The Beauty Tools That Have Changed Your Life (In A Strictly Non-Late-Night-Informercial Kind Of Way!) ♥

From the humble mascara to the ingenius concealer, at some point we’ve ALL encountered a miraculous beauty product (or three!) which has made life infinitely more pleasurable, haven’t we? (Or, you know, at the very least, one that’s ensured that the morning primping routine is extraordinarily easier/interesting/less-torturous!)

Presenting: the top three beauty tools that have undoubtedly changed my life (in a strictly non-late-night-informerial kind of way)!

1. The Professional Brow Shaper/Specialist

Once upon a time, I had eyebrows. Boy, did I have eyebrows!

Actually, they weren’t so much eyebrows as they were enormous, hairy, catepillar-esque extravaganzas. And then one day they met a shiny little character by the name of Tweezers, and bam! Just like that, they began to disappear. RAPIDLY. Yes, they got along a little toomerrily, going out dancing, swapping dresses and plucking away like there was no tomorrow, and all of a sudden, there was no tomorrow. Why? Because there was nothing left to pluck! Witness:


Oh, what a mess! I’m not sure how or why I woke up one morning and decided that the travesty above my eyes was really looking like quite the disasterpiece, but I did and realised that Tweezers was a friend that I would have to stop seeing so regularly, and that Professional Eyebrow Shaper was one that I would definitely have to start making time for.


And I did! And while I’m not expecting any cakes (although, a piece of vanilla sponge would be nice right about now), medals or CNN reporters covering a breaking news story on amazing eyebrows to come flooding through my door any time soon, I can’t help but observe that it is nice to look as though I have eyebrows once more.

2. The Hair Straightener


This photo isn’t being used to illustrate what a woman who is stupidly, spectacularly drunk looks like (well, not intentionally, anyway!), nor is it an advertisement for the obviously super-modern identity-concealing technology that has been implemented to protect the less-intoxicated person to the right of me. It’s being used to point out the brown, frizzy horror that is on my head (apparently it’s called “hair”), which is what I sported for many, many years (I’m sixteen in this photo – wait. I mean, uh, the legal drinking age, of course! Yes! Eighteen, it is) before discovering the wonder that is the magnificent hair straightener. Yes! The hair straightener! I love them so very much. They make it impossible to have bad hair days (after all, how could I when I can just straighten the heck out of it and it will look at least ten times better than the mop that I woke up with?!), and in addition to all that straightening jazz, you can use them to curl your hair, too! (Very confusing for men folk: “what are you doing?” “Just curling my hair with my hair straightener.” “Oh, okay. Wait – WHAT?!”)

3. The Foundation Bottle

And what would a list of my all-time favourite, life-changing beauty tools be without a mention of foundation?! I like foundation. (More specifically, Maybelline’s mineral number.) Sure, I don’t hang out with it all that much when I’m walking the dog or fluffing around the house or anything, but it’s just sort of comforting to know that on mornings where I feel anything but, I can look all “alive” with a simple swipe of the stuff!

Crimping devices? Stick-on tattoos? The hair dryer?! Which are the beauty tools that have changed YOUR life, and why?



19 responses to “The Beauty Tools That Have Changed Your Life (In A Strictly Non-Late-Night-Informercial Kind Of Way!) ♥

  1. Flat iron!!! What would my life be without you? I love you, I love you, I love you!!! Sorry, I love the fact that I can radically change my look with a flat iron n_n.

    My beauty products are:

    – Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner for super soft fluffy hair

    – Got2Be Fat-tastic hair mouse to keep the curls in control and bouncy

    – Flat iron for the reasons mentioned above

    – False eyelashes

    P.S.: you’re awesome!

  2. I love tweezers. If I were on a deserted island with just a pair of tweezers and a magnifying mirror, I’d be perfectly entertained. If it was just the tweezers, I’d probably be a danger to myself!

    I’m too lazy for hair styling tools – I don’t even own a hair dryer.

  3. The hair straightener would definitely be on my list, as well as foundation! And then probably bronzer 🙂

  4. Julie – Ooh, I’ve always wanted to try false eyelashes! Adding them to the ‘to-try’ list! (So much more fun then the ‘to-do’ list!) And awww, haha. No, YOU’RE awesome!

    Kathryn – Teehee! And the picture above is a perfect example of WHY I use hair styling tools! (Believe me, in the mornings, I feel as lazy as anything too!)

