So Smart, I Feel Nervous In Their Presence: Clever Blogging Tools Of The Trade! ♥

There are many questions which keep me awake at night: I wonder when The Mentalist will be returning to TV? Who IS Red John? And honestly, HOW can you post a link to Twitter without that those pesky -5grey characters appearing, reminding you that you’ve exceeded their 140 character or less word limit?!

WELL. While the former is still keeping me well and truly tossing and turning (tell me, channel nine, TELL ME!), I’ve since discovered how to conquer the latter, and a few other clever wee blogging tricks of the trade, too! Corrine: 1. Grey Characters: 0.

Use Tiny Url To Shorten The Length Of Links

It’s free! It’s clever! It’ll turn that super long website address into one that is 26 characters or less! If you’re using Twitter and want to share a link but are perennially batlling with their 140 character or less word limit, this is very pleasing news indeed.

Develop Your Own Photo Collages With Picnik

There are many wonderful image manipulation programs which will actually allow you to create these yourself. I do not own a single one of them. Luckily, Picnik is a very nifty little (free!) product which will allow you to make up your own collages, minus Photoshop. Whee! (Psst! It’s also a great tool to use for any photo editing, too!)


Create Whimsical Polaroid-Style Photos With Poladroid 

With the abundance of polaroid-style photos floating around on the internet, you could be forgiven for temporarily wondering how the heck everyone had suddenly acquired such a camera: “was there some kind of sale? Were they just magically handing them out the street?! HOW?!” But you see, you don’t have to own one to be able to create these yourself: you can just download Poladroid and turn any image into a dreamy, polaroid-like photo, instead!

Become Friends With We Heart It & Tumblr For Beautiful Photographs, Sans Personal Photographer

Fact: 98% of the images used on Frock & Roll originate from We Heart It. This is fantastic because there are new, beautiful photos added to the website every second, but not-so fantastic because it can be incredibly difficult to credit the original source of an image. It’s also guilty of thieving criminal lengths of my time. But hey – these are relationship quirks that I can absolutely learn to roll with in the pursuit of beautiful imagery!

Set Up A Flickr Account To Re-Size Your Images

Sometimes I’ll find an image that’s too large. Other times I’ll stumble across one that’s not small enough. Then, before it all gets too stressful and I start cursing about having the computer skills of a cat, I’ll simply upload one of them onto Flickr, and bask in the magnificence that is their “all sizes” option, feeling significantly smarter for knowing that a cat could DEFINITELY not have mastered such a move.

Flickr! Poladroid! Picnik! Have you tried any of these services before, and do you have any clever blogging tools of the trade to share?


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20 responses to “So Smart, I Feel Nervous In Their Presence: Clever Blogging Tools Of The Trade! ♥

  1. I have been wondering for so long how people take those cute Polaroids! I thought they took them with an old Polaroid camera and scanned them onto the computer, then uploaded them… (d’oh) what’s worse is that I was going to try it! Thank you for showing that website 😀


  2. Stef – You are so welcome, haha! And don’t worry, I do things like that all the time, too 🙂 (Which is exactly why I wrote this, because I thought there might be other people going “huh? How does THAT work?!” out there, too!)

  3. Picasa (the program not the web albums) is a great free tool to make collages, gifs, even slideshows with your pictures. It’s also good for a quick retouch and colour balance adjustment with it’s ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button.

    Another tool I like for pictures is Adobe Lightroom, it has loads of nice presets to give your pics cool effects and it also optimizes your pics for the web.

    Those are the three that come off the top of my head.

    Weheartit s my new favourite web time waster, I can spend hours looking for pictures there.

  4. Great tips! I will definitely be downloading Polaroid.

    My number one tip is to start out with the best quality photos you can. You don’t need a professional photographer or amazing camera, but figure out what works best for you. I find using natural light is the best way to get good photos. This way, you won’t be limited when you start editing

  5. Thanks for the tips – the Poladroid one looks so neat! And I LOVE Flickr!

  6. Oh thanks so much for this list! I’m definately going to use tinyurl from now on – I always wondered how twitterers were making their links so small! And piknik sounds like it’ll save me from making photocollages using microsoft paint (which takes ageees!)

  7. I love Picnik! I have GIMP (like Photoshop) but it’s such a hassle, I’d rather use Picnik. I didn’t know it has a collage function! I’m so using that for a post at some point!

    Flickr is also a really good source for photographs. I’ll check out WeHeartIt.


  8. I’m not a fan of tiny urls – you have no indication what the post’s subject is. So then you have to write something to tell people.

  9. I looove poladroid! I turned all the pictures on my phone of people ringing me into a polaroid of them 🙂

    I’ve just gotten into we heart it after having been an avid tumblr..woah what a great procrastination tool!

    Will look out for this picnik one though, sounds great!

  10. I’ve always wondered how to make those Polaroid things! So good. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. I use most of what you mentioned!

    Tinyurl is genius! I use it all the time.

    & we heart it is my little bubble of inspiration. So many amazing things get uploaded there!

  12. I always wondered about Picnik — I think I’m going to give it a try, since Photoshop stresses me out sometimes. I love it, but it can just be so fickle & complicated.

    BTW, Corrine, you’re so smart, I would probably feel nervous in your presence. Your posts have been on fire lately, girl!

  13. Yes, yes, yes! All of these are my most favorite tools. I’m SO happy you mentioned Poladroid because i once had it downloaded on my old computer, lost it, and couldn’t ever remember the name! Thank you so much!

    Picnik sounds very interesting as well! I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the great links, Corrine.

  14. I use TinyUrl sometimes, and I love WeHeartIt. The easiest way to find pretty photos. ❤

  15. I didn’t know about picknik, thank you so much!

    about we heart it, I always link back to the page where I’ve found the picture I’m using, it may not be the original source, but at least that’s where I’ve taken it (and sometimes they have a long history of links to track back)

  16. i heart poladroid so much! i’ve never tried picnik before; i’ll have to

  17. I’ve been using tinyurl for Twitter for two years and I’m getting disturbed by how noticably longer the urls are getting! Lol, have you noticed that, too?

  18. I can spend hours pouring over the pictures on weheartit! and I’d never heard of picnik before so thanks for that recommendation!

  19. I think we must be on the same wavelength Corrine! I was just trying to figure out an easy way of making a collage – I usually use Paint but it takes so long and distorts the image. Thank you gorgeous! 🙂 xx

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