The Blogger’s Guide To Hustling: Networking, Promoting & Getting Your Blog Out There! (Part Two!) ♥

Thank-you to everyone who commented, read and shared their wonderful links in part one of this series!(And a gigantic thank-you to Gala Darling for featuring the post in her weekly Carousel!) They’re all SUPERB and I’m making my way through all of the blogs and adding them to my bookmarks folder/Google Reader now, so thanks again!

But for now, let’s open the door and welcome in today’s guest: part two of this series!

How To Build An Audience, No, We’ve-Established-That-My-Name-Isn’t-Perez-,But-Hey,-I’ve-Still-Learned-Stuff Style! (Continued From Part One!

Written About A Product/Restaurant/Cafe`/Clothing Brand? TELL Them!

Confession: I can’t take 100% credit for this idea. While studying Media & Communications last year, my Marketing teacher asked if he could take a peek at my website, and after reading this post, his immediate response was (well, after pointing out a grammatical error – honestly, how very teacher like, huh?!) is “have you contacted any of these companies to tell them about what you’ve written?” My reply was eloquent and intelligent: “Um, uh… wha – no?” “But WHY?” He asked. ”If somebody wrote about you or your website, wouldn’t you want to know? You should definitely contact them, they’d be thrilled to see that you’re talking about their products, and it will help to get the word out there about your blog!”

Well thank-you, Mr. Mera. While for some reason I didn’t end up contacting the companies behind the products featured in that particular post, I did while writing about this product, and the outcome proved that he’d definitely known what he was talking about.

After e-mailing Trilogy, a woman contacted me from their head office saying how DELIGHTED she was to see what I’d written, and that she’d promptly e-mailed everybody in her office a link to the post to show them and that also, if I ever needed any products from them or anything, would I please let her know? (Now how sweet is that?!) EXCELLENT. The bottom line? Typed up a piece about a great mascara? Eaten a delicious meal somewhere? Get in touch with the company, and let them know. Who knows where it could take you?! (A potential advertising campaign? A lifetime discount at their stores? Good ‘ol GRATITUDE? It’s all win-win!)



If there’s one thing that I’ve learned recently about blogging, it’s that you can’t really be all shy and reclusive about what you’re doing, yet secretly hopeful that your website’s traffic is going to explode and your name’s going to start popping up left, right and centre everywhere: you have to get out there!

Search for social opportunities in your city by typing “____ (for example, Sydney) blogger meet-ups” or “Sydney networking events”, and attend them! “But I’m shy!” You might say. Well hey, guess what? At some stage we ALL are, and that’s okay! Unless your blog is titled ‘I Never Get Shy’ or ‘Confidence Is My Middle Name After Anne’, don’t fret: a slight case of butterflies-in-the-stomach is to be expected, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If I’m invited to attend something or meet someone and find myself feeling stupendously nervous about it, I just remind myself that a) my website isn’t called Perfect & Roll, and that convincing myself that I have to be flawless appearance and conservation wise is not only ridiculous, but impossible (after all, we’re all just everyday, normal people; even Lady Gaga is at the end of the night!); b) turning up somewhere and trying to have as much fun as I can and even making a joke about my nerves is endearing, not a social faux-pas; and c) one day, I’m going to be old. In my eighties, using-a-walking-frame kind of old. Which memory would make me prouder: knowing that I’d gone out, met people and made myself open and receptive to every opportunity possible?; or c) that I’d sat at home, tapping away, wondering about what could have been because I had been too afraid to find out myself? It’s definitely not the latter!

Create A Twitter Account, & USE IT

(And while you’re there, add me! Hooray! We’re TWIENDS!)

I feel like I could devote an entire post to the magnificence that is Twitter alone, because honestly, it has helped me ENORMOUSLY. When I was given two months’ notice to find compulsory work experience last year as a part of passing my studies, where did I turn to? Twitter! Who did I end up interning for? A woman – Sassi Sam – that I had met on, yes, you guessed it: Twitter! In addition to this, I’ve heard about a stack of interesting events (such as skin care brand Dermalogica recently inviting bloggers to attend a special event; unfortunately I couldn’t actually be there, but still!) through there, had amazing “conversations” with other bloggers on there (which has enabled me to discover their blogs, and vice versa), and it’s allowed me to connect with other people and companies that I otherwise might not have been able to: the spectrum of people that are on Twitter is truly incredible!

