If You’re Crappy & You Know It… (What To Do When You’re Feeling Mad, Sad Or Just Plain BAD!) ♥

Perhaps your bowl of porridge exploded everywhere in the microwave this morning (d’oh!), perhaps you forgot to purchase any oats to even PREPARE your bowl of porridge this morning (double d’oh!), or perhaps your current “well, blah di dah!” emotions have been triggered by something much, much more unpleasant: the mechanic who guaranteed you three days ago that your car would DEFINITELY be ready by now? Those unsurly neighbours and their penchant for folk music at 3.00AM? Oh, who knows!  Either way, you’re mad, darn it! Or you’re sad, darn it! Or actually, you’re just feeling plain bad, darn it! (But there ARE ways to feel better, darn it!)

Take Action

Hold your tomatoes!

Yes,  “take action” may sound so (stupidly?!) stupendously simple, but seriously! It’s the perfect remedy! Identify what’s causing you to feel crap-tacular, and remove it from your life. If it’s that arse (oops! Excuse me) of a manager at that cruddy workplace that’s weighing you down, hey, who needs them?! Search for a similar occupation in a different company! You may not find the perfect role immediately but in the mean-time, there’s ALWAYS alternatives: bartending! Temping! Waitressing at your favourite local restaurant! Options? You have them!  

Be Kind To Yourself (In A Non “Right, That’s Settled. A Kilo Of Chocolate It Is!” Sort Of Way)

When I’m feeling approximately 7,75675 variations of rubbish, all I want to do is sit down, hide myself away and scoff pizza. Actually, that’s not true. I always want to scoff pizza!

Foolery aside, when you’re paddling around in the depths of an insidious mad/sad/bad rut, it’s almost instinctive to clam up and consume a container ship of Cadbury’s (or, um, vodka!), but long-term, these things don’t assist you with feeling magnificent. They’re temporarily outstanding before boom!  You’ve inhaled a block of Dairy Milk and Guilt, Confusion and Disappointment have come to join the party, ushering you into a taxi to join another vicious cycle!

Go for a long walk, instead. Try a Zumba class. Pour yourself a mug full of exotic tea and comb through a magazine. Have a Seinfeld (or – cliche` alert! – Sex & The City) marathon. Listen to Led Zeppelin and let your mind drift away.

Let Other People Be There For You

Newsflash: we all occasionally feel this way! It’s true! Actors, models, brain surgeons, musicians, rocket scientists, poets, everyone! It’s natural and all part of – as contradicting as it may sound – the glorious ebb and flow of life. Call your mother and admit to her that you’re okay, but that you possibly need ten minutes of some hardcore griping. Vent to a friend. Explain to your partner that you’re feeling the urge to be silent (or cantankerous!) and that it’s absolutely not their fault.

Additional Solutions For When You’re Crappy & You Know It (That DON’T Involve Clapping Your Hands! Well, Unless You Want To, Of Course)

x Plan a holiday, even if it’s only to the next town! Get away from everything and everyone and come back with a clear head. Get a manicure. Yes, they’re girly! Yes, you may feel silly or obnoxious or frivolous for indulging in one! Who cares! It feels SPLENDID to peer down at excellently-painted nails! x Have dinner at your favourite restaurant. x Trawl Youtube for hilarious videos:

Oh, he is so CUTE! 

Honestly, if you’re feeling crappy and you know it, don’t fret! You will better! Take action, be kind to yourself and let other people be there for you – and then treat them all with the same understanding and sensitivity when it’s their turn on the crappy-go-round.



24 responses to “If You’re Crappy & You Know It… (What To Do When You’re Feeling Mad, Sad Or Just Plain BAD!) ♥

  1. The beginning of that SO spoke to me… porridge exploding, no oats!!

    Marathons of cheesy TV shows always does it for me.

  2. Joanne Faith – Ha! It may or may not have been inspired from a real-life incident this morning! ;D And definitely, ‘Seinfeld’ always does it for me.

  3. I can’t even buy oatmeal in this country 😦

    Singing really loudly also helps!

  4. Great advice, my lovely lady!

    That’s what my Operation BetterKez has been all about 🙂

    I often think when people will ask me how to get through a ridiculously awful time that my best piece of advice is simple: Look forward to something.

    It can be as big as a holiday or as achievable as a manicure. It can even be to put your make up on the next day or to exercise for half an hour.

    I had to really learn coping skills and healthy ways of dealing with stress (and grief) this year and I feel so proud to look back on how far I’ve come.

    I wish all your stressed out readers all the best – it will get better xo

  5. THANK YOU! When I get mad I get in that crazy cycle that usually ends with me yelling at my mother then feeling terribly guilty and crying for a while.

    When I feel mad I resist the urge to listen to angry music and instead I listen to super happy dancy music.

  6. So I just read the thing about a kilo of chocolate…as I polished off my first (and only) brownie of the night. A great list. I just lay in bed and watch Gilmore Girls. Bliss.

  7. Take action… so simple, yet something I always forget when I’m down.

  8. I’m going for the mug of tea, magazine flipping solution. I’m kinda sad and sick too :/

  9. ahh thank you so much for this advice!! I’m stressed out with assignments, finals and the stress of packing and getting myself ready to fly back home for Christmas but this made me feel that everything will be okay :]]

    Love this blog :]]



  10. thanks so much for visiting, I love your blog and all your uses of “frock”.

    the solution for me is watching 30 rock or the office, no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I crack up

  11. Dude: brilliant post! I always think that when you’re going through a tough time (stressed, break up, house move, the mean blahs) you need to arm your body with all of the healthiness it can handle to help it through that tough time. It’s taken me until 33 to work this out!! Love, love, love all of this advice! I’m going to take action after the Christmas hols, my soul is rotting in my current job 😦 but now I feel a bit more positive! Thanks.

  12. I’ve mentioned this on my Love, Lust and Links this week :]]]



  13. Lovely lovely post…I should do a post of what I do to take myself out of the mad/sad/bad rut!



  14. I really adore the way you write:) Have a lovely MOnday, kisses

    Ps: I am hosting a beautiful home decor GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Christmas!

  15. Take action usually makes me feel very helpless, because there are always various things prevented it. So it is not simple for me.

  16. Love your blog ❤

  17. Lately I’ve been mindblown by serendipity… last monday I wrote (on my sketchbook) a bit about how to cope with bad days… and you come up with this!


    And amazing tips 😉

  18. So interesting I read this today… I had a long conversation with a friend last night about how frustrating it was to watch people complain endlessly about things while doing absolutely NOTHING about them!! It’s so simple… if you don’t like something, change it or eliminate it. 🙂

  19. I just like to be held for a long time in silence when I’m feeling really down.

    In my case a The Big Bang Theory marathon always puts me in a good mood, as well as listening to Vampire Weekend.

    I don’t think that I’ve ever made porridge :D.

  20. I’ve been having a bad/sad day today actually. Trawling the internet in place of being productive is not really helping! Procrastination 101.

    A quick dip in the sea certainly did help though!

  21. Lovely post.. I’ll definitely be re-reading when I feel crap.. although I can’t help having that darned nursery rhyme in my head now!

  22. haha I adored this article! But my fail-safe method for getting out of a sad/mad/bad rut is to just do some DIY pampering – manicure, facial, whatever – it all works!

  23. This is my first time visiting your blog, very interesting! Wonderful advice 😉

  24. hey love!

    this is exactly what i needed today!

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