What The Frock?! : 9/05/10 ♥

The Daily Frock - 09/05/10 ♥
Happy Mother’s Day!

I began my day by, as ridiculous as it sounds, being gifted with a pair of cupcake pajamas supposedly from my dog. (But you know, actually from my boyfriend!) Because, well, I’m her “mother”  and all. It probably sounds insane, but it was immensely cute!

Then, because I’ve been sick for the past couple of days (read: sitting on the couch in my dressing gown in a sniffling, sneezing, wheezing heap!), my boyfriend decided that it was PROBABLY a good idea for me to leave the house and uh, be exposed to some sun/the outside world again, so we headed to the local park and amazingly, it did actually make me feel a whole lot better!

The Daily Frock - 9/05/10 ♥

What I’m Wearing: 

Red and navy dress, Morocco – as in, that’s actually the name of the clothing label, and not “this was purchased in Morocco!” (Ha, I WISH!)
x Black stockings
Black buckled boots, Payless Shoes (They were only $55 and are too comfortable for words!)
Jangly cardigan, second-hand – this is the jangly cardigan that I recently mentioned in Thank Frock It’s Friday! I love it because it’s covered in these little silver ornaments which shake and rattle while I walk. (Which means that being subtle is an impossible task while wearing it but honestly, I’m about as subtle as a brick through a window at the best of times, anyway!)

The Daily Frock - 9/05/10 ♥

This is my “what-the-heck-is-that-weird-noise-coming-from-over-there-in-the-bushes?” face. Charming, right?! (No.) 

The Daily Frock - 09/05/10 ♥

If running around like a lunatic is a cure for illness, then I’m a shoe-in for perfect health tomorrow!


How was your day? I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!



14 responses to “What The Frock?! : 9/05/10 ♥

  1. Aww, as crazy as that is, it is adorable. Every time my cats miaowed today, my boyfriend kept telling me that they were saying “Happy Mother’s Day.” Haha.

    I love your dress! That colour combination is really nice, and it looks great on you.

  2. Ohhh, Tom sounds like such a darling! How cute is that?!

    You look fabulous too, that dress is super lovely 🙂


  3. Aww, that is the cutest thing! Your dog must love you a lot, hehe 🙂

    PS Love the layout of your blog!

  4. Your dog has great taste! Cupcake pjs sound fab!

    I’m happy that some sunlight made you feel a little better. You certainly don’t look sick in these photos, just glamorous

    : ) Those boots came from Payless? Hmmmmmm….I’m a sucker for pretty boots! Although I’m not sure if they would carry the same shoes here. Oh well, Happy (Pet) Mother’s Day! xo

  5. Love it all! Outfit, weather, boots, facem surroundings, your dog, the cupcake pyjama… ok, I gave the idea!

  6. That dress is super cute and looks comfy too.

  7. I’m totally sick and tired and with a ton of stuff to do.

    I like your dress, it’s so pretty and I love the red and black print, also I want your boots n_n.

  8. Miss Peregrin – Haha aw, that’s so cute. And thank-you very much!

    Alex – Thank-you so much, Alex!

    Flit About – Oh wow, thank-you! I love that because of all the comments that I’ve received here, I’ve never actually had any comments about my website’s design, so thank-you very much! (P.S. I wish I could take credit for it, but it was actually designed by a web design company!)

    Julie – Thanks a bunch, Julie! And I hope you feel better soon!

  9. You are too cute!

  10. Oh my, I love that dress! It is fabulous! And the shoes too!

  11. I love your dress! I don’t usually look great in prints, but you do! I had a great weekend, celebrating Mother’s Day with who else, my mom! =D

  12. That is one beautiful dress. And I can’t believe those boots are from Payless??! Really? I’m going there tomorrow!

  13. I love those colours!

    Gawsh i could do with some new threads!

  14. Gorgeous dress hunny! Walks with puppies always make life better! 😀

    And sooo cute about the cupcake pj’s! Best puppy ever! x

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