Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥


Pssst! Can you hear that sound? That’s the sound of the WEEKEND!

And besides the fact that those oh-so lovable little devils Saturday and Sunday are drawing closer and closer, what are YOU loving on this very fine Friday afternoon? (Feeling shy? Oh, go on! I’ll start…)

x The Arrival Of My Sister In Sydney Next Week – Ooh, yes! My number one partner-in-crime, my sister Caroline, is arriving in Sydney next Wednesday from New Zealand and I can’t wait! There will be shopping! (Well, actually, probably not. We’re both completely saving our pennies at the moment, but oh, there will be WINDOW shopping!) There will be madness! (Always.) There will be incessant giggling and ridiculous photographs and mischief! Filled with anticipation? Me? Oh, only EXTREMELY!

x Jeffery Campbell Wedges – And this is one of the many reasons why I am in fact saving my pennies! On Tuesday night, as I stared at my bank account’s amount forlornly, I wondered if it had decided to go on some kind of mysterious, drastic weight-loss diet overnight without telling me. And then these wedges arrived the next day and I was reminded that I’d um, kind of gone on a late-night shoe buying spree, and that this was precisely why it was looking so lean! But gosh, I am smitten. They’re comfortable and they’re beautiful and even though I haven’t quite managed to figure out how I’m going to wear them without looking like Shrek (I am TALL!), they’re the most exciting pair of shoes that I’ve ever purchased!

New Jeffrey Campbell Wedges <3 ♥

x Switching Up My Routine – If you spend large amounts of time on the computer (yes!), whether for your occupation (yes!) or purely for personal use (yes, yes!), it is inevitable that at some point, you will probably contemplate hurling your computer/laptop out the window because you just. Need. A. Break. Darn, it! Or on a less dramatic scale, as though you should really step outside for a while. A friendly compromise? Heading outdoors with your work! This week I was reminded that laptops were invented to be portable for a reason, as were notepads, and that working from different locations (even if it’s just in the backyard!), as opposed to constantly sitting indoors on the computer, can be be SURPRISINGLY beneficial!

x Other Little Things – Homemade ginger tea; buying small, secret presents for people that you know they’ll adore (and my boyfriend thinks that I’ve forgotten how much he would love to own a Frank Zappa t-shirt – ha! And also, WRONG!); impromptu drives with the sole mission of finding delicious food; remembering how glorious it is to complete random tasks for other people for no other reason that it makes them astoundingly happy; my all-black (what else?!) Converse sneakers, and the highly-appreciated comfort that they provide; free pizza; stumbling out of the post office with enormous boxes which you absolutely shouldn’t try to open while walking, but of course, still do anyway!; walking everywhere with my puppy; managing to whip up an entire pie from scratch without a) setting the kitchen on fire; and b) setting myself on fire; layers (you will never hear me say a bad word about winter, NEVER!); having my boyfriend’s sister stay with us on the weekend (she is delightful!); silver, sparkly bridesmaid shoes; and finally, colleagues who bring you armfuls of cook books to aid your culinary development! (Because I have to learn SOMEHOW, right?!)

Jewelled headbands? Concert tickets? Overseas phone calls? Staplers?! Tell me! What’s added a touch of excellence to YOUR week? Happy Friday!



10 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

  1. Ugh, not a lot to be happy about this week… I’ve had bronchitis. Hmmm… I’m happy about the fact I managed to catch up with laundry today. I’m happy that I have got back into the blogging niche. I’m happy that I had a visit from a friend and she made me feel better. I’m happy for SB’s t-shirts that fit me when I’m having a sloppy day around home (I am currently dressed like a bogan with a tee that says “Steinlager: Know who you are”. I’m looking forward to feeling normal next week and just getting on with life.

  2. yes to taking a break from your computer routine! and i LOVE those wedges, definately worth it.

  3. Housemate Dave and I headed out to a local music festival & I got to check out (first hand) this band that I had been listening to for ages. Turns out not only are they as awesome as I suspected live (most excellent), but their guitarist is possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Just bought tickets for their headline gig in a couple of weeks. You see it’s news like that that really kicks the annoying tree pollen hayfever into touch 🙂

  4. Those wedges are AMAZING (as is the box they came in!) but the first thing I thought when I read wedges was food – bad, yes?!

    The first half of my week was spent in Qld enjoying spending time with my family…and the entire second half (including entire weekend) shall be spent working…

    ANND… art journalling in my spare time!

    Have a wonderful time with your sister xxx

  5. I love working on the balcony or, if the weather permits and it’s necessary, in the Chinese garden at university (we even get wifi there!). Sadly though, summer isn’t in sight yet. I just read in the papers that this month has been 7°C too cold so far!

    I particularly loved that yesterday was one of our May holidays and we had the day off. What also made my week quite fun was hanging out with my co-workers after work and just talking. Everyone has so many different stories to share and working in café/restaurant really produces the oddest stories.

  6. Staplers, ahaha.

    That did bring joy to my week actually. It reminded me of ages ago when I walked in on my manager talking to a stapler.

    I kid you not.

    It was a dodgy one and never worked. She was holding it close to her mouth saying “f*cking work, you piece of sh*t, you’re so annoying”. Hahahaha.

  7. Yey sister visits! Enjoy it! : )

    I am currently moping because my sister’s graduation is this weekend and I can’t be there for it : ( Oh, long distances…well, at least I will see her for my wedding (and I hope I can convince her to come visit me for a week during her summer vacation)!

  8. You and your sister are an awesome team XD. You certainly do not look like Shrek. Think like Andy from StyleScrapbook (I seriously love her), she’s 1.80 m and she wears 12 cm heels and all is fine in the world.

    My week:

    Last week of class, Alekz’s new cell phone, finishing the semester, my professors, my car, Maximus, my dad giving me credit card access for make up sales, almost being free and recieving hugs from everyone around me!

  9. Scribbles – Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! There is nothing more crap-ola than being sick, but bronchitis? Eek! I hope you feel better soon! (P.S. That t-shirt made me burst out laughing and sounds AWESOME.)

    Sarah Hannah – Awww, thank-you so much, missy! (And welcome back!)

    Vikki – Whoa, that sounds fabulous! I’m glad you had such an amazing time! (And what is it with musicians and being beautiful?!)

    Cheray – Haha, NO! Of course not! I totally would have done the same thing if it were anyone else! Thank-you very much, and I’m glad you had such a good time in Queensland!

    Anisha – A Chinese garden AND free wifi?! Excuse me, but are we in HEAVEN? That sounds fantastic! And that’s so true – EVERYONE has an interesting tale to tell!

    Alex – Hahahaha, that’s brilliant! I wonder if it helped it to work?

    Emily – Boo, long distances! I definitely know how you feel on that one, because both my mother and sister live overseas so I seem to miss 99% of the big events that happen in their lives! But oh, I’m so glad that you’ll get to see her for your wedding! That’ll be magnificent!

    Julie – Awww, I love you, Julie! (And I hope you’re feeling better!)

  10. Outside is good. I got a new dog this week so now I have outside time and pet fun 😀

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