$50 Note? Pft, Take The Week Off! 20 Fun Things That You Can Do For Under $20 ♥

Saving your pennies?! (Hello!) Low on coin?! (Um, ka-ching!)

Think that you absolutely, 100% can’t have a a frocking good time (jeez, did anybody else just cringe at that horrendous pun or WHAT?!) with $20?

Oh, please.

Of course you can!

$50 note? Take the week off. There’s an abundance of magnificence to be enjoyed with $20, instead!:

Throw a picnic! Why yes, I did mention this in the most recent edition of Thank Frock It’s Friday and why yes, I do believe that it’s a fantastic way to spend a day! Simply grab a blanket, whip up some sandwiches, bring a few drinks (iced tea? Raspberry lemonade? Coconut-flavoured vodka?!) and voila!` You’ve got the ingredients for an excellent afternoon!

x Visit a discount store of the two-dollar variety and pick up a bunch of jewellery making accessories (seriously, I did this on Sunday and it was so brilliantly easy and cheap to do – think $1 per set of beads and earring hooks!) and create your own (master)pieces!

x Meet somebody for an ice-cream date.

x Rent a movie or boxset of your favourite television show and buy a bag of microwave popcorn. Movies, schmovies!

Go thrifting/op-shopping.

Eat fish and chips on the beach.

x Play pool at your local bar or tavern.

x Visit a travel agent and ask for a stack of brochures on various locations (the Equatorial Guinea? Djibouti? Uzbekistan?!) and plan a future escape!

x Wander the department stores for cosmetic and fragrance samples.

x Create a photo/inspiration/appreciation-for-lightbulbs (hey, it’s your wall!) wall for your bedroom.

x Sneak into a hotel swimming pool.


x Buy a bunch of herbs and plant them in your garden. (This has been on my to-do list since the beginning of the year, eek!)

x Drink hot chocolate in the park.

x Explore galleries and museums.

x Visit a second-hand bookstore and comb for biographies on your favourite musicians.

x Pitch a tent in your backyard. Honestly, my best friend once hosted a camping party in her garden and it is one of the most stupidly thrilling activities that we’ve ever completed!

Go bowling!

x Roam the streets with your camera.

x Research your city’s best cheap eateries (there are many which offer an entree + a main meal for under $20!) and dine out!

x Scour the internet for free entertainment: comedy festivals? Jazz nights? Open-air cinemas? Line dancing?!

What’s your favourite way to spend $20?



16 responses to “$50 Note? Pft, Take The Week Off! 20 Fun Things That You Can Do For Under $20 ♥

  1. Totally with you on the camera roaming – I roamed around the city last week on my bike with my camera. On that note, go for a bike ride! Go to those weird public lectures you see advertised (I recently went to one on Marxism). Go to a cheap exercise or dance class! They’re usually $10-$15. Go on a rampage at your public library – books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and even sewing patterns! Hells yes!

  2. Let’s see $20AUS is roughly $200MXN so I can do many, many things with that like:

    -get my hair cut and done in a fancy way

    -invite my 2 best girls to the movies

    -grab coffe at a fancy neighborhood in the city

    -explore the aztec ruins, go to the zócalo and watch football, go to the Chapultepec castle and eat awesome churros

    -go to the children’s museum at night (which is AWESOME), the package includes a movie at the IMAX screen and a nightly tour of the city on bus

    -go to the park and have cotton candy and enjoy the rides

    those are many things I’ve never considered! Thanks for the post :D.

  3. Raquel – Yes! Those are fantastic suggestions, thank-you!

    Julie – You’re welcome! And jeez, you can do all that in Mexico with $20?! Somebody find me a plane!

  4. Go to your local pub with a TAB and put a few $1 each bets on (well 20 bets!) I did that with a friend and we won enough to keep us in drinks and food for the arvo!

    Greyhounds are easier than the big horses.

  5. Kathryn – I actually REALLY wanted to say something like that or make a suggestion about delicious, cheap pub lunches followed by tossing $1 in a pokie machine purely for fun, but didn’t want to sound like I was endorsing hardcore gambling or something, haha! (Not that $1 is hardcore!) So thank-you for saying it!

  6. Yup! México is like super cheap. You can do a lot with very little money! COME SOON!!!

  7. Ooh! Jewelry-making sounds fun! That’d be a great girl-talk activity.

  8. My boyfriend and I do like ice cream dates. :] We ALMOST went and played pool last Friday night, instead we bought a 6 pack of cider and played shot-glass chess, each of the pieces were shot glasses & you’d drink when you lost one of ’em. Cheap fun.

  9. This is great!!

    Plus summer is the perfect season for all of this!

    I may add to organize a tea party with friends (maybe it can start by baking your own cookies), or a Gin Rummy tournament with friends, or have a hand massage (they come cheap!) it’s one of the best thing ever!!!

  10. Fab suggestions, Corrine 🙂

    I loooove second hand bookstores, you find so many gems!

  11. Annie Spandex – Definitely!

    Joanne Faith – Now that’s my kind of game! Awesome!

    Eurofilla – Yes! And that all sounds great!

    Alex – And for a 1/4 of the price usually, too, whee!

  12. All great ideas. I especially like the ice cream date idea! =)

  13. ❤ ❤ ❤

  14. Find a country fare, my favourite is the Collector Pumpkin Festival. $16 will get you a coffee, 6 pumpkin scones to take home, a knitted tea cosy and a handmade apron. And you’ll come with $4 change!

    I love, love the picnic and backyard camping idea!

  15. This is so awesome! I really want to have a camping party now!

  16. I love the backyard camping party idea! I wanna do that! 🙂

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