A Thought For The Day… How Many People Admire Us From Afar? ♥

SHEESH. We’re all so hard on ourselves sometimes, aren’t we?!

About our careers, relationships, studies, living situation, qualifications, appearance, whether or not that sandwich would have tasted infinitely more scrumptious with sweet chilli sauce instead of tomato – our decisions. Our choices!

But while we’re silently berating ourselves (or saying “no, silly. A stir-fry would’ve been a FAR superior option to a sandwich!”), how many people are secretly applauding our actions from a distance?



(Images thanks to Post Secret.)


6 responses to “A Thought For The Day… How Many People Admire Us From Afar? ♥

  1. i love this so much I am going to post it to my blog’s Facbook page…I woke up with the Monday blues today..thank you for cheering me up!! xx

  2. Ms. Sublime – You are so very, very welcome! Thank-you so much for your lovely comment, and I hope your day just continues to get better and better from here! 🙂

  3. This is so sweet!

    And true, we all need these kind of reminders once in a while!

  4. I saw this on post secret and loved it, too. I really really want to know what other people from afar think of me – not in an ‘OMG I must know so that I can change myself!’ kind of way – I’m far too secure in myself for that to bother me. I just want to know out of curiosity!

  5. Hi, this thing cheer me up too when I woke up this gloomy Tuesday.

    It’s funny hey sometimes you look at some things just at the right time right place


  6. 🙂 i love postsecret so much.

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