YOUR Post Secrets ♥

After sharing yesterday’s Post Secret thoughts on weight and self-esteem, I thought gosh, wouldn’t a cup of tea be SENSATIONAL right about now?!”

And then I remembered that I didn’t actually have any (d’oh!), and got to thinking about what my secrets would look like scribbled on post cards, instead.

Now, I didn’t happen to have any of those lying around either (they’re now on my shopping list next to ‘tea’!), but if I did, THIS is what I imagine I would scrawl on them:

I want tea.


“Those home renovation shows which feature elderly couples who are so excited by the results of their made-over property that they cry? They will ALWAYS make me cry (with happiness/sadness/“oh my god, isn’t that couple CUTE?!”), too!”


“It’s weird! It’s crazy! It makes NO SENSE! But the feel of those scourer sponges REALLY creeps me out!”(In a strange, nails-on-a-chalkboard kind of way!)


“My biggest fear in life is sponges – I mean, REGRETS. I can convince myself to do almost anything with a “but Corrine! Life is SHORT!” “


“My two favourite movies are This Is Spinal Tap and Finding Nemo. This possibly speaks VOLUMES about my personality!”


“I don’t *gulp* care about fashion week.”

My secrets are out!

An indifference to catepillars? A penchant for conversations with filing cabinets?!

What kind of information would your post secrets reveal?



17 responses to “YOUR Post Secrets ♥

  1. What’s the name of the font you used in the last picture??

  2. S – Edwardian Script – it’s the same font used in Frock And Roll’s header/banner! 🙂

  3. Sometimes, I just want to be married with kids, and bake cakes all day.

    I listen to John Denver’s ‘Country Roads on a Sunday morning! Its uncool but I cant help it.

    I had hula hoops breakfast yesterday. It wasn’t the first time 😦 Bad I know but they are v yummy!

    I too ‘gulp’ don’t care about fashion week itself too much, I just love fashion though. Hard one to explain when you write a blog about beauty and lifrestyle!

  4. Finding Nemo is one of my favourite animated movies (along with a Bug’s Life and UP)!!!

    Secrets on postcards… Mmm I love stalking the post secret blog for those and the post secret twitter for quotes from secrets.

  5. interesting… i don’t think i could say i have secrets-secrets… just some weird facts about myself maybe? i shall think about it 😉

    love the pictures! =D

  6. I have ‘internal’ conversations with myself where in Brave Nicola World, I imagine saying the things to people that I really want to but that politeness/fear/a desire to keep living prevent me from actually saying out loud. I sometimes use Twitter as my outlet #thingsidontsayoutloud!

  7. Oh my god, I love This is Spinal Tap too!

    And I live where all the fashion week madness has been taking place this past week– I could care less too! The streets are crowded & everyone is almost breaking an ankle in ridiculous shoes.

  8. Those home improvements shows make me cry all the time! That, and Glee.

    Which is interesting, because I don’t usually cry when something sad happens. haha

  9. I loved this ♥ so interesting.

    I also don’t have much care about fashion week… sometimes I wish I did because for some reason I think I should but.. yeah. I don’t.

    Well, in general I believe I’m fairly weird, so I dread to think of what kind of things would come out. Haha.

  10. Ms. Sublime – Awww, your secrets are adorable 😀 And I know EXACTLY what you mean – I’m interested in fashion and beauty too, but Fashion Week? (Regardless of WHICH country it’s being showcased in at the time!) Not in the slightest! I’m not entirely sure what my (longstanding!) aversion to it is, but the whole concept has always struck me as kind of ridiculous: waiting hours for shows to commence! Wearing supremely uncomfortable shoes! Freaking out about your outfit and trying to trump/impress others! Jeez, it’s just FASHION! It doesn’t have to be such a serious affair!

    Julie – There’s a Post Secret Twitter as well?! I MUST get on this! 😀

    Daiane – Me too – which is probably exactly what these are!

    Nicola (Pointy Pix) – Oh, I think we all have those occasionally! 😉 Does it make you feel better about a particular situation/outcome having those kinds of conversations internally, though? I’m intrigued, because I’m really the sort of “right, I’m thinking it, I HAVE TO LET IT OUT!”-type person!

    Ayesha – It’s C-R-A-Z-Y! Sure, I appreciate beautiful garments as much as the next person with a set of eyes, but the whole fanfare entailed with Fashion Week just seems batty!

    Melanie – That IS interesting!

    Skye – Why thank-you very much! 🙂 And psh, you’re not weird! You’re LOVELY, and what is “weird”, anyway?! Everybody’s got their something!

  11. Hey Corrine!

    So glad you found my blog, I’ve loved exploring yours.

    I love your outlook on life… challenging the status quo, location independence, paving your own path… Look forward to following along more!



  12. I cry at those home improvements shows too

    I sometimes eat dessert for breakfast

    When I buy a magazine I can’t buy the one at the front of the stack! GOD NO!!!

  13. Hey! I care about fashion week when it’s in New Zealand baby! 😀

    I don’t know what I would PostSecret… perhaps that I scarf down tomato sauce on toast when I come home drunk at 3 ‘oclock in the morning 🙂 x

  14. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! First, I really want to say that I love the layout of your page here, and secondly – your post secrets are amazing. I can tell you are a loving and caring person with a good character and a healthy sense of opinion. Nice one!

  15. Rather nice site you’ve got here. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.


  16. I feel the same way about those damn sponges!

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