Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

Welcome to It’s Thank Frock It’s Fridaycelebrating the arrival of the weekend, filling the internet with happy lists and enabling procrastination since… 2008!

What are you excited about, bedazzled by or generally smitten with this week?

Here’s what’s I’m loving!

Alice In Wonderland – Yes! Finally! In keeping with my tradition of unintenionally either a) never, ever seeing movies; or b) seeing them a billion days after their original release date (slight exaggeration), I finally watched Alice In Wonderland yesterday and LOVED it! After hearing very, very mixed reviews about it, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but from start-to-finish, I thought it was absolutely BRILLIANT. The costumes? Swoon! The make-up? Divine! The whimsical dialogue? Splendid! Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter? (Oh, how could he have ever been anything other than amazing?!) Anne Hatheaway as The White Queen and Helena Bonham Carter as The Red Queen? FABULOUS! I want to see it again!

Frog Cupcakes! ♥

x Baking Silliness – My boyfriend has been sick all week (and guess who’s sniffling away now? Argh!), so what did I prescribe him? A ridiculous home remedy of green coloured cupcakes!

Which I decided to turn into frogs. Or, you know, SORT OF frogs. (I accidentally forgot to draw on their nostrils; oops!) I made the eyes out of miniature marshmallows and chocolate m&m’s, and made an additional batch of ridiculous vanilla cupcakes which spelled ‘I LOVE TOM’ in red writing icing. (What’s that? Did somebody say “lame”? Or, “hello Mushfest 2010 Awards, I think we have a new candidate”?! Oh, shush!) I’m not sure if they actually improved his health in any way, but they were surprisingly delicious AND, most importantly, I successfully managed to bake/cook something without the kitchen being engulfed in flames. W-i-n!

x Cultivating A Recipe Collection & Aiming To Acquire New Skills – It is beginning to alarm me that I am turning 23 towards the end of the year (actually, that in itself is beginning to alarm me: I perpetually feel 18 and it’s a bit disconcerting when people sometimes ask me how old I am and I go to reply “eigh- oh, I mean twenty two..”!) and still posess roughly the same amount of domestic capabilities/general knowledge skills as a push broom! I don’t drive. (But I’m learning!) I don’t know how to sew. (So I buy, if it’s an essential item, another pair of pants once the buttons eventually fall off or the hems fall: SHAMEFUL!) I probably wouldn’t know how to clean the bathroom if my life depended on it (but my boyfriend? He’s an expert!) and while I can (and do) throw together a few recipes or so, I would definitely like to be able to create some more. (Hence the obsessive recipe searching and collecting this week!)

x Other Little Things – Toasted avocado sandwiches; The Smiths; mango nectar; kiwifruit; new buckled boots to stomp around in;  Malai kofta, saag and vegetable pakora (mmmm, Indian food!); jangly cardigans; anticipating the delivery of these(fingers crossed that I can actually walk in them!); selling up a storm on Ebay; listening to Marilyn Manson while beating cupcake mixture (recommended!); new baking tools (an electric mixer? Tick. Silicone baking moulds? Tick, tick!); phone calls about my mother’s crazy adventures; trying new products; baby spinach leaves; introductions to lovely new people; ten-degree temperatures (brrrrrr!); lavender oil; and the above picture: skulls, glitter AND rainbow colours?! I’m in love! I would very much like one to hang in my living room…

Have a wonderful weekend!



7 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

  1. Those cupcake faces sort of look like Bob…

    Mmm, toasted avocado sandwiches. I love avocado. Best food everrr. So delicious!

    And oh my, those boots are fabulous! I am very much looking forward to seeing those in a ‘Daily Frock’ post soon! I knew I’d seen those before.. you can get them on the Modcloth website too… but they are $1.99 more expensive on Modcloth so you got yourself a BARGAIN!!!!! Hahaha.


  2. I loved Alice In Wonderland too! I don’t know who could honestly say they didn’t enjoy it 🙂

  3. Yay you ordered the shoes!! I also can’t believe we’re about the same age– you are such a grown up miss ;). I’m freaking out about living alone in an apartment & you own one, haha. And I totally concur, I feel way younger than 22 a lot of the time!

  4. Oh I wish I had the time to bake.. I’m not very good. I could use the practise hehe… x

  5. Alex – Ha! They do! All they need is a ladder! ;D And oh, it so is. If I could marry a food, it would probably be an avocado.

    And awww, thank-you! They’re not something that I would usually wear, but I think that’s exciting! 😀 (But like I said, hopefully I can actually walk in them 😉 )

    Katie – Haha yes, well, everyone has their own opinion I guess, but I loved it!

    Ayesha – Trust me when I say that I’m REALLY not! Honestly, I act like a five year-old a lot of the time :p But thanks for your very sweet (as always!) comments anyway, lovely!

    Katie – I’m not very good either! (It took me forever to try and set the icing on that frog cupcake, and don’t get me STARTED on how long it took to clean my kitchen after! ;p )

  6. toasted avocado sandwiches are delicious. add sweet chili sauce if you’re feeling a bit WILD. haha, I sure do know how to party.

    als I didn’t know we were the same age. I’m 23 in september! and I’m not a grown-up either, I still get excited about being able to buy my own lollies! (although I can cook, drive and sew! ha!)

  7. Ah! Okay, I read this on Friday and I wanted to come back to comment on starting a recipe collection. Just had to find a moment because I could write A LOT because finding/trying new recipes is one of my hobbies. I actually have a cute binder/notebook I transcribe all the successful ones into (with multi-colored pens!), another folder for “yet to try” recipes, and a HUGE folder of bookmarked online recipes.

    Here are a few great places I use to start looking for recipes (you may have heard of some/all of them): –I made the Chicken with Tomato & Garlic last week and it was amazing! So easy too. I’ve made other recipes of hers that were tasty, but since i don’t know exactly what your tastes are, I won’t go into anymore… –amazing because you can just browse, or type in a specific thing to search for. Also, pictures accompany everything! –my newest find, they post seasonal relevant recipes, kitchen tips, etc. Lots of good links!

    For cookbooks, I would recommend my all-time favorite. It’s called How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. It is an amazing book for beginners because of all the detail and the simplicity of the recipes, but everything in it tastes better than the average cookbook. I swear!

    Ok, done with the food geekery…I was also going to say, I can’t sew either! And I despise cleaning the bathroom (Mike would say I’m also not very good at that, but who wants to be good at cleaning toilets?! Ha) So don’t feel like you are the only almost-23 year old who is behind on some of the “domestic” stuff! : )

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