A Thought For The Day… Body Image & Self-Esteem ♥

As someone who spent a tremendous ridiculous amount of their teenage years feeling as minx-like as a dugong at their leanest weight and attractive as a warthog the rest of the time, I appreciate the following visual sentiment immensely!

SERIOUSLY! If you want to lose weight, terrific! If you don’t and couldn’t give two hoots about the calorie content of a Bulgarian pot pie or Italian breadstick, superb! But whatever your preference, you absolutely don’t have to buy into the whole “I’m-going-to-think-crappy-thoughts-about-myself-until-I’m-this-or-that” philosophy. (Surely there are many more magnificent things to expend mental energy on? Like how cute kittens look when dressed in frog costumes?!)

Hear, hear!


(Image thanks to Post Secret. Where I could spend hours. But thankfully don’t.)


9 responses to “A Thought For The Day… Body Image & Self-Esteem ♥

  1. I love that picture! Post Secret is the best.

    Em xo


  2. Couldn’t agree more – although admittedly some days I follow the notion that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels and other days actually that pizza tastes bloody lush and so what if I’m not a size 8 for my wedding in 9 weeks – agggh! But, whatever my mindset or body weight, at the end of the day, I’ve got a man who wants to grow old with me and two pups who jump all over me adoringly when I get home – what more do I need!

  3. I’m with you on this one! It doesn’t matter what you look like (or what you WISH you looked like). We all need to give ourselves love.

  4. Em – It is! Although sometimes some of the secrets (and the things that people choose to keep secret, instead of actually sharing them or living them out) make me feel kind of sad.

    Nicola (Pointy Pix) – Exactly! 😀

    Vanessa – We DO!

  5. Agree completely! As long as someone is healthy and happy with their size, they shouldn’t feel bad about being some sort of “ideal” size.

    Awesome blog by the way! I’m definitely subscribing 🙂 Thank you for visiting me blog!

  6. Melanie – You’re so welcome, and thank-you so much! What delightfully kind words you write! 🙂 (And pssst! I’m going to subscribe to yours, too!)

  7. I LOVE PostSecret! Great post & reminder. It’s not something I think about so much anymore but I still get the occasional bout of the “ugh, I’m so fat” disease.

  8. It’s so true, as much as I want to lose a few kgs, I always feel pretty good about myself – I LOVE MY LIFE, honestly I think being fit and healthy and having a body that does eveything it was made to do is fantastic 🙂

  9. I always say that I care and I’m going to exercise more and blah blah but I never do and I couldn’t give a dam about it.

    I love PostSecret!

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