Style Challenge: From Formal To INFORMAL! ♥

There are occasions where you want to appear all ‘formal’ – such as when you’re attending a fancy pants event – and occasions where, really, the most formal you want to appear is extremely informal, because heavens, there’s dog walking and cleaning and adventures to be had, and who wants to don a ball gown for any of THAT?! (Actually, I kind of do, but seeing as this admission is detrimental to my overall point, I won’t continue it! For now.)

So what do we actually do once we’ve cultivated the garb necessary for more formal or fancy pants events and shimmied about in it? Return it to our wardrobes, only for it to hang there languidly for another twelve months, desperately hoping for another similar opportunity where it can be temporarily whisked out and show-ponied around the city, only to be placed back in its original place hours later? NO! That’s prime wardrobe real estate that that bridesmaid’s dress is hogging, and in order to keep its turf, it has to work a lot harder than that! But how? It’s all much simpler than it seems: with a clever accessory or two to transform it from nighttime-only to day-friendly!

Example #1: The Peachy Coloured Dress

Peachy coloured dress! Remember me? You should do, because we had quite the fling in a Paddington boutique once upon a time, didn’t we?! Oh, yes. It’s all coming back now, isn’t it? With your $20 price tag we immediately bonded, but it was your “reduced from $300” tag that truly sealed the deal! “What an AMAZING bargain!” I thought. “Goodness, what a savvy purchase THAT was! I can’t wait to wear it to a dinner or something!” Of course, when a dinner or more formal occasion rears its head, I don’t want to wear peachy coloured dresses – I want to wear the sequin-filled, 80’s-esque extravaganzas that I’ve accumulated and have been itching to wear in the meantime, and so little peachy coloured dress has never quite made its special guest appearance out on the town – until Saturday that it, is! I introduced her to a pair of beaten up boots, stockings and a cardigan, and suddenly she had a whole new lease on life. Ta-dah!

Example #2: The Metallic Tulle Dress

A shiny, metallic red frock complete with a layer of tulle underneath? Yes! A shoddy photograph? Um, yes, it’s that too. Sorry about that.

I purchased this dress approximately four years ago with the intention of wearing it to a Christmas party, except that I never actually did, and it’s been waiting impatiently for me ever since.

But, for no longer! I wore it to the supermarket yesterday paired with a long-sleeved casual t-shirt and it was a concoction that didn’t even rouse ONE suspicious/dubious look! And if that’s not the test of a ‘safe’ everyday outfit, then I don’t know what is.

Example #3: The Muted Yellow Party Dress

This muted yellow number is a rather fun item for a party, but a one-trick closet pony simply just won’t do! And ooh, does my face say it all: “oh, so you think you can just rest on your laurels, Review dress? HA! Have I got news for you!”  

And the news was this: just look at the difference that a beanie and over-sized cardigan can make! Why, I could button that baby up and nobody would know that I was wearing a chiffon gown underneath it! It’s officially earned its residence.

Call them into your bedroom for a ‘meeting’: how productive have your dressier items been over the years? Do they deserve to be claiming as much space as they do, and if so, are they working as hard as they could be?



15 responses to “Style Challenge: From Formal To INFORMAL! ♥

  1. 😮

    Where did you get that black and white top? It’s like Carrie’s in Satc so pretty!

  2. I have no fancy clothes 😦

  3. Elle – Thanks Elle! Somebody actually made it for me a few years ago 🙂

    Kathryn – Awww! Vinnie’s/Salvo’s, my friend! The Paddington boutique dress (and then, only because it was $20!) aside, that’s honestly where 99.9% of my clothes come from – (to me) they’re always way more cost effective/interesting than what’s available brand new in any other store!

  4. I have two formal dresses, one is an evening pink gown that’s super long and the other is my silver dress.

    The pink gown is a work of art that I might never wear again but it’s too gown-y for this experiment. The silver dress looks awesome with a top underneath and my grey cardigan over it or my black cardigan to stop showing so much skin. It’s really versatile.

    Awesome idea, plus, I like how the red gown/skirts looks on you.

  5. I don’t actually have many “formal” items in my wardrobe because I find them so hard to co-ordinate with other things. I always feel like if I wear my formalish stuff during the day people are going to accost me in the street and loudly tell the world about this silly person wearing a formal gown to Woolworths. Can you tell I’m a little paranoid?

  6. What a great post! I really need to try to learn from this post, I have a lot of dresses that just hangs in my closet waiting for the right time to be used.

    Response> Thank you sweetie.

  7. Wow! You really won this challenge!

    I like all the combinations you came up with 🙂

  8. What a fun and inspirational group of remixes!

  9. so glad your putting those fancy clothes to good use! i have to learn to be a little more inventive.

    i love the black and white striped shirt so much! 🙂

    thanks for stopping in and commenting on my blog! 🙂

  10. I almost never dress formally, except for maybe special events like weddings. I do love dresses though, but I always feel strange wearing them. I really like the ones in the post, especially the last one.

  11. I love all of these outfits! I don’t have too much formal stuff but I have so many mini dresses which I buy for parties and then never end up wearing again because I don’t want to wear the same thing twice, UGH.

  12. My problem is I have no dressy clothes! I don’t go anywhere that really requires it so I didn’t start buying them until, oh, six months ago. I only owned one dress prior to this summer – and I didn’t even wear it once!

    I like how you dressed down your dresses. I’ll keep them in mind when I try to do the same!

  13. i tend to get the most out of the clothes hanging in my closet. i rely very much on unconventional ways of wearing them, layerings of all sorts, mix&matching them to death. it’s quite fun actually 😀

    i love the way you illustrated here. the last dress is my fave!


  14. So darn creative, you are!

    I hope your week’s going so well!

  15. You are so beautiful xxxx

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