Dear Diary: The High School Diary Files! ♥


And HERE’S something that I certainly didn’t expect while trying to locate my pair of shredded jeans the other day: stumbling across my old high school diary!

But, there it was, in all its royal blue, hopelessly-laminated glory! (Gosh, I wonder who was responsible for that?! Don’t ask me at the moment; I think I’m needed in the basement…) I considered ignoring it (after all, those jeans weren’t going to find themselves… and they didn’t. Rascals!), but the lure of being transported back to my fifteen year-old self (sans Maths) proved to be too irresistible!

So, have I changed? Have I evolved beyond recognition? Did I re-read it and immediately want to discard it, in the hopes of destroying any evidence of its existence? Actually, the discovery wasn’t as shocking as I had imagined (hoped?)!


There are quotes EVERYWHERE. Quotes about music, quotes about life and quotes about love. There are pictures of musicians, electric guitars and headphones. (I was obsessed with music! Which uh, hasn’t exactly changed.) There are photo booth strips, ridiculous cartoons (hi, Grover!), movie tickets, business cards from restaurants that I loved and plans slotted in with friends.


There’s tales of silly boy drama, gatecrashing an all-male sleepover (it’s not as sordid as it sounds, I promise!), documentation of my visit to a psychic (he said that how I communicated would be my career – huh! How about that!) and reviews of each week, complete with lists of what my favourite song, food (there are packets of Jelly Belly jellybeans glued in there!), MSN name (oh, jeez!), quote and moments had been! (Ha, does that sound familiar?!)


There’s a sense of excitement about everything, and clear, keen anticipation for the future. (And look at that last page! There’s even those little x’s before “first day of Year 10″ that I type in front of everything now! Sheesh, I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve changed at all?!)

If you were to re-visit your old high school diaries now, what would they reveal? How far have you come? It’s strange; I feel like my personality, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and values are so, so different from that of even a year ago, so to compare them to that of seven years ago and realise that they’re actually surprisingly similar? I’m amazed! (Or perhaps I’ve just always possessed the same ridiculous sense of humour?! Who knows!) ANYWAY. I would love to know about the person that YOU were, and the person that you’ve become today!


P.S. The delightfully splendid Emily and I were discussing this very subject last night, and she (cleverly!) remarked how interesting/amazing it would be if there were other people who would want to create their own Dear Diary: The High School Diary Files! post – so if you would like to write about your experiences on your own blog as well, you’re very welcome!


8 responses to “Dear Diary: The High School Diary Files! ♥

  1. I remember one of my classmates used to stick a Starbucks napkin on her diary at least once a week (we were fancy Catholic school girls and hanging out at Starbucks was a must, specially when it was so close to our school).

    OMG! High School was good for me, being in a catholic all girls school was awesome for me. My friends from there are still my best friends today.

    Sadly, I didn’t keep a diary, though I do have a journal but it’s full of scribbles in neon green (to make it difficult for everyone to read). I do however have a nice notebook where my friends wrote their best wishes and ambitions. I think most of them are coming true.

    I think that college and the blogsphere have changed me for good. I used to be super shy and super cranky. I was a nerd and I didn’t like to interact. I didn’t like to dress up, I hated my religious situation, I hated the place where I lived.

    Now, I’m in love with my house, content with my beliefs, I’ve found my passion for fashion, I’ve made amazing friends and my whole outlook on life has changed drastically!

  2. What a wonderful piece of nostalgia!!! I love your diary! It takes me back too!! I used to collage everything with surf stickers, pics, band names, rock girl fashion and off the wall quotes – if only I had kept some of that stuff I would have loved to have done my own version of your post on my blog!!!! Thanks for the smiles!!

  3. Hey! I just finished writing up my post!

    That was a lot of fun…I must say. Even though I know that there were times I was completely miserable, I feel like I did have a lot of fun back then : )

    I love how your diary is also like a scrapbook! I should have pasted my movie stubs in an actual book–I found one from Lord of the Rings the other day actually. Wow, old!

    Love this so much! I may have to do a college edition later…that stuff gets way more juicy, hehe.

  4. Oh yeah – my diary was more of a scrapbook!

    I put in loads of quotes too and glued funny pictures inside. On some days’ pages I let my friends write secret messages for me to discover. I loved doing that – I barely use my diary now!

  5. Julie – Hooray! That’s fantastic!

    Kez – Thank-you very much Kez, and you’re welcome! (I actually had more from my last two years in high school, Year 11 and Year 12, but I can’t seem to find them ANYWHERE, argh!)

    Emily – Whee, I’ll read yours now! And gosh, me too. Which is precisely why I wish I still had my last two school diaries!

    Anisha – Awww, that’s so cute. And I know, I never use mine either, which seems like such a shame! Perhaps we should both start keeping a chronicle of everything now and glueing our movie/bus/concert tickets and everything in it again?!

  6. god, i don’t even want to think about it…i hated high school! i didn’t really keep a diary…but i did keep a whole lot of sketchbooks. my friends and i spent most classes drawing and writing stories… and i can definitely say that my skills in both areas have drastically improved!

    i think my central values and ideas are still the same, or at least are rooted in the same principles, but my ability to express them – and the depth of thought and understanding involved – have increased multifold. i’ve definitely done an awful lot of growing up…but i feel like the direction was there, even back then.

    oh! and in answer to your question, the challenges i came up with were: go a month without wearing your top 5 staples, and choose 1 item of clothing to wear 7 different ways.

  7. Do you remember that pink ‘think / animal’ pencil case? What was it again? Haha. How fun! x

  8. *thing not think!

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