5 Things That You’re NOT Taught About Life (But Have Figured Out Anyway & Can Now Say “Ha, Take THAT, Life!” To ♥

Things That Are Obvious:

That, slightly unfortunately, life doesn’t come equipped with some kind of magical, answers-laden, problem-solving manual. (Damn it, Janet!)

Things That Aren’t So Obvious:

How brilliant this video of a woman auditioning for Bulgaria Idol is, singing Mariah Carey’s With Or Without You, but somehow mistaking the lyrics can’t live” for Ken Lee”. G-e-n-i-u-s! (I’m sorry, sweet-looking Bulgarian woman!)

But moving along!

You know those glorious moments where you experience an epiphany or sudden realisation that makes the world or a particular situation seems so much clearer, so much easier? Oprah calls them a-ha” moments. I call them jeez, I really wish that I’d  known that when I was younger, because it probably would have stopped me from trying not to act like such a massive turkey sometimes, which, of course, only made me act like an even bigger turkey than I ever could have fathomed” moments, but hey, let’s not get into a debate about what their actual, correct technical term is (I have the feeling that it’s not mine)!

Here are some of the things that I’ve learned in my time – in a non-I’m clearly eighty years old and supremely knowledgeable“ kind of way, but definitely in a ha, take THAT, life! I’ve learned stuff anyway!’‘ kind of way – that have made my existence significantly sweeter/easier! (And I would love to hear about yours!)


That it’s OKAY to have no idea about what you want to be when you grow up’’! In fact, it’s okay to decide that you want to be approximately 2,353 different things, and to change your mind about all of those things all of the time! Or to decide that actually, you don’t want to be anything in particular at all.

That nobody is perfect’’. Parents. Teachers. Friends. Colleagues. Partners. Anyone. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should turn a blind eye to your best friend if they suddenly decide that it’s a grand idea to throw printers at cars (!), but it’s probably helpful to keep in mind if they occasionally make a choice that you deem questionable, or if when they “stuff up”, to treat them how you would hope to be treated, instead of making them feel worse than they possibly already do.

x That sometimes, no matter how much we may not be able to understand why we’re in a certain position, or can’t understand why we’re friends with the people that we are or a part of the relationships that we’re in, we usually have a lot to do with our circumstances. Scrap that, we do have a lot to do with our circumstances. The jobs that we’re working. The person that we’re dating. The events or activities that we complete on weekends. Why we are doing them? Because we chose to! Who else applied for that job and went through the interview process?! No, I’m not about to thrust a copy of The Secret in your face (for starters, I haven’t read it!) or suggest that if a car accidentally rams into the back of yours, well, it’s your fault, because obviously there are instances where things ARE completely out of our control. But there are also instances where exercising a little bit of personal responsibility can be a very magnificent thing: because if we had the ability to create what we already have in the first place, then surely we have the ability to create something entirely different (if that’s what you want!), right?! Right.

x That comparing relationships is an incredibly futile exercise. Honestly, yes Enrique The Extremely Hot Coffee Guy may be well, extremely hot, and could probably win the made-up Charismatic Person Of The Year Award, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t the owner of the worst personal hygiene habits ever or a weird toe fetish!

x That when food packaging specifically advises that something needs to be placed in the oven, don’t throw it in the microwave and hope for the best. Your apple pie will return black.

Not holding a spoon under a running tap for a prolonged period? (You know that it’s only going to flick water in your face!) Wearing sneakers or flat shoes to a concert instead of heels or boots because you don’t want to limp around for the rest of the night? What are some of the things that YOU were never taught about life, but have figured out anyway and can now proudly say “ha, take THAT life!” to?



18 responses to “5 Things That You’re NOT Taught About Life (But Have Figured Out Anyway & Can Now Say “Ha, Take THAT, Life!” To ♥

  1. Coffee men/boys are always so bloody charismatic and flirty and generally cute too, argh! I think the most recent thing I have realised is that the only vitamin supplement that really works on me is flax seed oill, the rest are just full of hoo-ha.

