What The Frock?! : 19/05/10 ♥

The Daily Frock - 19/05/10 ♥

Jet lag? Psh! Jet lag, SCHMET-LAG!

My little sister Caroline arrived in Sydney from Auckland, New Zealand this morning, and despite the fact that she’d only had a few hours of sleep, we immediately headed out to our local shopping centre on a quest to find her some absurd-yet-entirely-necessary party attire for the nights ahead. Which then resulted in catching a bus to a completely different location for further garment hunting and second-hand shopping. And giggling. And random bursts of public dancing. (Sad, but true!)


What I’m Wearing:

Coral-coloured dress, Paddy’s Markets (Possibly pointless item information: this dress was only $10! $10! I have been mercilessly wearing it for YEARS.)
‘Frock & Roll’ nameplate necklace, Helpless Romantic
x Black rollneck sweater, Target
Vest, secondhand
x Grey handbag, Sportsgirl
x Boots, Payless Shoes

After hours of dedicated searching and pop-tart buying, we eventually abandoned our original mission of clothes finding and decided to source an early-evening dinner of raspberry-flavoured vodka and hot chips, instead.

My stomach is hurting in only the very best way that it could after spending a full day laughing hysterically like a possessed hyena with my sister. Honestly, does she HAVE to leave on Sunday?!



8 responses to “What The Frock?! : 19/05/10 ♥

  1. I’m seriously in love with your “Frock and Roll” Nameplate necklace. It’s all kinds of awesome!

    I want one with my name on it, maybe when I’m done with the semester (hopefully still with a scholarship).

    Incesant laughter induced tummy ache is the best kind!! I hope you have an awesome time with your equally awesome sis.

  2. Julie – Awww, thanks Julie! I bought it on a whim one night and then mildly freaked out over how expensive it was! ;p But it IS a lot of fun to wear!

  3. Oh, how good are poptarts!?! I have some arriving in the mail any day now…

    Your necklace is awesome! Love love love it! And nothing beats a bargain purchase like that dress!

  4. You look lovely! The colours are beautiful and your necklace is so fab.

  5. that colour looks amazing on you! sooo cute. and im kinda jealous, your going to have SO MUCH fun with your sis here! xxx

  6. I love the photos on the escalator! Love the colour! X

  7. Can i put in a formal complaint that you posted a photo of me with my EYES SHUT!?!?!?! Hahahaha.

    Yes what a good day indeed! It ended where any good shopping journey should end…….the pub! Pity about us being unable to order any food….!! 🙂 xx

  8. Your dress is adorable! Sounds like you had a bunch of fun.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

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