A Thought For The Day… How Much Are Bloggers Worth? ♥


An interesting wee question posed by Australian fashion blogger Hayley Hughes on her Twitter account over the weekend:

”WAIT – so if Vogue Australia only sells 50,000 copies in June, and I get over 50,000 hits for my blog in the month of June, why am I not getting more $$$?!”

How much are bloggers worth?



6 responses to “A Thought For The Day… How Much Are Bloggers Worth? ♥

  1. There are flaws in Hayley’s logic with this – Vogue gets 50,000 unique readers per month whereas with a blog you might get the same people visiting every day – eg. if you had 2,000 people view your blog every day = 60,000 “unique” hits a month. Not the same thing at all.

    Also, the Vogue readers prolly share their mag with mates etc whereas you wouldn’t get your friends to read a blog over your shoulder (you might send them the link though).

    Also the Vogue readers are paying for the magazine and would be reading the whole thing, I think. That’s a lot of pages per reader.

    Not having a go at Hayley, just saying that the logic doesn’t add up.

  2. t’s an interesting thought. I don’t really think I’m worth…well..anything as a blogger! Haha that sounds horrible. What I mean is that, my blogging is just a hobby. Though I suppose if someone paid me to do it, that would be nice. Not sure that my blog posts would translate very well into actual print media, though. Hmmm.

  3. I never really thought about that question before but it would be really nice to make some money for doing something you love 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. that’s a very interesting thought… some bloggers should definitely be worth more $$$… but at the same time, with that much traffic on their blogs, those who have it actually do get paid.

    on the same note, i agree with kathryn, she makes some good points..

    p.s. great, great blog!

  5. Definitely something to help me stay awake before my class (it’s 6:34 am here). I agree with most things that Kathryn said.

    Blogs don’t work the way Vogue does and some (most) bloggers don’t have the big bucks to pull the things that Vogue does in it’s pages… don’t forget that.

    Interesting thoughts though.

  6. Very interesting…

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