    Hannah – Oh, yes. The bronzer. A very swell cosmetic indeed!

  5. Eyebrow brush for sure! My brows have a mind of their own and would always end up sticking up in funny shapes….team the brush with some hairspray and those brows ain’t movin – awesome.

  6. discovering how to properly blowdry my hair and use a hair straightner made my teenage years so much better!

  7. Oh, foundation and concealer for sure! My god. What an atrocity I would be without them.

    I certainly would not be burrlicious.


  8. Definitely the tweezers. I had a friend who’d gone to beauty school do the initial shaping, and took it from there. I look completely different with shaped brows. COMPLETELY.

  9. Possibly, just recently brushes to apply lipstick with (red lipstick kind of asks for that) and the awesomeness that are hair dye kits for use at home!

  10. Kate – WELL! After that, I’m now officially convinced that I need an eyebrow brush! Thank-you!

    Sarah Hannah – For sure!

    Alex – HAHA! Oh, please. You’re *always* Burr-licious!

    Sally – I once read something completely mindblowing/freaky about eyebrows which said the way in which you shape your eyebrows can change your face by about 90% – I’m not sure how true that is, but it has ALWAYS stuck with me!

    Anisha – I’m so glad that you said that because I’ve never actually tried a home hair-dye kit before! (For some reason, I’ve convinced myself that if I do, I’ll end up with yellow hair or something.)

  11. That all looks like great stuff to check out. I love to read about a good make up product esp for foundation. My current fave now is bare escuntels.

  12. +eyelash curlers. they’re so…glamerous/rigiculous. so vintage-beauty-starlet.

    +natio liquid eyeliner – because it’s genuinely Liquid and comes with a Brush, not a pen (i hate doing liquid liner with a pen). and it give a really gorgeous clean line, and a great cat’s-eye swish.

    i really want to try false lashes, also – i bought a great pair with diamentes and all – but i need to find a nice chemical-free glue instead of the awful super-toxic stuff they came with.

  13. 1. DEFINITELY salon brow waxing. without it i could look like Bert from Sesame Street.

    2. Felt tip black eyeliner–pencil never stayed put & i can’t work a regular brush.

    3. Powder–i naturally have pretty nice skin, but it does get oily. so i’d pick a good powder over foundation. i sometimes think i’m the only one that uses it.

    4. Eyeshadow Primer–SO GREAT! just discovered it this year.

    5. Waterproof mascara–I refuse to buy any that isn’t pure black and waterproof. learned this during High School when i’d cry it all off multiple times a week.

    6. BOBBY PINS–dear Lord, i’d be a wreck without them…

    7. My contacts. nothing makes me feel more beautiful. i couldn’t wear them until i was 16 because my prescription was so bad that they hadn’t been invented yet. i refuse to go back now! wearing my glasses in public makes me feel totally awkward & self-conscious…not a normal “beauty tool” but sure is for me!


  14. My beauty products of choice are:

    –Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. I put this on first and my eyeshadow DOES NOT BUDGE even though sweat or crying.

    –Urban Decay eyeshadow in Flash. I love the way purple eyeshadow brings out my natural light brown eyes, Plus I wear glasses (which are purple wire frames) and it goes so well.

    –Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Mousse. I have naturally wavy/curly hair and I love my curls..but sometimes they get frizzy and need taming. Plus this mousse is light and not as sticky as others.

  15. – Tweezers… they’ve made suuuch a difference to my face. – GHD… ditto on the difference. – Mascara!

  16. My beauty miracles have been liquid mineral concealer, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer and and Lash Blast mascara. No matter how bad I look, a splash of cold water and those three make me look absolutely stunning.

  17. haha i have no idea but that drunk photo of you was the best thanks macaroon that made my day

    i was laughing out loud

  18. oh and not in a mean way

  19. You are the funniest/cutest blogger on the entire planet, I think. & I’m not gonna lie that the pic of you w/ non-straightened locks totally makes me want to get drunk with you. 🙂

    But anyway, my picks:

    1) The CHI. I swear it does something magical to my hair.

    2) Powder. I never really used powder until this year, but now I’m obsessed.

    3) Eyebrow threading–though I don’t do them myself.

    4) Eyelash curler. My eyelashes don’t do much curling at all w/o it!

    Love this post xo

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