Thank Frock It’s Friday! (On A Monday!) ♥

Gulp! Eek! Nervous collar pull!

Curse that crafty little character time and its speedy wee legs, because it’s managed to escape from me AGAIN!

Presenting, belatedly, my favourite things from the week that was! (On a Monday!)

x Extreme Travel (Or, Travelling Through 11 Cities In 19 Days!) – Yes! That’s why things have been so embarrassingly quiet around here lately: I’ve been hopping through different countries! Last month I departed sunny Sydney for lovely London, and after spending almost a week there, my boyfriend and I met up with 50 other excitable travellers to commence a three-week tour of Europe, visiting Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Munich, Innsbruck, Venice, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Lucerne and Paris!

Now, excuse me if I sound like I’m throwing my ‘Captain Obvious’ cap on, but honestly, I imagine that it would be impossible not to be gloriously swept off your feet by Europe: there’s just so many incredible things to witness and be charmed by! The amazing architecture! The criminally succulent cuisine! (Oh, the cuisine!) The fascinating multiple languages, brilliantly unique cultures and customs, and the phenomenal history behind each location. A-s-t-o-n-i-s-h-i-n-g!


Authentic Italian pizza: enormous and EXQUISITE.


 The Leaning Tower of Pisa!


Fabulous Florence!


Luscious Lucerne!


(Psst! Chocolate is EVERYWHERE in Lucerne, Switzerland!)


Beautiful, beautiful Paris, which is quite possibly my third favourite city (after London and Sydney, of course)!


Pardon the facial expression which is undoubtedly going to be replicated by next month’s Vogue cover model (!), but this is PRECISELY the moment where I realised that I was surrounded by six million bones in The Catacombes!


x The Subtle Differences Between Each Country – A teensy, yet perfect, example: In McDonalds Holland, you won’t receive tomato sauce with your fries, but a dollop of mayonnaise? Indeed! In McDonalds Germany, sure, you can easily snaffle up a Big Mac or two, but there’s also the opportunity to indulge in some fine German sausage, while McDonalds in the Czech Republic offers beer (seriously!) alongside their assorted soft drink options, and Italy’s menu is sprinkled with items containing – what else – mozzarella cheese! Bless!

x London’s Camden Town – An endless hub of activity with its hundreds of market stalls and myriad of pubs, clubs and restaurants, Camden Town is an eclectic area in London SUPERB for people watching and bargain-priced shopping. Ooh, and celebrity spotting! While strolling along the high street yesterday, a taxi suddenly pulled along the curb, and who should leap out?! Why, The Babyshambles’ (and Kate Moss’s ex boyfriend!) Pete Doherty and his new girlfriend! %^*&!

“Look, LOOK!” I hissed to my boyfriend, tugging on his arm. “Do you know who that IS?! That’s Pete DOHERTY!” They then proceeded to stalk off ahead of us and although I sneakily attempted to take some covert photographs, they stopped JUST before the Subway sign below and paused, with his girlfriend swivelling around and staring at me until I decided that it was probably an excellent idea to tilt my camera in the opposite direction and pretend to be taking snapshots of the road(Hey, Pete Doherty’s last court case apparently resulted from chasing a woman into a shop and destroying her camera because he suspected that she was trying to take pictures of him, so I wasn’t going to take my chances!) When I eventually turned around, they were gone. Boo!


Pete Doherty and his new girlfriend!

x Other Little Things – Cheese and clog making demonstrations in Amsterdam; the sweet burst of relief upon arriving in Berlin after a twelve-hour long coach ride; buffet breakfasts; The Flobots; 30 Seconds To Mars; The Hangover; practicing words in foreign languages; stumbling across a get-out-of-town-cheap (and delectable!) pizza restaurant in Prague; shopping for souvenirs; Bercherovka; watching Prague’s Astronomical Clock’s hourly ritual; gigantic slices of pizza in Munich; fresh chocolate croissants; soy hazelnut hot chocolates; wine tastings in Tuscany; tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain in Rome for good luck, climbing The Spanish Steps and weaving through The Colosseum; gasping at The Eiffel Tower’s lights show and cruising along the River Seine; traditional German beer halls; snow fights; and vegan fare from Camden Town’s inSpiral restaurant, which, surprisingly, was one of the best meals I’ve EVER eaten!


Don’t be fooled by their meat/dairy-free facade: the herb-filled three-bean mix, roasted potatoes, and spinach and tofu Spanakopita were so shockingly sensational that I had to return the next day (on the other side of town, no less!) for the EXACT same meal!

Suggestions For The Week Ahead

x Delve out of your culinary comfort zone and sample a devishily delicious item (a scrumptious slice of flourless cake? A homemade hummous dip? Organic fruit?!) from a food group that you would traditionally resist! (Because who knows what your tastebuds could fall in love with tomorrow?!)

Happy, happy Friday Monday! How was your week?



9 responses to “Thank Frock It’s Friday! (On A Monday!) ♥

  1. Luzern! I miss it so so much!

    Glad to see you are experiencing awesomeness! xx


    Pls post more pictures of food ! ^ ^ lol

  3. I lived in London for 2 years and Camden was def. my favorite area of town. Glad to see you’re having so much fun 🙂

  4. Nothing as exciting as your Europe-travelling!

    Are you back home now?

  5. Raquel – Lucerne was wonderful! And thank-you so much!

    Natalie – Will do! 😀

    Marie – There’s nothing else like it! Thanks a bunch, Marie!

    Euforilla – No! I leave today for Dubai and arrive back in Australia on Thursday 🙂

  6. Loves the photos-looks like you had a fantastic time!

  7. I am very intrigued about these differences between Maccas in different countries. I particularly like the Italian variation – everything is better with mozzarella.

    Also, love your catacombs expression. I want to go there one day, and I bet I will make the same face.

  8. you lovely smile

  9. Looks like you’re having an amazing time – good for you! 🙂

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