Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥


From procrastination to passionfruit trees and limousines (ooh!), here’s what I’m loving this week!

x Karaoke – Karaoke has always been one of those things that I’ve been insatiably curious about but have resisted due to my suspicion that I possess as much vocal excellence as a smoke alarm: and the other night, my suspicion was completely confirmed! (Actually, if you were to stomp on the smoke alarm and then pour water all over it WHILE it was beeping away, that might be a more accurate comparison!) Oh, well. Consider my curiosity sated and silliness had – I had to croon and warble my way through Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (and warble I did!), and while I may never, ever listen to it the same way again, I’ll never be left wondering just exactly what karaoke is like, either!


x The Ridiculousness Of Riding Around In A Hummer Limousine – They’re big enormous! They’re ridiculous! You’ll feel mildly pretentious when you step in and out of one! This is the worst photograph representing one ever!

But standing in the middle of a road which contains three lanes of traffic in the name of photography is never a particularly bright idea (hello, Frenchs Forest!), so unfortunately, this image will have to suffice!

This was the car that was hired for my friend’s hen’s night last week, and while it doesn’t score any points for subtlety, it certainly does for fun: it was equipped with little blue sparkling lights everywhere, disco balls (very appealing to this resident magpie!), and an open rooftop. Excessive? Sure. A magnificent one-of-a-kind experience? Definitely!

x Other Little Things – Tiramisu flavoured biscuits; days devoted to little else than listening to music, drinking tea and gawking at pictures of international cities (I have been procrastinating ALL week, which isn’t so fantastic but pft, I’m choosing to embrace it);passionfruit trees; searching for top hats on Ebay; my boyfriend’s dorky sense of humour (his brother: “oh, so there’s this application on here (an iPhone) where you can play noises for the baby, like white noise, or shower noises-,” Tom: “Shower noises?! What do you hear on that, like somebody dropping a bar of soap and going ”oh, s%^#!”?!”); ugg boots (I don’t care HOW ugly they are, I love them to bits!); receiving the One Lovely Blog award from one lovely girl, Rachael; having the very sweet website editor of Vogue India say that she, *gasp*, loves Frock & Roll!; and finally, all of the comments that were left on this postthank-you.

This Week – 

x I Can’t Stop Listening To – Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, The Offspring, and Tears For Fears!

x A Lesson Learned – Sometimes you’re not always going to be the best at something (ahem, karaoke) and sometimes you’re possibly going to look like a colossal fool while attempting something (ahem, karaoke, again!), but hey, when did everything have to become so serious, anyway?! Feeling the fear and choosing to roll with it and enjoy it (as opposed to floundering about like a basket case in a sea of nerves!) is an action that I have only recently come to appreciate!


(My cardigan may or may not be half-buttoned up grandma style in this photo because I dropped a spinach and ricotta triangle all over the left-hand side of my dress minutes before I was due to head out somewhere. Remember, I said may or may NOT!)

Suggestions For The Weekend Ahead –

Buy an interesting postcard or greeting card or cut out an article or image from a magazine that you love and stick it somewhere bizarre: on a tree? On a lamppost? To a letterbox?! (I am very taken with the idea of purchasing a card that I saw last night that plays ‘The Chicken Dance’ song when you open it and taping it to a wall down an alleyway!)

Eat a meal near (or at, if it’s not winter where you are and you’re not currently freezing yourself senseless!) the outdoors: the beach? A lake? A park?

Heavens to Betsy, can you believe that it’s already July?! (Or that I just said “heavens to Betsy”?!) How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend? (And does anybody even know who Betsy is/was?)



9 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

  1. I’ve always wanted to go in a hummerzine – the sheer mind-blowing “Look at me-ness” of it makes me smile 🙂

    I’m loving that the eleven-bloody-week term has ended and that I held a dance-off between my class and the next door class last period 🙂

    I’m loving that we head off on our holiday tomorrow and how I can be really honest with my boy “Look, can you just drop it, cause I really want to have “special time” tonight and right now you are harshing my buzz”.

    I’m loving the heater and the big cosy blankets 🙂 I’m loving the hot chocolates I had with my sisters at the mall this afternoon. And I’m definitely liking that there is no more work for TWO WEEKS.

  2. Ahh, hummervines… the one vehicle that I would rather stab myself in the foot than ride in. I see them and immediately think, “Whoever is in that car must be a massive douchebag”.

    Lol… so maybe I’m a little too judgemental sometimes.

    Also, I’ve never participated in karaoke.. I’m too scared of singing in front of other people. Your bravery impresses me 🙂

  3. This week hasn’t been very sparkly for me but here are the good things:

    – my friend coming back next friday

    – watching Eclipse (this one is a so bad it’s so good kind of movie) it was fun and I need to re-watch it in English.

    – Talking to SP for the first time since he got a girlfriend

    – planning little outings

    – compiling a budget friendly b-day wishlist for my friends

  4. Hummerzine hummerzine hummerzine! You have no idea how much I love those things.

  5. Good on you for pointing out that post – cos I would have missed it otherwise and wow, scary stuff. The hummer limousine is pretty cool though, I’d like to ride around in one for the night – I’m just waiting on the excuse!

  6. ScribblesNZ – Hooray! Enjoy your well-deserved break!

    Gem – I know. And no, it’s totally okay, I think the douchebag assumption is a common one! I for one am just completely chuffed that I now know their correct name from your comment: hummerzine! Thank-you!

    Julie – Awww, I hope your weekend is a lot better for you, Julie!

    Andie – Haha! And how does everybody know what they’re called?! I’m impressed! And confused – did I somehow miss some kind of giant hummerzine information day?

    Joanne Faith – I think they would be great to hire out for a birthday party!

  7. oooh thats cute about the Vogue India editor! what a great compliment!

    the cheap makeup Ive bought recently is bc Ive been working at ACP magazines, the publishing house. the beauty departments in mags often do cheap sales to get rid of stuff they’ve been sent and donate the cash. win win!

  8. Giggling about the grandma-style cardigan note! 😛

  9. Funny about the karaoke! I’m no good at karaoke either. I have a soft and wispy Asian voice, but heck, it’s fun!

    And I am one of those people who drop food on (or down) her clothes before she has to be somewhere.

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