Thank Frock It’s Friday! (Monday!) ♥


Oops! Guess who forgot to write It’s Friday on, uh, a Friday?! (Hint: not George Clooney.)

Presenting, belatedly, my favourite things from the week that was!

x Standing Next To Lola Van Vorst (Above!) From Australia’s Next Top Model Season 5 At The Bus Stop & Feeling Like An Absolute Dwarf – Seriously! She was pretty and ENORMOUS. I think this encounter excited me because a) well, she was just so ludicrously stunning, in that whole I’m-trying-not-to-stare-but-am-failing-miserably kind of way; and b) I couldn’t help but think “ooh! Even semi-famous people have to endure the L90, too!”

x Anticipating A Weekend Full Of Rest & Relaxation – Wiseman’s Ferry, here we come! Walking! Talking! Having meals together, relaxing and completing a miniature road trip! As lame as it may sound, I can’t WAIT for the weekend ahead, simply for the fact that I get to spend an entire weekend with my boyfriend (a rarity!), and the opportunity to explore somewhere new.


x Finding Silly, Sparkly Objects To Add To Outfits – A glitter-encrusted butterfly which typically adorns my wall? Yes! A diamante` covered vaccum cleaner? No! (Although, that would be kind of impressive, right?!)

x Other Little Things – Wearing false eyelashes; $5 pizza lunches; afternoon sushi feasts; traipsing through the streets of Surry Hills; coconut and lime scented body mist; researching beauty treatments and surreptitiously drooling; crystal shopping; sweet potato fries; messages from people that you haven’t spoken to for AGES; watching the sun rise; and people watching!

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

x Experiment with wearing different colours and observe if your mood changes: do you feel more serene in purple? Radiant in yellow? Bull-like in red?! (It’s strange, but I DEFINITELY feel sunnier in brighter shades!)

Ditch your weekly shop at the supermarket and take to the markets or a gigantic green grocer, instead. Okay, so supermarket prices can traditionally be slightly lower than those found at independent retailers, but the food that can be found at the latter is usually so much more delicious and interesting! Handmade pastas! Foreign cheeses! Fresh breads and international sweet treats! D-e-l-e-c-t-a-b-l-e.

x Try a new fruit and add it to your breakfast. Pomegranate on toast? A custard apple over oats? Dragon fruit in a smoothie?

Bare walls? Old wallpaper? Oh, wallpaper, schmallpaper! Why not line your walls with maps of the world, instead?

Happy Friday Monday/August! (Yes, August! Excuse me, but have you seen my friend 2010?!)

How was your week/weekend?


10 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! (Monday!) ♥

  1. A roadtrip! Please do enjoy it for me :D.

    A mini diamante covered vacuum cleaner could actually look cool, like Carey Mulligan’s Oscars dress covered in little forks and stuff.

    My week:

    – Going to a wedding in the weirdest part of Mexico city (seriously, it was even farther than going to my grandma’s house and we didn’t even leave the state!)

    – Going to se Despicable Me with my overgrown boys (I swer they were more excited than all the 2 year olds in the theatre)

    – Getting new Twitter followers and opening my Facebook Page

    Next week:

    – Registering for my last college classes

    – My b-day on Wednesday 😀

    – Getting my business cards printed

    – Picking up my iPod’s dock cable

    – German classes!

  2. Julie – Yay! How old (young!) are you turning, Julie? And German classes sound so excellent, I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak German! (Or Italian, purely for its sizzle factor!)

  3. Love your model sighting – the L90 was the spite of my existence for the few years I lived out Av/MV way! Epic journey every time (but the prettiest bus ride in sydney by a long shot!)

  4. Kate – Thanks, Kate! It’s not every day that you have a supermodel standing next to you in sunny old Newport ;D Although, she apparently lives in Newport! And yes, hands down, epic journey and all, it’s still one of the prettiest!

  5. Can I take the next two days off work… “But Corinne said it’s friday…”

    The best bit about shopping at the market is that you save so much on basics, you can splurge on the fancy foreign stuff 🙂 Also, it’s realy foreign stuff not fake foreign, repackaged at much more expensive price stuff (I’m looking at you “Obento” range).

  6. Lola! She was my favourite ANTM in that cycle for sure.

    Loving the idea of trying new fruits for breakfast.

  7. Ooo! Wearing different colors and observing any mood changes sounds like an interesting experiment. I’ll have to do it, especially since I wear mainly black on weekdays.

  8. Ohhh, Surry Hills is my dream living location.

    That is also a really beautiful photo of you too 🙂 I love it!

    Have a fabulous time at Wiseman’s Ferry! x

  9. Where has 2010 GONE? I mean, August is my favorite month (my birthday is in 10 days, yay!) but still… ! This weekend I loved: baking, getting my nails done, and relaxing. And this week I’m going to be packing!

  10. Sounds like a lovely week/weekend! I love the sparkly butterfly.

    I definitely want to try the colour thing, I’ve had thoughts for years but never actually tried it.

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