  2. Man I am the QUEEN of life lessons. This comes from growing up in 8 different countries, with a drug addicted, drug dealer parent, looking after a depressed mother, moving out of home at a young age, living with a boyfriend then eventually leaving it all and moving alone half way across the country. Yikes! I could probably write a freaking book on the life lessons I have learnt. In fact, one day I just might.

    But I digress… the most recent things I’ve leant?

    – Mice can climb extension cords.

    – The best way to deal with landlords who refuse to repair the shoddy and questionable workmanship in your house is to threaten to get council inspectors in to look at it.

    – Making friends in a new city can be kinda hard, but the internet helps a lot! Even when you don’t have facebook!

    – Talking to strangers who look like the could be potential friends gets easier every time you do it.

    AND comfortable knee-high black boots are an investment you won’t regret! Especially not if you live in Wellington.

  3. Also – excellent Rocky Horror reference! Well done, Corrine.

  4. shopping on impulse does not help anything.

  5. Hahahaha. I love this post! I think its great =) x

  6. That you can’t judge people based on their appearances. You never know what they’re going through or what they’re like.

  7. Comparing relationships is totally futile! Everyone I know (it seems) is either single and dating like mad, or engaged/married. It feels so strange to be where I am in my relationship, even though I’m insanely happy! The thing to remember is that you can only ever know what’s going on in the relationship if you’re in it…sometimes not even then haha!

  8. I literally felt like crying and laughing out loud multiple times while reading this (but not at the same time…!) You are too cute and the way you express yourself with that added bit of humor is so unique.

    ANYWAY, flattery session over! 🙂

    I really like the point about not comparing relationships. I finally realized that outside appearances–like the way your relationship looks on the outside–means absolutely nothing if it isn’t a healthy, happy, nurturing relationship underneath all that surface stuff. I used to feel so “proud” when I dated a hot guy…even when he really sucked as a person. That’s so lame! Now, I’m with someone who not only makes me look good, but also CARES ABOUT ME. I’ll never lower myself to that place again.


  9. I wish I had figured out that it’s OKAY to prefer sitting down at concerts. Would have saved myself a lot of discomfort. I dislike standing for long periods of time, music or no music!

  10. Another excellent post 🙂

    Life lesson – people can’t read your mind. If you are pissed off about something, tell them (nicely), don’t just act huffy and expect them to work it out.

  11. I wish I should have known that it’s ok to make my own way, it’s ok to take crazy subjects and it’s ok to not take boring clases if you don’t want to.

    I now know that no matter how many people I move, how many classes I move, I will never, ever, have the perfect schedule at college XDD.

  12. Great post!

    I didn’t know Oprah knew the aha erlebnis!

    My N°1 lifelesson?

    Very often it’s all in my head.

    People looking at me? Probably they’re thinking about their own living room, or bills, not at me, I’m making that up.

    And so on and on and on…

  13. Haha! You truly come up with the most clever ideas for posts – loving this!! 🙂

  14. great article, such an orginal idea!

  15. I like your point about it being ok not to know what you want to be when you grow up – I definately don’t (however, I do have a looong list of what I don’t want to be!)

    Something important I’ve learned is that it’s ok not to persevere with something thats horrible and difficult because it ‘builds character’, my character is actually much happier being built somewhere where it’s happy and stress free and nurtured 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog 😀

  16. i sure wish i had a LOT of a-ha moments before i made some of my BIG mistakes. d’oh. i usually have to learn the hard way!

  17. I agree 118% with number one (knowing what you want to be when you “grow up”). I never had a consistent answer to that question. It’s totally OK to not know. You can just take life one day at a time, you’re world won’t collapse around you if you don’t declare your destiny up front!

  18. Awesome post, especially regards to coffee men..maybe i like them so much cause they give me my fave beverage?hmmm.

    No 1 life lesson for me was realising that everyone, not just me, is flawed and ridiculous, and that its rather wonderful.

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