AGAIN!” Tom, possibly exhausted from years of “no! Let’s take another! My eyes are closed in that one!” and “hmmm, I like it, but you can’t really see my dress properly, so maybe let’s try again?” (jokingly) cried “well thank goodness for THAT!” I couldn’t help but smile and the timer went off shortly after that…

Second-hand shopping at Lifeline.. ♥

Rummaging through the goods in Lifeline…

My new favourite ring. ♥

This is my favourite ring at the moment, and it was only $2! My wallet totally approves.

How was/is your Saturday? I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!



6 responses to “What The Frock?! : 01/05/10 ♥

  1. That second picture is great, it looks like there was a lot of neat stuff :>

  2. Danielle – Unfortunately, everything that I was fossicking through in that picture was for hiring purposes only! No purchasing! Which was a shame, because as soon as I saw the feathers and sequins and glitter on display from a distance, I immediately swooped in like the magpie that I am! (Why are all of my favourite things always fancy dress?!) But, oh well. It was still fun!

  3. Aw cute! I love oversized cardigans, it’s probably what I’ll miss most about going into a 35C summer! My Saturday has been full of studying and highlighting, but it is beautiful outside so I’ll have to get myself to the park or something!

  4. Ohh loverly outfit, Corrine.

    That ring is amazing, I love it. Does it sit really high off your hand though?

    ps, I love lifeline/vinnies/salvos.

    god bless you vintage clothes x

  5. I love your ring!

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