Style Challenge: Floral Tights! ♥


To me, floral tights are like the ingredients required for a magnificent multi-layered cake: you know, you’ve seen them in magazines before, made eye contact with them at the store (what, you DON’T make eye contact with eggs?! Oh, let me tell you, you are missing OUT!) and thought about them a few more times (again, you DON’T think about flour? Sheesh, what are you doing with yourself?!), before finally taking the plunge and snapping them up gleefully, thinking “ooh, won’t this be a spectacular little frolic through Fun Town!”

And then they sit there, unused. And sit some more. You may occasionally peer at them, contemplating whether or not you should try and integrate them into something else (because now that you’ve thought about it, your original plan for them was approximately 3,456 times more difficult than you had initially suspected!), but eventually you just end up saying “look thickened cream, this is just getting WEIRD. Don’t take this personally, but I think it would be better if we didn’t see eachother for a while. I just can’t handle the guilt anymore!” So the cream is introduced to a delightful new companion, pancakes, but the tights? Well, they’re relegated to the back of the drawer. And it turns out that they do take it personally. So personally, in fact, that you decide to use them in your next Style Challenge, because frankly, the rumours that they’ve spread about you to all the socks have become so severe that there’s really no alternative!

And here they are! Don’t be fooled by those pretty violet flowers, these babies are hard work. (As if you couldn’t already tell by their penchant for gossip!) They don’t like yellow. Or pink. Or red. In fact, if you were to present them to ANY colour, I’m 99.9% sure that they would turn their nose up at those, too. But when situated with black? Gosh, what a power couple! I mean, they were finishing eachother’s sentences and laughing like there was no tomorrow! (Could there be wedding bells soon?!)

If I ever decide to enter another relationship with a different pair of floral tights, I’ll be sure to remember the black formula. Although, now that I think about it, I didn’t actually introduce them to any purples. Could that result in another blissful partnership? (Or what about a grey?!)


I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that if there’s one thing that personifies style, it’s the vegetation recycling bins in the background!

Have YOU ever worn floral tights before? And if you haven’t, would you?



18 responses to “Style Challenge: Floral Tights! ♥

  1. No and no.

    I do like how you paired them up with that gorgoeous dress!

    Floral tights is something I’m going to pass on. I don’t even wear tights that much and I have a very bad relationship with florals.

    Try those with something gray! Gray is becoming my new black, I love all the shades :D.

  2. I’m not fond of floral tights… omg, I sound like my grandmother saying that! I really don’t wear that much floral anyway so adding it to my legs is not happening. I can see that it would present problems – either needing to go over the top on patterns or keeping it really simple.

  3. Julie – Thanks Julie, and me too! I purchased a grey cardigan a couple of weeks ago and it’s putting my usual favourite, my long black one, to shame!

    Kathryn – Exactly. And while I love florals, these tights were just – well, hectic. MANIACAL! My bedroom currently looks as though it was ransacked because it took me so long to find something to accompany them!

  4. Hey thanks for dropping at by at my blog and hope you will again! Love this piece, so funny and true! I actually have had a fling with a purple pair of florals from John Lewis. I went for something where the print is the same colour as the tights and it is not as hard work to carry off! As a rule floral tights are a no no for me but this worked! I’d consder them in the new Greige for Autumn!

  5. Oh god yes!

    I have some glorious leopard print/floral print tights that NEED a reason to be worn.

    They are begging me.

  6. I loved reading this. I don’t own floral tights…yet. I’ve just bought tights with little bows on them and have no idea how to wear them.

    I love how you wore yours though, I really love the battern on them.

  7. Maybe this article didn’t make me want to buy floral tights, but it made me laugh so hard 😀

  8. They look great on you, but I don’t think I could pull ’em off! I’m not a big fan of floral in general, on me.

    And holy cow girl, your skin is looking GORGEOUS! What a natural glow!

  9. I love floral tights, but I don’t own a pair because I’d never have any idea what to do with them. You pull them off perfectly, though, which is really hard to do! I really like the pattern on yours – so pretty!

  10. I haven’t worn floral tights since I was eight and didn’t give a damn about colours or matching, but I like how you’ve styled them here.

  11. I don’t think that I could pull them off but you wear yours beautifully. Lovely photography!

  12. No to both. I’m not a dress or a tights or a floral girl but I do like the way that you’ve worn yours.

  13. I don’t yet but I want too pretty badly. Your look great 🙂

  14. COVET. Where did you get those babies? I am a violet fiend, and those are gorgeous.

    I have a similar dilemma, only with a pair of crazy-awesome butterfly-print tights I found at an op-shop ages ago. Great tights, but so hard to find what will go with them. I so rarely wear head-to-toe black (and nor do I want to – I likes maximum colour!), so the “easy” option is ruled out…


  15. Pretty.

    Floral tights seem like a bit of a no no for me but yours are beautiful – where did you buy them from?

  16. Corrine, you look gorgeous in anything you wear. The tights are fab!!! Love your website, very proud

  17. You are working those tights missy, however floral tights are difficult to wear in a chc way past age 8, I think you always have to keep the rest of the outfit neutral and let the tights speak volumes. That being said I rarely have my legs out in anyway!

  18. Would plain black floral tights look funny with a plain red dress with a flower belt?

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