What The Frock?! : 04/10/10 ♥


As soon as I spotted this stripy maxi-dress number on Modcloth a couple of weeks ago, it was INSTANT love.

The length!

The cut!

The divine swish factor!

It had to be mine! I immediately purchased it and have been eagerly waiting for the perfect opportunity to fling it on (it has been uncharacteristically cold and rainy in Sydney lately!) ever since.

This is what I wore to lunch with my boyfriend, his friend and his friend’s girlfriend today, and to uh, absolutely and not-so-fabulously freak out. We are leaving for Europe next Wednesday. There has only VERY recently been a travel warning issued advising travellers not to venture into Europe, and to avoid using their public transport systems and visiting tourist spots because of the extreme (and unfortunate) likelihood of a terrorist attack. A person that lives their life ruled by fear I am 100% NOT (because yes, I could completely be hit by a bus tomorrow!), but it’s a sad, uncomfortable and frightening realisation all the same.


What I’m Wearing:

x Modcloth’s ‘Whisked Away’ dress – brilliantly, this dress is super comfortable, but if height-wise you’re a teensy bit on the tiny side, I wouldn’t recommend it: I’m giraffe-like in stature and the back of this dress STILL trails on the ground behind me, making tall shoes a compulsory accompaniment!
 Black shrug and wedges (I’ve had both of these for so long that I can’t even remember where I purchased them from!)
Sparkly skull bag
My Name Necklace’s silver ‘Frock & Roll’ nameplate necklace

How was YOUR day? And I have to ask, if the destination that you were due to arrive at soon was under the possible threat of terrorism, how would you feel about it? Would it make you less likely to complete your holiday, or would you simply shrug your shoulders and think “bah! Whatever’s meant to be, will be!” The latter typically exemplifies my attitude towards EVERYTHING, but I have to admit, at the moment I’m feeling slightly nervous!



18 responses to “What The Frock?! : 04/10/10 ♥

  1. Love the dress! Modcloth have lots of cute stuff but international sizing confuses me. :S How accurate are their sizes compared to what you would usually wear?

  2. Gorgeous! The stripes are so amazing!

    I wouldn’t worry too much, just use common sense and enjoy yourself.

  3. I love that dress, maxi dresses are great they always make you look so slim and tall and I love anything with a bit of flounce.

    I wouldn’t worry about the terror threats, don’t let them ruin your holiday they whole point of going on holiday is to have an amazing fantastic time and do great things there’s no point being scared and hiding in your hotel the whole time because of some suspected terror threat is there?

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  5. I’m too tiny for the dress but boy do I love it!!!

    I wouldn’t get too nervous. I’m thinking of it like in 2009 when there was the Swine flu here in Mexico (flu doesn’t compare to terrorist attacks though) that everyone thought that it was a ghost town and whatnot but it really wasn’t. After a while (like a weekend) the government had really gotten their act together and things were being opened and it wasn’t such a chaos as the media had made it out to be. However, shortly after that a plane crashed in the middle of the city (it was a terrorist attack bc the secretary of government was in the plane) and there was no alert, so you never know.

    So I say go and try to work around the rules. Go on the hours that they recommend, even if it’s too early. You only go on a trip once and you better make the most of it.

  6. Lovely dress! As someone who is traveling to a popular destination in France next week (uh-oh!) I found myself actually feeling a bit blah about the whole terrorism threat thing- not because I am hugely brave! But I think I’ve become a bit desensitized by all the raising and lowering of terrorism threats around here, my first thought was ‘oh no, now things are gonna be slower at the airport’! So don’t worry, apparently you’re more likely to be a victim of petty theft in Europe than terrorism! Just enjoy yourself on hol, don’t give another thought to it and que sera sera (and watch your handbag I guess!)

  7. That does have a nice swish to it, doesn’t it? Very nice.

  8. Eee, the dress! It makes me think of Sweeney Todd! (in the best way possible :D)

    Honestly, some people would call me ridiculous, but I wouldn’t really worry about the terrorist thing. A lot of stuff gets really overblown because they *have* to warn people at the slightest possibility, even if nothing comes of it, you know? Kind of like the swine flu thing, like Juliette said – you had people thinking it was going to be some huge epidemic, but nope! I would just exercise common sense and be safe. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  9. nice dress!

    I wouldn’t worry too much….I’ve been using european public transportation for 18 years now. I haven’t heard anything about the warnings so far. I flew to america 5 days after 9/11.

    Enjoy your state. Have lots and lots of fun!


  10. Stripes!

    I lllllllluuuuuuurve stripes!

    And you look so good in it, a great purchase and a great outfit!

  11. To be honest, I’m one of those people who thinks the plane will crash and burn nearly every time I get on one (although I still do it), so for me the terrorist alert isn’t much of a hindrance. It’s also worth noting that the warnings are SUPER vague – no one has actually said anything more than “Something might go down somewhere at sometime, so look sharp!”. When you’re travelling, you should always be aware of your surrounding and keep a weather eye out, not just this time because the government says so. You’ll be fine!

  12. I love it! I’m way to tiny for dresses like this, but it looks fabulous on you.

    As for the travel advisory…I’d say to heck with it, just go! You mentioned at least twice in this post that you are not the type of person to make decisions ruled by fear, so don’t! Like some people said above, use your common sense…and I would also add, trust your intuition. It’s stronger than you think. If you have a bad feeling about something, do something else.

    Anyway…I feel like if these attacks really were being planned, they won’t be carried out now that they’re being broadcasted all over the world, you know?

  13. Firstly – gorgeous dress – being only 5ft 2(&1/2) inches tall I could never get away with it but it looks the business!

    Secondly, having grown up in Northern Ireland during the height of the troubles in the 70/80s (and even nowadays actually as a bomb went off in my home town last night) I would say that I wouldn’t let a terrorist threat stop me from travelling anywhere. The only thing it does is make the whole travelling experience a nightmare as the airport stops being an exciting part of the journey and is now just one lengthy queue after another. Enjoy your trip to Europe – if it’s for you, it won’t go past you so just enjoy the ride, I say!

  14. Looks so good on you, you wear Maxi dresses well!

  15. You pull off maxi dresses so well! You look so elegant. You should absolutely wear this dress to the Eiffel Tower when you go!

    As for the travel warnings, I tend to have the same attitude you do about them. I mean, I went to visit my family in Pakistan days after a bombing & there were riots & flooding when I was there…not much shakes me! I would go & just enjoy your trip, & be careful.

  16. I liked the Whisked Away Dress too but was worried about how fitted the bust area is. It really suits you though 🙂

  17. that dress looks gorgeous on you!! ❤

    Have a safe trip lovely


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