Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥


Things that I’m loving this week!

x Invites To Blogger-Only Events – Yes! Ooh! To the tune of The Pointer Sisters: I’m so excited; and I just can’t hide it; I’m-probably-going-to-spill-my-drink-or-food-or-both-everywhere-and-look-like-a-colossal-dork-but-I-still-think-I’ll-like-it!

Oh, the NERVES! The very lovely company who were kind enough to send me THIS amazing haul a few months ago are throwing a blogger-only event at Brad Ngata’s Hair Direction studio in Surry Hills next Sunday, and in addition to it sounding like a truly fabulous (albeit intimidating!) soiree`, featuring none other than a host of some of Sydney’s finest writers (and, uh, me), they’re also sending us to Benefit’s beauty salon prior to the event for a complimentary brow wax/shape/tint/arch or eyelash treatment, before whisking us away to the studio in a car! @*#&! I’m bringing one of my best friends as my wing/“uh, Corrine? You have something stuck in your teeth!” woman, and I’ll will be trying to take photos aplenty!

x Secret Love Notes – Awww, jeez! This was hidden in the pocket of my dress on Tuesday:


x Other Little Things – Stumbling across fun little boutiques; chocolate horseshoe biscuits; filling my Ipod with new tunes; sitting up until the early hours of the morning tearing out pictures from magazines to create new inspiration boards; counting down the days to my holiday (it’s almost eleven weeks away!); new bed linen (and only $13, too! Madness!); Daisy Lowe; and fresh, iridescent flowers on my kitchen windowsill:


This Week –

x I Can’t Stop Listening To – Faith No More, Muse, Atmosphere’s The River (an old favourite!), Nine Inch Nails and Al Green!

Suggestions For The Weekend Ahead –

x Cull the clutter! The thirty plus people on your Facebook account that cause you to scratch your head and think “wait a minute – how did YOU get on here?!’‘ each time their name pops up in your news feed? The four month old moisturiser which promised to remove under-eye circles but prompts you to shriek “lies!” every time you see it on your bathroom shelf? Why do you need them? Bon voyage, crappy-$2-nail-polish-I’ve-had-since-I-wore-it-to-a-dress-up-party-when-I-was-16!

Vow to take more photos! Of the simple moments (sitting around make-up less eating breakfast?), of the glorious moments (an excellent night out?), and of the tender moments (lying in bed the morning after?). Create photographic evidence of the life that you’re living!

x Dress in a nod to the season that you’re experiencing. Berry nails and warm scarves for winter? A flower in your hair for summer? A cocktail umbrella pinned to your dress?!

Happy weekend! How was your week?



9 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! ♥

  1. How cruel – I’ve just been trying to take photos but have battery issues!

  2. Kathryn – Oh, no! I’m sorry to hear that, Kathryn! I actually have a cheapie camera that I’m using (because I lost the battery to my proper one in New Zealand a few months ago!) at the moment which eats batteries like they’re about to be declared extinct, so I can (kind of!) feel your pain! I hope it all gets sorted soon!

  3. My mu found my camera today and I couldn’t be happier. i’m snapping away like mad :D.

    I totally uncluttered my Twitter (went from having 200+ followers to only 60 and from following 100+ people to only following 60 as well), I uncluttered my Live Messenger (100 + contacts to only 45). I tackled my google reader (81 to 30) and I’m gathering courage to do my Facebook account.

    Your boyfriend is so cute :).

    This week.

    – Finishing the draft design for our client

    – Visiting my sister’s new apartment

    – Scouring website for interior design ideas (we’re re-doing the kitchen soon and my bathroom next, which is a technique my parents are using to get me to not move out anytime soon)

  4. De-cluttering is like a freaking hobby for me! Before I deleted my facebook account, I ruthlessly deleted anyone I didn’t consider a real life friend. And I’m keeping on top of my twitter, too.

    Your boyfriend is a gem. Can I have one like that please?

    And I’m also rocking out to NIN this week – especially awesome during my 3pm slump when I’m not looking forward to my self-imposed 2 hours of study before I’m ‘allowed’ to go home. Pumps me right up and I can get back to studying!

  5. You’re so lucky to have a romantic boyfriend like that!! xoxxooxoo

  6. Julie – Simplifying makes everything so much easier! I did a MASSIVE Facebook cull earlier in the week (my criteria was pretty much ”are we friends? Do we speak even semi regularly?”!), and it’s amazing how much better I felt afterwards! (Or relieved, I should say!)

    Raquel – Wheeeee! And seriously, are they great or what?! They’re definitely good for a pump up!

    Shin – Haha awww, thank-you.

  7. Where is it that you’ll actually be going in Germany (I’m not sure whether you mentioned that yet? Or I’m just scatter-brained?)?

  8. Hi Corrine,

    Don’t be intimidated, it’s going to be such a great time and opportunity for everyone – and you are a fabulous writer!

    Thanks so much for the kind words.

    -Team at MTPR

  9. This is so beautiful and inspiring! Your writing is so amazing.

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