20 Ways To Spend The Last Evening Of 2010 (Minus A Stampede!) ♥

It’s weird!

It’s exciting!

It comes with a plastic fork!

Okay, so the latter is a total lie (and there you were thinking that I was going to introduce you to an exotic new variety of noodles in a cup. HA!), but temporarily forget such a ridiculous wee fabrication, because it’s time to discuss NEW YEAR’S EVE!

Is there a stranger event?! Sure, possibly if there was a yearly celebration for plastic troll dolls, but there’s not, so let’s lean towards no. There’s the pressure! (“You have to start the year on the right track!”) There’s the excitement! (“Ooh, new year, new START!” “Hel-lo, sequinned party number that I’ve absolutely been saving up for this night!”) And of course, there’s the confusion:

“How the ___ am I going to spend it?!”

Personally, not being much of a let’s-all-embark-to-the-city-to-see-the-fireworks-and-very-likely-get-stampeded-by-the-rest-of-Sydney kind of girl, my New Year’s Eve is typically an incredibly low-key barbecue-style affair (except for that year where I DID venture into the city and practically get stampeded), but are there other activities which could be completed in the pursuit of having an excellent evening? Of course! Here’s twenty suggestions on how to welcome in 2011!


Adventure Category: “I Don’t Care If It’s ‘Boring’ – I’m Not Leaving The House!”

Hey, who said anything about it being boring?! You can have an UNREAL time at home!

x Say “pft!” (no, really! It’s fun) to battling the crowds for a single glass of vodka from your local bar and research a cocktail recipe (or three!) and devise your own homemade beverages, instead. x Rent a stack of your favourite films (a series of thriller movies? A cluster of animated cartoons?) and have a miniature movie marathon. x Concoct a themed three-course meal. (Mexican? Rainbow-coloured?!) x Duck into a department or thrift store on the day and purchase a stack of board games to be played over hot chocolate. Or wine. Or both! Re-decorate or re-arrange a room. x Decide that 2011 will be ‘the year of the exotic tropical island holiday!’ and spend the evening scouring luxury villas with your friends. x Compose a list of activities or achievements you’d like to conquer in the twelve months ahead. (Or simply discuss it with your parents/partner/pot plant named Sylvester!) x Grab a set of supplies and embark on an evening of crafting. (I say this because I know there are a HEAP of you who are astonishingly clever when it comes to making things, NOT because I have the DIY skills of a dog bowl! Which I do.) x Learn a dance routine to a FANTASTICALLY choreographed video. (Again, I possess the rhythm of a dog bowl, but is it glorious to stand there and try? Yes!)


Adventure Category: “I Don’t Know OR Care What I’m Doing – But I Must Leave The House!”

x Grab a group of friends and venture out for a good old-fashioned indoor bowling session. Daggy shoes! Hideous music! Epic amounts of enjoyment! What’s NOT to love?! (The daggy shoes?! Oh, come on! They’ve got CHARM!) x Book a table for dinner at your favourite restaurant. Play a game of mini golf. x See a movie at an outdoor moonlight cinema. Stroll across a beach. Visit a karaoke bar. x Laugh yourself silly at a comedy club. x Spend the night in a glorious hotel room. x Get away from it all and spend the night on a plane! See a concert or show. x Swill tea and devour pastel-hued macaroons at a fancy-schmancy tea room. Camp underneath the stars.

Regardless of where you’ll be when the clock strikes Midnight tomorrow, I hope you have a terrific time! And just because I don’t like to leave you hanging, here’s a picture of some weird noodles anyway:





7 responses to “20 Ways To Spend The Last Evening Of 2010 (Minus A Stampede!) ♥

  1. I want to stay home but have been coaxed out (but I could change my mind) – the thought of movies and wine is far more appealing than kissing strangers at the stroke of midnight!

  2. A friend & I are having a combined birthday party on NYE! It is rockstar-themed, and I’m going as Courtney Love. I can’t wait!

  3. I LOATHE New Years. This year I am actually getting out of New York City for it and traveling to a different state to be with my crazy family for board games & champagne! Those noodles (or “noeldles”) are priceless!!

  4. I’m spending my new year in the safety ( and slightly warmer) comfort of my home watching movies and eating curry 😀

  5. I’m spending NYE in my house and I plan to watch the fireworks and sunrise. I’ll have to get my super warm and ugly jacket to be able to do it from my rooftop without freezing.

  6. Corrine, I hope you’re having a fab night and loads of fun – may 2011 be a stellar year for you!

    I’ll be actually working. My boss has decided to give NYE a last try and organized a joint party with some people and I gladly signed up to be disctracted from a broken heart and because I really love my co-workers 🙂

  7. Tamara Gold – Haha! Whatever you do, have a great time!

    Miss Peregrin – That sounds like TOO MUCH FUN! Actually, there’s no such thing ;D Have a fantastic time! (And please, I beg you! Take pictures! I must see your costume/outfit!)

    Ayesha – Sounds PERFECT. And I completely know how you feel – a couple of years ago I decided that every New Year’s I was going to spend it in another location (which uh, hasn’t quite happened this year!) for that very reason – which is probably why the idea of spending it on a plane appeals to me so much!

    Robyn – What a superb way to spend it, ENJOY!

    Julie – Have a terrific night! I’m so jealous that it’s freezing there – I’m currently sitting on my living room floor melting like an ice-cream!

    Anisha – And you too, lovely girl! Enjoy the party! There’s a beach at the end of my street so I’m heading there to watch the fireworks and grab some dinner 🙂 (Which are approximately 1276356755% tamer and less crowd-drawing than the crazy ones that happen on Sydney Harbour!)

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