What’s that? You’re ALREADY using Twitter, but feel as though no extraordinary occurrences have transpired for you? Try a different approach to your interactions! Seek out the people, brands or companies that you admire or would like to be involved with and aim to communicate with them regularly, whether that’s by simply replying to something that they’ve written, sending them a link to something that you think that they could be interested in, or re-tweeting their “tweets” (140 character or less statements).

Part three is on its way, but for now, ponder this! How much bustle have you put into your hustle recently?



21 responses to “The Blogger’s Guide To Hustling: Networking, Promoting & Getting Your Blog Out There! (Part Two!) ♥

  1. Yup twitter is most definitely helpful. I’m still new to twitter and I haven’t really consciously done a lot finding more followers, but every time I blog, I tweet about it.

    I bet the Gala link gave you a spike in traffic, huh?

    I like the idea about contacting companies when you write about their product. I haven’t done a product review yet, but when I wrote about my no shampoo adventure, I linked to my post when commenting on several relevant blogs and definitely noticed the traffic increase – it’s my most popular post!

    Thanks Corinne, keep up the excellent work!

  2. I loved part one, & I love part two even more.

    I recently went through of stage of wondering if to continue blogging, but it’s things like this that inspire and motivate me. So thank you 😀

    You covered some really good points.

    & Twitter is amazing!

    Can’t wait for part 3.

  3. These are great Corrine! I’m already looking forward to Part 3 🙂

    Hahaha, is it wrong that I read the quotes in my head in Michael’s voice? Hahaha, I loved him. “I think that Kerri Anne’s show is very good, I watch it when I am mopping my house”

  4. You’re SO right about having to go out there and get opportunities! I’ve been too passive, I can see – although I do love twitter (and found you through it!)

    You only started this blog 5 months before me…but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

  5. I’m starting to use twitter for my business :DDD, it’s awesome. Also, I’m meeting a bunch of people here in Mexico and that is always awesome in itself.

    My personal blog… No, I don’t want it to become “famous”, I’m happy with little traffic (less stress on my free server) and while I long for the days when I’ll recieve 100+ comments… it’s not going to happen to that blog right now because I don’t want it to.

    Your teacher’s idea was A+! Contacting the company after you wrote about them, I would have never thought about it (another reason qhy I enginerr and not market) =).

    Waiting anixously for parte 3

  6. I don’t have a blog, but I love your advice about what your 80 year old self would say. That’s great advice for any situation!

  7. Twitter is so damn great for everything (getting guest list spots for concerts, learning about great TV shows and generally getting links out quickly!).

    I think the only thing really holding me back and being all present everywhere are internet trolls!

  8. I’m still not sure about twitter…

    Great article, can’t wait for the next installment.

  9. It’s so good to be back and come to amazing articles like this one! Love the way you write, it just draws you in. Can’t wait for the next few to come along!

  10. Hey Corinne, just wanted to say thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog 🙂 xxx

  11. Awesome tips!! I would definitely make use of them!! xoxoxoxoo

  12. I never even thought of contacting websites etc that I link in posts. Good tip!

  13. Not much hustle, to be honest… I feel like I’m in a transitional moment, and still have to decide how much I would like to “get out there”.

    So now I rather stock up on posts, clearing my mind, and then I’ll think about getting everything out there… it may not be the best strategy, but it works for me now 😉

    These posts are amazing, keep them coming!

  14. I love the idea of letting companies know that you’re talking about them, I was going to do that once and chickened out at the last second. 😛 And if there is ever a blogger meetup in Dublin, I will definately go. Or any fashion related event really, there’s bound to be bloggers at them.

    Can’t wait for part 3!


  15. I. Love. Twitter. And this blog post. I was hired to work on someone’s website, and he wants blog posts. It’s kind of coincidental, but I asked him if he had twitter. He said no, he hated twitter. And i was explaining how useful twitter is when it comes to blogging and exposure and things like that… I’m not sure if he will follow my advice, but I hope so.

    When I do reviews of books/music, I usually try to get in contact with the people if I can and send them the link. Often times they repost it on their facebook walls for their followers, hehe. It makes me feel great.

  16. These posts are great! I’ve been blogging for about a month and love it! I started because I’m an aspiring journalist so I thought it’d be a good way to write on a daily basis plus join the really supportive blogging community.

  17. What a smart, funny blog you have, Corinne. I’m thinking of starting my own one soon for my work (everything seems to be going online these days, way of the future and all and I’ve saved this article to help out. Looking forward to part 3.

  18. Yes! this is spot on! and i miss sydney so badly! i was there last summer.

  19. I love the idea of contacting vendors you mention. I’m in the process now of finding contact info for David’s Bridal because I raved about them in my blog.


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